Barron & Melania Trump Arrive at White House for Moving Day

Barron & Melania Trump Arrive at White House for Moving Day First Lady Melania Trump and son Barron have finally joined U.S. President Donald Trump as full-time residents of the White House (photo below). The first lady's spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, confirmed the move . She said during the campaign that she would work on the issue of cyber-bullying as first lady , but she has made no further announcements about the subject. [Full Article...]

US Attorney General to appear before Senate intelligence committee

If Comey is to be believed, Sessions has been under Federal Bureau of Investigation scrutiny for months for his meetings with Russian government officials - meetings that Sessions lied about at his confirmation hearing. While Comey was a witness scorned by President Trump and ready to dish on the leader who fired him, Sessions remains the top law enforcement official in the country, working for Tr... [Full Article...]

DC, Maryland AGs to file suit against President Trump over business dealings

DC, Maryland AGs to file suit against President Trump over business dealings Mr Frosh and District of Columbia attorney general Karl Racine have scheduled a news conference to announce the lawsuit . The lawsuits contend that Mr. District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine and Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh filed the lawsuit. The emoluments clause bars the president and other government employees from accepting foreign gifts and payments without c... [Full Article...]

US Courts Reject Trump's Travel Ban, Says Exceeded Scope Of Presidential Authority

But the Ninth Circuit ruling certainly was another setback for Trump in his quest to see the measure put into effect. "But immigration, even for the President, is not a one-person show". The administration has appealed that ruling to the Supreme Court. While the president has broad authority over immigration, the judges said, to invoke that authority in this case, Trump would have to show th... [Full Article...]

Sessions Prepares to Testify as Republicans Prod Trump on Tapes

Trump , who on Sunday morning took his harshest shot yet at Mr. Comey, calling him "very cowardly" in a tweet. Trump's aides have dodged questions about whether conversations relevant to the Russian Federation investigation have been recorded, and so has the president. [Full Article...]

GOP Rep. Collins: London mayor started feud with Trump

In response, London mayor Sadiq Khan wants Trump's upcoming United Kingdom trip cancelled, and Khan's strong statement against the American president is drawing a lot of attention. Well, Khan didn't voluntarily take the time to respond to Trump's beyond-weird tactics, but ITV Channel 4 asked him what he thought of Trump's criticism in light of a future state visit to England. [Full Article...]

Saudi Arabia Says Qatar Airspace Closure to Protect Citizens from Threats

Saudi Arabia Says Qatar Airspace Closure to Protect Citizens from Threats Qatar Airways is one of the world's biggest airlines and the Gulf state's best known global brand. The sprawling compound 20 miles southwest of the Qatari capital of Doha has about 11,000 USA military personnel. "It is actually a travesty of civilized behaviour to close airline offices. We were not allowed to give refunds to our passengers". Saudi carrier flynas, looking to expand in a growing ... [Full Article...]

It Kind of Sounds Like Donald Trump Jr. Confirmed James Comey's Testimony

He testified that Trump told him on January 26 that he expected loyalty from the Federal Bureau of Investigation director and the next month urged him to drop the probe into Flynn, the president's former national security adviser. and parts of the USA sat rapt as Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating alleged Russian ties to Trump's presidential campaign. [Full Article...]

Cavaliers' LeBron James first to average triple-double in Finals

Cavaliers' LeBron James first to average triple-double in Finals The Cavaliers led the Warriors, 37-33 at the end of one quarter. Durant ripped out the hearts of Oklahoma City Thunder fans previous year by leaving for the Warriors, which many considered the easiest route to an National Basketball Association title. [Full Article...]

US Attorney General Sessions to testify in public hearing

She described Comey's testimony as "candid" and "thorough" and said she would support a subpoena of any tapes if needed. Hawaii's Attorney General Doug Chin says a ruling that upholds the blocking of President Donald Trump's travel ban shows why the country has three branches of government. [Full Article...]

Trump's lawyer 'not going to speculate' on special counsel's future

High-profile supporters of Donald Trump have begun attacking the independent investigator looking into the Russian Federation affair, raising the question of whether the president could indeed attempt to fire him. Obviously, this would give the Congress significant authority and power over the president , whose authority is to counter the legislative branch's powers. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump urged to come clean over alleged James Comey recordings

And Trump says he is "100 percent" willing to testify - under oath. "But I didn't say that ". A day after Comey accused Trump of lying and seeking to impede the Russian Federation investigation, the president said Friday that Comey's testimony vindicated him. [Full Article...]

Anti-Sharia Law Rallies Draw In Counterprotests and Arrests

Anti-Sharia Law Rallies Draw In Counterprotests and Arrests Lindusky was arrested on a charge of assaulting a police officer. An anti-Muslim activist group clashed with counterdemonstrators in Seattle, Washington and St. Scholars say there's little to no threat to USA democracy from Islamic law. "The theme of today is drowning out racism", said NY counter-protester Tony Murphy, standing next to demonstrators with colorful earplugs. [Full Article...]

Kellyanne Conway's husband just openly criticized Trump's 'travel ban' tweets

Trump's comments during the campaign make it clear that the goal of such a ban is in essence discriminatory on religious grounds. Sad, ' he wrote , suggesting Trump's messages could hurt a future Supreme Court case. Iraq was removed from the list of banned countries in the second order and an indefinite halt to entry from Syrian refugees was replaced by a temporary pause. [Full Article...]

Four Inmates Escape Lincoln County Jail

Four Inmates Escape Lincoln County Jail A manhunt is under way at the site. This isn't the first time inmates escaped from jail. You might also be interested in. Baker and Moody previously escaped from the Lincoln County Jail in March and were later recaptured. 'I've already met with all three county commissioners and they've been in here with some contractors to look and see what we can do to avoid this from happening anymore, ... [Full Article...]

Secret Service says it does not have any White House tapes

Trump and his aides have repeatedly danced around the question of whether he taped his talks with Comey, whom he fired last month. The issue could be crucial for the president amid allegations - though not formal accusations - that he has sought to obstruct the investigation into possible collusion by his advisors in Russian interference in last year's presidential election. [Full Article...]

Sen. Collins: Tone, context of Trump-Comey conversations "so important"

Sen. Collins: Tone, context of Trump-Comey conversations Legal experts, however, are skeptical the President could successfully invoke the privilege to muzzle Comey because Trump has already written a letter about their conversations, talked about them publicly and even tweeted about them. Sewell: Shouldn't the American people be concerned what - I think that it's really hard for us to fathom that he wouldn't know that he should've disclosed that h... [Full Article...]

Gorsuch Issues First Ruling In Case Defining 'Debt Collector'

Gorsuch Issues First Ruling In Case Defining 'Debt Collector' The case before the court began when four Maryland consumers defaulted on vehicle loans provided by CitiFinancial Auto. Santander moved to dismiss the consumers' complaint on the basis that Santander did not meet the definition of "debt collector" under the FDCPA. [Full Article...]

How likely is impeachment for President Trump?

How likely is impeachment for President Trump? Democratic Representative Al Green of Texas is expected to submit articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump Wednesday in the first legislative step for any congressional bid to force a sitting president from office. The chances of successfully impeaching the President and removing him from office appear quite slim, however. The full House has the sole "Power of Impeachment ",... [Full Article...]

I'd 100% Be Willing To Testify Under Oath To Rebut Comey

No obstruction". "Well, I'll tell you about that maybe sometime in the very near future", he said. "Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication.and WOW, Comey is a leaker!" US President Donald Trump punched back Friday against James Comey and his dramatic Capitol Hill testimony, claiming "complete vindication" and slamming the ousted Federal Bureau of Investigat... [Full Article...]

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