John McCain Confused During Comey Testimony

John McCain Confused During Comey Testimony Wow! "In the case of Hillary Clinton , you made the statement that there wasn't sufficient evidence to bring a suit against her, although it had been very careless in their behavior, but you did reach a conclusion in that case that it was not necessary to further pursue her", McCain said during the hearing. [Full Article...]

May working to fill out ranks of minority government after disappointing election

May working to fill out ranks of minority government after disappointing election Britain's typically right-wing press savaged May over the election outcome, questioning whether she will be able to remain in power after a result that leaves her reliant on uniting rival factions within her party to deliver Brexit . Students and staff at the institution, which bills itself as "the U.K.'s European university" because of its diverse population, also were anxious about how May was ... [Full Article...]

Authorities seek help in search of 8-year-old boy

Authorities seek help in search of 8-year-old boy Officials said Jaiden Hunt is believed to be with his dad, 35-year-old Jamie Christopher Hunt who is armed. Jaiden was last seen Saturday morning at his home in Knowlton. The van has Star Wars Storm Troopers stickers in the driver's side rear window and white paint transfer on the driver's side from the front bumper to the rear door. [Full Article...]

Senate Moving to Devastate Health Care Safety Net

Senate Moving to Devastate Health Care Safety Net That was slightly larger than the decrease in metro areas of expansion states. It's unthinkable to me that the House of Representatives voted to end Medicaid as we know it. Ten million people with disabilities rely on Medicaid to help them live, work, attend school and participate in their communities. He is disabled and unable to speak because he was born with a chromosome abnormality. [Full Article...]

Senators to ask intel officials about Trump pushback on Russia investigation

Senators to ask intel officials about Trump pushback on Russia investigation On Tuesday, the Post claimed that in a one-on-one meeting with Coats on March 22, Trump "asked him if he could intervene with then-FBI Director James B. "Say that again?" Coats requested. The White House has said Trump won't attempt to block his appearance. Some Republicans who usually support surveillance programs have expressed concerns about Section 702, in part because they are anxious ... [Full Article...]

Intel officials refuse to answer questions on Trump and Russian Federation

Intel officials refuse to answer questions on Trump and Russian Federation The hearing Wednesday came amid persistent reports that Trump asked Coats , Rogers, Comey and possibly other top intelligence and justice officials to help shield former national security advisor Michael Flynn, which potentially could lead to obstruction of justice charges against the USA president. [Full Article...]

Alabama girl, 17, killed in Georgia bus crash

The crash has sadly changed those plans as family reunites with the injured and all mourn a life no one could have known would end so soon. After some confusion over who was investigating the deadly crash, Fulton County police said they were handling the probe. [Full Article...]

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS leader killed?

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS leader killed? The leader of Islamic State has been killed in an air strike in Syria, according to unverified reports in Syrian state media. The latest report of Baghdadi's death claims the terrorist was killed in Raqqa - the de facto capital of Daesh. He escaped the hideout in northern Baghdad before soldiers arrived, leaving behind a cache of weapons, documents and black IS flags - the now familiar symbol ... [Full Article...]

USA attorney general next in scandal's spotlight

USA attorney general next in scandal's spotlight Pressed on the attorney general's "interactions with the Russians or his behavior with regard to the investigation", Comey said Sessions "was very close to and inevitably going to recuse himself for a variety of reasons". He said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would appear before the subcommittees. Despite Sessions' admitted talks with Kislyak, he has been dogged by questions about... [Full Article...]

Michelle Carter's Defense Ask Judge To Dismiss Case

Michelle Carter's Defense Ask Judge To Dismiss Case A month after Roy's death, Carter told Eblan about a fundraising page she set up on Facebook, texting her "I'm like famous now haha". "I heard him dying", she wrote . On cross-examination by prosecutor Katie Rayburn, Verronneau acknowledged that he also found family photos on Roy's devices in which he could be perceived as happy. [Full Article...]

Trump Responds To Comey Testimony, Calls Former FBI Director 'A Leaker'

Trump hinted that tapes of his conversations might exist in the days following his dismissal of Comey . "You and I both know my father a long time". Before Friday's news conference, he broke his silence. "Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication", Mr Trump wrote on Twitter , suggesting that Mr Comey , who was under oath at the hearing, had committed p... [Full Article...]

McConnell: Senate close to Obamacare repeal bill

McCaskill first asked Hatch if there was going to be a hearing in the Finance Committee on the bill, given that it could affect trillions of dollars in healthcare spending. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., said the Senate is "making progress", and dismissed the notion that the body has a deadline to get a new health bill done. [Full Article...]

Conservatives lead, but Labour gains big in British election, exit polls show

Conservatives lead, but Labour gains big in British election, exit polls show Some senior Tories have made the removal of Hill and Timothy a condition for continuing to support May, who has vowed to remain prime minister despite the Conservatives' losing their overall majority in Parliament . The arrangement with the DUP will make governing easier, but it makes some Conservatives uneasy. The Conservatives and the DUP , which is socially conservative and backs B... [Full Article...]

Clinging to job, May appoints ministers

Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill , May's joint chiefs of staff, resigned Saturday after facing heavy criticism for their role in the Conservatives' disastrous election campaign, which saw them losing their majority thanks to a groundswell of support for the Labour Party and their leader Jeremy Corbyn . [Full Article...]

USA spy chiefs are ducking questions about Trump and Russian Federation

Four top intelligence community leaders testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday in a hearing that grew uncomfortably testy at times, as all four witnesses dodged questions about their interactions with President Donald Trump related to the Russian Federation investigation. [Full Article...]

Intelligence Officials Won't Say If Trump Asked About Russia Probe

Two of the nation's top intelligence officials declined in a testy hearing Wednesday to discuss the specifics of private conversations with President Donald Trump , refusing to say whether they had been asked to push back against an Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into possible coordination between Trump's campaign and the Russian government. [Full Article...]

Senate Committee Questions Intel

In limiting his comments to attempts at "shaping intelligence", Coats did not contradict reporting by the Washington Post that President Trump asked for his help in intervening with former FBI Director James Comey to convince him to back off the Flynn investigation. [Full Article...]

Qatar says no expulsions of nationals from countries that cut ties

Some analysts believe the Saudi anger is rather because Qatar acts more independently of Riyadh . At his meeting in the Middle East, Trump said it was agreed that all "financial, military, or even moral support" for terrorism must be terminated. [Full Article...]

N.Ireland's DUP says talks ongoing with PM May's Conservatives

As May struggled to contain the fallout, her two closest aides resigned. Cameron assumed that the British voters would ratify Britain's continued membership in the European Union and thus allow him to silence so-called Euroskeptics within his own party. [Full Article...]

Jeremy Corbyn enjoys kickabout as politics takes a backseat

Flanked by her members of Parliament, Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ) leader, and former Northern Ireland First Minister, Arlene Foster (C), poses for a photograph outside the Stormont Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on June 9, 2017, following the result of the general election . [Full Article...]

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