Intelligence chiefs unsure what can say publicly

A few minutes prior, Senator Martin Heinrich (D- NM) asked acting Federal Bureau of Investigation director Andrew McCabe about conversations he's had with James Comey about his conversations with President Trump . To put it in frustratingly opaque government-speak, these top intelligence officials haven't confirmed whether Trump had inappropriate conversations with them about the FBI in... [Full Article...]

Comey Confessions: The Russia Hysteria Fails to Deliver

Comey Confessions: The Russia Hysteria Fails to Deliver Comey even poked fun at the president, alluding to Trump's threat to release tapes of the conversations that led to his firing - it's not clear whether such tapes actually exist, or whether Trump made it up in a tweet to menace Comey. Unless any audio tapes are released containing their conversations, it will be Comey's word against Trump's. But after Mr Trump's tweet, Mr Comey said he couldn'... [Full Article...]

Bill protecting health benefits for women clears Senate

Bill protecting health benefits for women clears Senate But the trouble is within their own ranks as Senate Republicans disagree over how quickly to unwind the Medicaid expansion under Obama's health law, as well as other elements of the GOP bill. But this year's budget is a critical component of the GOP's legislative strategy. The Senate also seeks much deeper tax cuts than the House wants. On Monday, Mr. [Full Article...]

Voters think Trump uses Twitter too much

When the president speaks, it is the word of the White House . "And I think many times he's used it the right way to get his message out there and have people hear directly from him what he thinks, and other times I think what he's done hasn't been in his best interest". [Full Article...]

Roman Polanski sex victim to appear in court for first time

Braun's request that the court open Gunson's testimony in February was denied. But the judge ruled there is "no sufficient or compelling basis for reconsideration of these issues". He was also nominated for 1974's " Chinatown " and 1979's "Tess". "She wants to get it over with", the director's attorney, Mr Harland Braun , said on Thursday. [Full Article...]

Church bus crashes in Atlanta area; 1 killed, others injured

Church bus crashes in Atlanta area; 1 killed, others injured Officials say the bus overturned and landed on the auto, now the road is blocked. Their injuries weren't considered life-threatening. Possible charges and the cause of the accident have yet to be released, pending the investigation, Halbert said. [Full Article...]

The struggle is real for Katy Perry

Now Swift - publicly silent for most of 2017 as she works on new music - has pulled a breathtakingly audacious move. A year later, an entirely different dispute, this time with Apple and its new-at-the-time Apple Music service, ended much differently. [Full Article...]

Trump claims 'complete vindication' after Comey testimony

Speaking to reporters a day after Mr Comey testified to the Senate intelligence panel, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said it was "beyond the pale" that Mr Trump had asked Mr Comey , then head of the independent law enforcement agency, for his loyalty. [Full Article...]

Fort Worth student thrilled to be part of National Spelling Bee

Fort Worth student thrilled to be part of National Spelling Bee One of the most interesting finds is the word people in Wisconsin searched how to spell the most, which happens to be Wisconsin. Before the contest , Edith told Scripps, a media company , that her favorite words are "refrigerator" and "escalator" - although she said she wasn't certain how that second word is spelled. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Infrastructure Speech in Cincinnati, Ohio

He had less kind words for Senate Democrats, labeling them "obstructionists". He will be replacing James Comey, who Trump fired last month. "In my campaign for president, I traveled all across the nation". "93,650 families paid $16.5 million in penalties instead of purchasing unaffordable ObamaCare health plans that didn't meet their needs", Trump said. [Full Article...]

Trump does believe climate is changing: Nikki Haley

Trump does believe climate is changing: Nikki Haley The US joined the Paris agreement in 2015 . Haley told CNN that Trump will always have America's best interests at heart, including what he does in regard to protecting the environment . Moments after Trump announced his decision , several global leaders came out in support of landmark Paris accord and commit to protect the planet "with or without America". [Full Article...]

Trump's lawyer plans to file complaint against Comey over memo

So, after getting his phone back from his lawyers-or whoever had had to hold onto it to prevent Trump from going off the rails mid-hearing-Trump jumped on Twitter to declare himself vindicated, and Comey "a leaker". But while Republicans in general have continued to back the president, some have begun openly questioning and criticizing his actions. "It's my judgment that I was sacked because of ... [Full Article...]

Trump says he'll make US infrastructure 'envy of the world'

Trump says he'll make US infrastructure 'envy of the world' In an apparent attempt to demonstrate the burden of environmental regulations, President Donald Trump staged a unusual moment during a speech, flipping through thick binders of environmental reports before throwing them on the floor. Trump had originally held out hope that infrastructure spending could be a rare source of bipartisan action this year, given Democrats' support over time for t... [Full Article...]

You Are Now Free to Bare Your Boobs on This Maryland Beach

You Are Now Free to Bare Your Boobs on This Maryland Beach Covington's desire to be treated fairly under the Equal Protection Law, but at the same time we hope to be able to protect the rights of the thousands of families that visit our beach every year". "The goal is to have it completed in the near future", Coombs said, without offering additional details on timing. Some fear the family-friendly feel of Ocean City could be in jeopardy if toplessness... [Full Article...]

Officer who killed motorist to testify Friday

Officer who killed motorist to testify Friday Paul suburb. "It's your testimony today that you saw Mr. Castile pull out an object?" prosecutor Rick Dusterhoft said Friday. He has pleaded not guilty. Philando Castile was shot and killed after being pulled over in the Twin Cities. Dutton said Paulsen was taking Yanez's comment "out of context". [Full Article...]

Sessions offered to quit amid rising tensions with Trump

Sessions offered to quit amid rising tensions with Trump Trump refused the offer. His disappointment has turned to anger in some cases, the alleged sources close to the President told ABC, evident from multiple lashings out by the commander-in-chief toward Mr. "He has confidence in the people who work for him". It was not immediately clear when the conversation occurred. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein also ultimately recused himself from... [Full Article...]

Pro-Trump Gays Banned From Pride Parade

Talbert has said he plans to sue Charlotte Pride for excluding him from the parade. Brian Talbert said he marched in the first-ever Charlotte Pride Parade back in 1994. "The black and brown stripes are an inclusionary way to highlight Black and Brown LGBTQIA members within our community", an anonymous source close to the flag-raising ceremony told G Philly . [Full Article...]

Comey's release of Trump memo to newspaper: Was it legal?

Comey added an element of intrigue to the hearings when he said he knew of a "variety of reasons" why Attorney General Jeff Sessions' involvement in the Russian Federation investigation would be problematic but that he couldn't discuss those reasons "in an open setting". [Full Article...]

Police Arrest 6 in Actions Directed against Terror in UK

Police Arrest 6 in Actions Directed against Terror in UK Thomas's next of kin have been told, police said , but formal identification has not yet taken place. Thomas' family has been informed of the discovery. The investigation into the assault on London's nightlife by Khuram Butt , Rachid Redouane and Youseff Zaghba continues with armed police making a further three arrests on Thursday night in east London . [Full Article...]

Modi meets German Chancellor Merkel

Trump's tweet showed the deterioration of links with a key North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally, yet his timing also highlighted Germany's web of relations with worldwide partners who broadly share Merkel's free-trade outlook and conviction on combating climate change. [Full Article...]

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