OnePlus 5: Dual camera system explained

OnePlus 5: Dual camera system explained The latest mobile device is only 7.25mm thick, which makes it the thinnest flagship handset. The OnePlus 5 directly competes with industry heavyweights like Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung S8+ and Google Pixel and being the most affordable of these, ends up being a top notch choice for budget conscious yet premium smartphone seekers. [Full Article...]

Qatar's Emir sends well wishes to Saudi's new crown prince

Until now, the succession favoured Saudi Arabia's interior minister and security chief, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef , who has now been stripped of much of his power. For an older generation, Saudi television coverage was highly orchestrated, with repeated footage of Nayef, the deposed crown prince, pledging allegiance to his successor. [Full Article...]

Mitch McConnell And Senate Republicans Reveal Their Guarded Health Care Bill

Former President Barack Obama stepped back into the political arena Thursday to call on supporters to stop the Republican health care bill from becoming law. Trump says at the start of a White House event on technology he is hopeful Congress will get something done on health care "with heart". Ending Obama's expansion has been a major problem for some GOP senators. [Full Article...]

Lakers great Magic Johnson picks successor in Lonzo Ball

Washington's Markelle Fultz and UCLA's Lonzo Ball were the top two overall selections of the 2017 NBA Draft Thursday night, and this page will update as more Pac-12 players hear their names called on draft night. "What's incredible is that he's been, according to [Lonzo], his dad has been great. I'll have another hat on that say 'I told you so'". LaVar Ball raised his family in Chino Hil... [Full Article...]

Shooting At GOP Baseball Practice Seems To Have Been Spontaneous, FBI Says

Shooting At GOP Baseball Practice Seems To Have Been Spontaneous, FBI Says Tim Slater, the special agent in charge of the Washington FBI office, also said during a news conference that James T. Hodgkinson did not have any ties to terrorism. But he did have the names of six members of Congress on a list. "I told him they were Republicans". Hodgkinson maintained a social media presence that was pro-Bernie Sanders and anti-Republican. [Full Article...]

Markelle Fultz set for the stage of being No. 1 pick

Markelle Fultz set for the stage of being No. 1 pick De' Aaron Fox answers questions during an interview after being selected by the Sacramento Kings as the fifth pick overall during the NBA basketball draft, Thursday, June 22, 2017, in NY. Ball then got the wish he and his father, LaVar, wanted all along by staying in Los Angeles, where he starred last season at UCLA. IT'S GOT TO BE THE SHOES: When Fultz walks on stage to shake hands with NBA ... [Full Article...]

Ford Announces Recall For Over 39000 Cars In India

Ford Announces Recall For Over 39000 Cars In India Earlier this year in South Africa Ford recalled 4,500 Kuga SUVs following dozens of reports of the vehicles catching fire. Asked about the Figo that caught fire outside Nelspruit Mediclinic in mid-January, footage of which was widely circulated on social media, the spokesman said Ford did not know if that incident was directly related to this recall. [Full Article...]

Syria to not let 'Enemies' Benefit From De-Escalation Zones: Mekdad

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said Thursday that Turkey, Russia and Iran have been working on a plan to station their forces in de-escalation areas in Syria. "Who will watch the process and how?" he said. Under a memorandum signed at the talks in Kazakhstan's capital of Astana, these four zones include the Idlib Province and some areas in the neighboring provinces (of Aleppo, Lat... [Full Article...]

Breastfeeding Heart Disease Benefits? Study Says Risk Lower

Breastfeeding Heart Disease Benefits? Study Says Risk Lower Coronary heart disease, in particular, accounted for more than 8 million deaths in 2015. A study of Chinese women found that the longer a mother breastfeeds , the greater the cardiovascular health benefit appears to be. And among mothers who breastfed their babies for two years or more, heart disease risk was 18 per cent lower and stroke risk was 17 per cent lower than among mothers who n... [Full Article...]

Obama: 'Fundamental Meanness At The Core' Of GOP Health Care Bills

Obama: 'Fundamental Meanness At The Core' Of GOP Health Care Bills Demonstrators cheered, clapped and banged on pots and pans as speakers shared their dismay with the new bill . "Well, they're also four good guys, four friends of mine and I think that they'll probably get there", he said. Wolf called it "even crueler" than a GOP-penned bill that passed the U.S. House last month. "It's not surprising that this was has been kept secret, It's meaner than the Ho... [Full Article...]

State Police Caught Someone Driving with a Dummy in the HOV Lane

State Police Caught Someone Driving with a Dummy in the HOV Lane A driver in Charlestown, Massachusetts thought he could pull a fast one and used a dummy to fool police into thinking he had a passenger while driving in the HOV lane. Trooper Todd Gildden was working on Interstate 93 on Thursday morning in Charlestown when he saw something odd in a vehicle on the HOV lane, state police said. [Full Article...]

Bairstow adopts a mature approach to England

We go to Taunton and like all South Africans we always fight our way back so I'm expecting a really good performance in the next one", he said. "I maintain my form by not worrying about it". "I've grown up a lot over the last three years. I like to think I'm still learning and there is some hard work coming off". They meet again in Taunton today and in Cardiff on Sunday. [Full Article...]

MI airport attacker failed to buy a gun

MI airport attacker failed to buy a gun Wednesday, stabbing him in the neck with a 12-inch knife with a green handle and a black serrated blade marked " Amazon Jungle Survival Knife ". Emerging from a restroom later, Ftouhi pulled out the knife and starting stabbing Neville in the neck, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said. [Full Article...]

Government health insurance markets holding up, barely

Also Thursday, the Senate GOP is expected to release its version of a bill that would undo Barack Obama's signature health-care law. That's never happened before. He endorsed the idea that Medicaid needs fundamental reforms because deficit spending can not be tackled without touching Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security. [Full Article...]

Senate GOP health bill would cut Medicaid, erase tax increases, reports say

Hoeven said he hopes work going forward on Senate bill will be done through open committees. But those who believe health care is a right will see it as a step back. I will not be able to afford insurance". Millions of families will lose coverage entirely. Under the proposed bill, insurance companies may not be required to include birth control coverage in any plan. [Full Article...]

Senate GOP Health Bill: Cut Medicaid, Redraw Obama Law

Senate GOP Health Bill: Cut Medicaid, Redraw Obama Law Four Republican senators from the conservative wing of their party say they oppose the Senate health-care bill as it was introduced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday, which places the effort to overhaul the American health-care system in jeopardy as it heads for an anticipated vote in the Senate next week. [Full Article...]

Radiohead share 'Man of War' and discomforting video

Radiohead share 'Man of War' and discomforting video The reissue, OKNOTOKCOMPUTER , features b-sides and three unreleased tracks that fans have been salivating over for two decades. " 'Lift , ' 'Man-o-War, ' 'I Promise , ' these were the songs that I think people at the label were looking at thinking, 'Yeah, there we go". [Full Article...]

EBay to match prices from Amazon and Walmart

EBay to match prices from Amazon and Walmart For shoppers to get the price-matching coupon, they need to contact eBay's customer service team. (We looked at a Dyson vacuum, an Xbox One S bundle, and a head lamp set and all three are marginally less expensive than what Amazon now offers.) So it seems the program is more of a marketing ploy to get customers to recognize eBay's lower prices than to encourage the actual price-matching proc... [Full Article...]

Manson follower Krenwinkel denied parole

Manson follower Krenwinkel denied parole Krenwinkel was convicted for her role in the 1969 murder of actress Sharon Tate and four others. Prosecutors say the slayings were an attempt to ignite a race war after which Manson and his followers would rise from the rubble to rule the world. [Full Article...]

Kayaker found alive a day and a half after issuing mayday

Kayaker found alive a day and a half after issuing mayday It was believed the man fell out of his kayak in the vicinity of Bois Bubert Island. Search crews, including the Canadian Coast Guard, Maine Marine Patrol and other partner agencies scavenged more than 456 square miles over the next 18 hours for the man. [Full Article...]

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