Punjab Police's 'Drug Seizure Specialist' Arrested, Hid Narcotics At Home

Punjab Police's 'Drug Seizure Specialist' Arrested, Hid Narcotics At Home The team arrested the Inspector and recovered 12 bore, 315 bore, .32 bore revolver, 9mm Italian pistol, one.38 bore revolver, one AK 47, 7.62mm calibre and over 700 live cartridges from his possession. ADGP added the accused had made recoveries of narcotics in the past but with the motive of obtaining illegal gratification from those in his custody on the promise of helping them in their cases and... [Full Article...]

No party should be castigated, says Daniel Kawczynski over DUP

Along with Sir Tim Barrow, the British Ambassador to the EU, Mr Robbins held preliminary discussions about the impending negotiations with Michel Barnier. But who could possibly replace the current prime minister in case she is ousted? The DUP was founded in 1971 by hardline Protestant politician and clergyman Ian Paisley. [Full Article...]

May to face Tory backbenchers following disastrous election result

The visibly weakened premier denied she was feeling "shell-shocked" when quizzed in an interview with Sky News . Britain's Press Association, quoting two unnamed sources from the meeting, said May told lawmakers at a closed-door session that she admitted she was the one who "got us into this mess" and vowed that she would be the one who will "get us out of it". [Full Article...]

Macron on course for landslide victory in parliamentary elections

President Emmanuel Macron and his supporters will seek to "restore the trust" of the French people after a record low turnout in the first round of the parliamentary election, Macron's government spokesman said on Monday. "Chancellor Merkel: My heartfelt congratulations to @EmmanuelMacron to the great success of his party in the first election round". "This testifies to persistent fractures ... [Full Article...]

LeBron James would like MJ and Magic as 3-on-3 teammates

Jordan and Johnson's names came to James without any hesitation when asked by The Associated Press which past greats he would like to play with. For now, we can only dream of what a team comprised of Michael, Magic and LeBron would be able to do on a basketball court. [Full Article...]

Toshiba to pay $3.68 billion for Westinghouse reactors in US

Toshiba to pay $3.68 billion for Westinghouse reactors in US The fund will be offered in instalments from October 2017 to January 2021. According to Toshiba, the $3.68 billion is the maximum payment required under its contract with Southern Company. "Toshiba aims to finalise the total maximum amount of the parent company guarantee for all four nuclear reactors under construction in the U.S., and will ensure prompt disclosure of information related to this... [Full Article...]

Britain's May to Face Her Party amid Post-Election Tumult

Britain's May to Face Her Party amid Post-Election Tumult Instead, the election stripped May of her majority and obliterated her political authority . "I got us into this mess, and I'm going to get us out", May told Conservatives MPs during a crunch meeting in Westminster . Labour , the main opposition party, won 262, while Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP ) won 10 seats. "We now have a Parliament that's gridlocked", said John... [Full Article...]

GOP official calls suit against Trump 'absurd'

GOP official calls suit against Trump 'absurd' Ahead of the Monday lawsuit , the U.S. Department of Justice filed a 70-page legal brief on Friday arguing that Trump's businesses are legally permitted to accept market-rate payments from foreign governments while he is in office. "The emoluments clauses are a firewall against presidential corruption", Frosh told journalists at a press conference in Washington on Monday. The attorney... [Full Article...]

Attorney General Jeff Sessions To Testify In Public Tuesday

In front of the Intel panel on Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey said that he didn't discuss all of his questionable Trump interactions with Sessions because senior management at the FBI believed the attorney general would soon recuse himself from the investigation into Russia's campaign influence operation. [Full Article...]

SoCal Congressman Brad Sherman draws up impeachment articles for Trump

SoCal Congressman Brad Sherman draws up impeachment articles for Trump The California Democrat said she still seeks an independent commission to investigate, but wants to "dampen down any talk of impeachment, unless you have the facts, but not just to say it, not just to inflame the situation". Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has publicly stated there's no evidence yet to support impeachment. Sherman acknowledges that his article of impeachment is unlik... [Full Article...]

Professor Eats His Own Books On TV After Losing Bet On Elections

While it's somewhat satisfying to watch Goodwin humiliate himself, it's ultimately hollow satisfaction because we all know this is really just a ploy to sell his book . Goodwin is an academic whose expertise lies mainly in British politics. Matthew Goodwin had promised on Twitter that if his poll prediction for the UK Polls went wrong, he would eat his entire book on the separation of t... [Full Article...]

Katy breaks down over suicidal thoughts

Katy breaks down over suicidal thoughts You can be right or you can be loved. "I love her and I want the best for her". She went on to reveal there have been times when she's had to deal with "very low thoughts" as she grappled with the highs and lows of her personal and professional lives. [Full Article...]

UK Names Third London Bridge Attacker

UK Names Third London Bridge Attacker The arrest comes as security services face growing questions over their monitoring of the three attackers in the lead up to the attack. Seven victims were killed and dozens injured in the spree, which ended when armed police shot dead the knife-wielding extremists just eight minutes after the first emergency call. [Full Article...]

Trump Is Considering 'Terminating' Special Counsel Mueller, Friend Says

Trump Is Considering 'Terminating' Special Counsel Mueller, Friend Says Mueller , a former FBI director, took over the investigation into the Trump campaign's possible Russian Federation ties in May. There's no reason to fire Mueller. Short of impeachment, only the attorney general - in this case, Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein - can do so. Rosenstein could refuse to do so, but Trump could then fire Rosenstein and find a replacement who would do his bidd... [Full Article...]

Michael Gove returns to Cabinet in Theresa May's post-election reshuffle

Gove, sacked by Theresa May after she became prime minister past year, was unexpectedly recalled as part of the wounded PM's emergency post-election reshuffle. The controversial Tory minister's appointment as the new minister for the Environment, Food, Farming and Rural Affairs, was announced yesterday in a cabinet reshuffle following the general election on Thursday. [Full Article...]

Adebayor reveals worst decision of his career

Adebayor reveals worst decision of his career The 33-year-old Togolese striker is now playing for Turkish side İstanbul Başakşehir after being released by the Eagles in the summer of 2016. The only mistake I made was to sign at Crystal Palace in January 2016. " I did it just to please my entourage, who were saying to me: 'Manu, you have to start playing again!' It was the worst decision of my career ". The Togolese veteran had his best ... [Full Article...]

Puerto Ricans skeptical of change after vote for statehood

Almost half a million votes were cast for statehood, more than 7,600 for free association/independence and almost 6,700 for independence. "It would be highly contradictory for Washington to demand democracy in other parts of the world, and not respond to the legitimate right to self-determination that was exercised today in the American territory of Puerto Rico ", Gov. [Full Article...]

Puerto Rico votes to become America's 51st state

Puerto Rico votes to become America's 51st state Rossello said . "Our argument is that a half million Puerto Ricans came out to vote and voted 97 percent for statehood". Palmira Rios, director of the Graduate School of Public Administration at the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan, said that while there was palpable debate across the island today in the wake of the vote - much of it on radio and televisions shows - it's worth noting t... [Full Article...]

US arrests former Panama president sought for extradition

US arrests former Panama president sought for extradition He is being held at the Federal Detention Center in Miami . Panama President Ricardo Martinelli gestures during a news conference at the Presidential Palace in Panama City April 19, 2012. It is unclear which charges were included in the provisional arrest warrant because it is still under seal. Martinelli has been accused of spying on more than 150 political rivals during his term as presid... [Full Article...]

UK PM May's Brexit plan has not changed, her spokesman says

UK PM May's Brexit plan has not changed, her spokesman says Yes they could. A vote of no confidence in her leadership will be triggered if 48 MPs write to Graham Brady, the chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee , to request it. The lack of a majority and her diminished authority means it would be impossible for Mrs May to push through controversial measures that do not command the full support of her party. [Full Article...]

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