Bullet passes through man's head and kills girlfriend

Bullet passes through man's head and kills girlfriend Victor Sibson wore a helmet during his brief appearance in court Tuesday. "What we have is a struggle-for-the-gun suicide attempt that resulted in Mr. While in court Sunday, Sibson told the judge he could not afford the $250,000 bail he was given. Prosecutors believe Haag was trying to prevent Sibson from killing himself when she was shot. [Full Article...]

Trump in Israel: Jews, Christians, Muslims Must 'Overcome Oppression and Hatred'

Trump in Israel: Jews, Christians, Muslims Must 'Overcome Oppression and Hatred' The Hamas spokesperson said Trump's statement was "racist in the extreme, and establishes the pillars of a new Israeli apartheid regime, and encourages hatred of the Palestinian people". "I think it's a choice to not create political difficulties for Netanyahu early in this process because of the strong opinions against a two-state solution in his cabinet", said former US ambassador to Israel... [Full Article...]

Manchester Blood Banks Inundated with Donors Following Attack

Manchester Blood Banks Inundated with Donors Following Attack The different components such as platelets and red blood cells need to be separated out. Long queues have formed outside Manchester blood donor centres in the wake of last night's terror attack that has left at least 22 dead and 59 injured . [Full Article...]

Intelligence Chief Refuses to Say if Trump Sought Help Rebuffing FBI Probe

He is a partner at Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman in NY and has represented Trump in numerous cases, including on his divorce records, real estate transactions and allegations of fraud at Trump University, The Washington Post reported . [Full Article...]

Trump's budget slashes Medicaid, foodstamp programmes

Trump's budget slashes Medicaid, foodstamp programmes The plan was crafted with a skeptical eye toward programs that serve the needy. Trump would keep campaign pledges to leave core Medicare and Social Security benefits for the elderly alone, but that would translate into even deeper cuts in programs for the poor such as Medicaid and food stamps . [Full Article...]

Treasury chief to Congress: Raise debt limit before August

The program had outlays of $23 billion in 2017, and President Trump has proposed for spending to rise to $34 billion in 2027, a 47% increase . It's important to note that the budget proposal is largely a presidential wish list. "This is the budget you write if you think working families have it too easy", said Sen. Democrats say they're anxious that corporate and individual income tax c... [Full Article...]

Philippines: ISIS-linked terrorists take control of church

Philippines: ISIS-linked terrorists take control of church The violence prompted Duterte to cut short a visit to Moscow, during which one of his top priorities was to acquire Russian-made precision armaments to use against the militants in the Southern Philippines . Colonel Arevalo said troops had cleared militants from the city hall, university and a hospital, where around 120 people were rescued. The five-day trip will cement a dramatic improvement i... [Full Article...]

Hope for peace unites President and Pope

Still, experts believe it unlikely the outspoken pope will do anything but be welcoming during his first meeting with President Trump . Francis gave Trump what he said was a medal by a Roman artist. In response, Trump said, "For a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful". A Vatican statement described the meeting as "cordial", and Francis warmly received Trump's famil... [Full Article...]

Trump's budget director defends plans to cut social programs

The New York Times analyzed Trump's budget , and found it targets programs that tend to spend more on women than men. One U.S. EPA climate change effort survived the Trump administration's budget slaughter. "I think it will be challenging for states to try to figure out what to do", said Trish Riley, executive director of the nonpartisan National Academy for State Health Policy, which advises... [Full Article...]

Germantown's Gehl Foods distributed cheese linked to fatal botulism outbreak

Germantown's Gehl Foods distributed cheese linked to fatal botulism outbreak The California Department of Public Health (CDPH ) issued a statement Monday indicating that the sauce had tested positive for toxins released by bacteria that cause botulism . The status of the remaining six cases remains unknown. More than 70 per cent involved infants, and food-borne botulism comprised 20 per cent of cases. [Full Article...]

Oman says missing Australian citizen found in Yemen

Oman says missing Australian citizen found in Yemen A Yemeni security official told The Associated Press that tribal mediation led to the release of the Australian citizen after a ransom was paid, without offering further details on the amount. Bishop thanked Sultan Qaboos for "Oman's work to locate and receive the Australian national in to Oman". She said Australians were strongly discouraged from travelling to Yemen given the high risk of kid... [Full Article...]

Trump's Mid East envoy to return to Israel for follow-up visit

Early in the morning, Trump met with Abbas in the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem during which he emphasized his commitment to trying to achieve a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Oren Hazan, who has become known in the region for his inappropriate antics, pulled out his cell phone as President Trump walked past him on Monday before snapping a photo. [Full Article...]

Military presence stepped up as Britain faces raised threat

Many at the concert were young girls and teens enthralled by Grande's pop power. The terror threat level was increased after investigations revealed Abedi may not have acted alone. He said he immediately suspected the arrest might be linked to the bombing since "somebody told me they were Libyans, or I read it somewhere". Neighbors recalled him as tall, thin and quiet, and said he often wore tra... [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande's mother ushered fans to safety after Manchester attack

May said critical status means armed soldiers may be deployed instead of police at public events such as sports matches. As a result of Britain's decision to raise its terror threat level, Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has announced that it has raised its travel advice warning level for Britain from "exercise normal safety precautions" to "exercise a high degree of c... [Full Article...]

Trump pledges solidarity with United Kingdom as he condemns 'evil losers' behind attack

To get to Bethlehem, the location of the Church of the Nativity, where Jesus is said to have been born, Trump passed through an Israeli checkpoint and a network of vast concrete blastwalls that separate the occupied territory from Israel. "We have very much in common". "The ties of the Jewish people to this holy land are ancient and eternal". "They date back thousands of years, including the rei... [Full Article...]

Ebola outbreak: Nigerian government calls for vigilance

This latest case brings the total of suspected or confirmed Ebola cases to 19 in the past week. It is imperative to protect health workers and educate the public on hygiene measures, as well, WHO says. Both Congo and its western neighbor, Republic of Congo, have experienced Ebola outbreaks in the past and worldwide organizations have said they are ready to assist in the event of an epidemic. [Full Article...]

Hydro plan will give temporary relief for long term pain

Hydro plan will give temporary relief for long term pain It also comes with an additional cost to taxpayers, with $1 billion a year coming from government coffers to finance an eight-per-cent rate cut that took effect in January, and another $2.5 million over three years to pay for cuts for low-income and rural ratepayers. [Full Article...]

Purdue defends budget's food stamp cuts to angry Democrats

Budget director Mick Mulvaney told the House Budget Committee on Wednesday that he went "line by line" through the federal budget and asked "Can we justify this to the folks who are actually paying for it?" The plan was crafted with a skeptical eye toward programs that serve the needy. [Full Article...]

Turkey slams US over 'aggressive' acts against bodyguards

Turkey slams US over 'aggressive' acts against bodyguards It should be pointed out that the protesters, their right to dissent protected by the U.S. Constitution, needed no permit and were breaking no rules. Eleven people, including a police officer, were injured during the melee. They have referred to the conduct of the Turkish officials as "deeply disturbing", and vowed to hold those responsible for the violence accountable. On Monday, however, ... [Full Article...]

Melania Trump appears to slap away president's hand in Israel

The president went on to say that a number of Arab countries surrounding Israel are increasingly realizing that "they have common cause ... in the threat posed by Iran", while he has "found new reasons for hope" after his stay in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia . [Full Article...]

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