Global cyberattack: A super-simple explanation of what happened

Ransomware installs on a victim's computer when a user clicks on a malicious link in a "phishing" email (or an email created to trick the user into thinking that it is from a known or legitimate source). In the wake of the attack, Microsoft said it had taken the "highly unusual step" of releasing a patch for computers running older operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows Ser... [Full Article...]

World Health Organization declares new Ebola OUTBREAK in DRC following deaths of three people

World Health Organization have recently developed an Ebola vaccine to be used in emergencies. About 300,000 doses of the experimental vaccine have been stockpiled and could potentially be made available at the site of the outbreak in Congo if the health experts recommend it. [Full Article...]

Know All About How Mother's Day Was Founded

Know All About How Mother's Day Was Founded The information below represents three levels of life before adulthood. -I'm not sure but Grandma says that Mommy didn't have her thinking hat on. Don't take this to mean I had poor grades! From sleepless nights to the tiring days, she is always there for her children no matter what. [Full Article...]

Hamilton denies Vettel in Spanish GP thriller

Hamilton denies Vettel in Spanish GP thriller Although the Brit started from pole, it wasn't an easy victory. In a ding-dong contest, first Vettel forced Hamilton wide at Turn One after he emerged from his second stop next to the Mercedes. While Bottas continued, Raikkonen and Verstappen were out. "This is what the sport needs to be every single have that close battle with him, a four times champion, is awesome", added the tripl... [Full Article...]

Ebola returns to Democratic Republic of Congo

Ebola returns to Democratic Republic of Congo The outbreak was confirmed from tests on nine people who came down with a hemorrhagic fever in Bas-Uele province in the northeast of the country on or after April 22. A man is treated for Ebola in The Democratic Republic of Congo. The DRC has experienced Ebola outbreaks since 1976. "The fact that this is a country that has experience dealing with Ebola should give us hope that we won't see... [Full Article...]

Libya Coast Guard rescues migrants

Libya Coast Guard rescues migrants The revised tallies suggested that 82 went missing after a shipwreck on Friday night and a further 163 are feared dead in an incident off the Libyan coast on Sunday. Numerous thousands of economic migrants or refugees rescued at sea have told authorities they spent months in inhumane detention facilities in Libya, often suffering torture, sexual abuse or labor exploitation, before the smugglers s... [Full Article...]

Fears of renewed onslaught of global cyberattacks on Monday morning

Fears of renewed onslaught of global cyberattacks on Monday morning The virus, which took control of users files, spread to 100 countries, including India, the UK, Spain, France and Russian Federation. The attack held hospitals and other entities hostage by freezing their computers, encrypting their data and demanding money through online bitcoin payment - $300 at first, rising to $600 before it destroys files hours later. [Full Article...]

ICRC: Cholera Kills 115 People From Late April To May

Humanitarian Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick and other global officials, called on humanitarian organisations and aid donors to help it avert an "unprecedented disaster". Cholera is a water-borne bacterial disease that is transmitted through contaminated food and water. People with cholera can become very sick and, if left untreated, death can occur within hours. [Full Article...]

Taiwan pushes for inclusion in global health summit

Taiwan pushes for inclusion in global health summit Asked why it was the Palestinian territories were invited as an observer while Taiwan's invitation was dependent on China, Lindmeier said, "To my understanding the "one China" policy is a United Nations -wide accepted policy; Beijing is representing the one China". [Full Article...]

Biggest extortion cyberattack ever recorded hits dozens of countries

The hackers, who have not come forward to claim responsibility or otherwise been identified, likely made it a "worm", or self spreading malware, by exploiting a piece of NSA code known as "Eternal Blue" that was released last month by a group known as the Shadow Brokers, researchers with several private cyber security firms said. [Full Article...]

Brent price rises after news on possible OPEC output cut extension

Brent price rises after news on possible OPEC output cut extension Even if the production cuts are extended at next week's meeting, "the reality is OPEC is really stuck [between] a rock and a hard place because the US shale producers have proven they can easily lower their production costs", said Vivek Dhar, a commodities strategist at Commonwealth Bank of Australia. [Full Article...]

Ole Miss softball to host regional, MSU in Salt Lake City regional

Ole Miss softball to host regional, MSU in Salt Lake City regional The NCAA softball tournament features 64 teams, with 32 auto bids and 32 at-large bids. Coach Fornelli says they will need to play the way they have all season. Moore Field. The regional's first two games will be live streamed on The victor of the College Station Regional will face the victor of the Knoxville, Tenn., Regional hosted by Tennessee in a Super Regional. [Full Article...]

Bacteria may be behind mysterious illness cluster in Liberia

Bacteria may be behind mysterious illness cluster in Liberia We have been working closely with Liberian health authorities and other partners in surveillance, monitoring, social mobilization, prevention and control, emphasized the United Nations specialized agency. Ebola was initially suspected but was ruled out. Those who attended the wake and funeral had a higher likelihood of falling ill if they drank the tea and reported it tasted different than it shou... [Full Article...]

Attack sparks debate on when spy agencies should disclose cyber holes

Neema Singh Guliani, legislative counsel at the ACLU, said the ransomware attack raises questions about agencies stockpiling vulnerabilities instead of responsibly disclosing them. Microsoft said in a blog post Saturday that it was taking the "highly unusual" step of providing the patch for older versions of Windows it was otherwise no longer supporting, including Windows XP and Windows Server... [Full Article...]

World Health Organization confirms second Ebola case in Congo outbreak

The 2013-2016 West African Ebola outbreak , which resulted in more than 11 300 deaths, highlighted the need for a vaccine . The World Health Organization says the Democratic Republic of the Congo is again facing an outbreak of the contagious and deadly Ebola virus . [Full Article...]

Hosmer hits go-ahead double in 8th, Royals beat Orioles 3-2

Hosmer hits go-ahead double in 8th, Royals beat Orioles 3-2 It was a lot of fun to say, "Hey, let's do it again'". I keep swinging up at everything, and it's just not a good path. "We try to keep everybody involved, but it's tough, it's tough", Showalter said. Starter Dylan Bundy allowed just four hits and two runs through six innings on May 12, but the Royals broke through in the eighth inning to claim a 3-2 victory. [Full Article...]

Ebola kills at least one person in Congo, WHO says

Three people have died so far. The WHO confirmed one of the deaths as a case of Ebola in a lab in Kinshasa, the DRC's largest city. Dar es Salaam - The government has called on the people to remain vigilant as reports of ne Ebola outbreak emerged on Friday in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). [Full Article...]

Ebola kills 3 in central Africa; scores more linked to deaths

The last instance of Ebola in Congo in 2014, which was not linked to an outbreak in neighboring states at the time, was quickly contained and killed 49 people according to official figures. The vaccine is now awaiting formal licensing clearance. Three days prior, a team led by the DRC's Health Ministry began the trek to the Likati health zone to begin an investigation. [Full Article...]

Lawyers outline Trump's Russian income

But borrowing money from Russian sources could mean a number of things and would not necessarily represent an "equity investment". And, according to golf reporter James Dodson , at a golf outing at a Trump course in North Carolina three years ago, Eric Trump bragged that they had access to "all the funding we need out of Russian Federation". [Full Article...]

Trump Lawyers Say Taxes Show Few Russia Ties Over 10 Years

The president is attempting to downplay charges of ties between his election campaign and Russian Federation. Trump has been under fire to release his returns ever since his election victory, though he has repeatedly said his lawyers have advised against it because he is under audit. [Full Article...]

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