Trump told Russians FBI's Comey was a 'nut job'

Jeffrey Toobin , a CNN legal analyst, said Trump's reported comments were " close to a confession of obstruction of justice". Also Friday, The Washington Post dropped its own bombshell , revealed that a current White House official who is "close to the president" has been identified as a significant person of interest in the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign a... [Full Article...]

Needham & Company LLC Reiterates "Buy" Rating for Marvell Technology Group Ltd. (MRVL)

Needham & Company LLC Reiterates It has a 19.36 P/E ratio. The CCA segment includes, primarily for canine and feline use, blood testing instruments and supplies, digital imaging products, software and services, local and cloud data services, allergy testing and immunotherapy, and single use offerings, such as in-clinic diagnostic tests and heartworm preventive products. [Full Article...]

Melania Trump forgoes headscarf in Saudi Arabia

Neither UK Prime Minister Theresa May nor German Chancellor Angela Merkel covered their heads during trips to the country earlier this year. Administration officials believe Trump's decision to begin his trip in Saudi Arabia sends a powerful message to the kingdom: the strained ties that marked U.S. [Full Article...]

2 in U.S. court over Washington protest fight

2 in U.S. court over Washington protest fight The incident happened in front of the Turkish ambassador's residence. Police in Washington broke up the melee, arrested two men and are pursuing charges against several others they are trying to identify with the help of the State Department and the Secret Service. [Full Article...]

United States dollar declines amid Trump uncertainty

United States dollar declines amid Trump uncertainty The dollar was on track to record its worst week against a basket of currencies since July on Friday, having given up nearly all the gains made since Donald Trump, now surrounded by political worries, was elected US president a year ago. The S&P began the session by opening 0.74 percent lower, the largest gap down since March 30, 2009, when the index suffered a 0.84 percent drop at the start of tr... [Full Article...]

Cincinnati hot dog maker issues recall due to possible metal contamination

Cincinnati hot dog maker issues recall due to possible metal contamination The recall includes Curtis BEEF MASTER Beef Franks . John Morrell and Co. received three complaints of the metal objects inside the and notified the USDA. The hot dogs were produced on January 26 and were shipped to retailers across the country. John Morrell and Co., an establishment in OH, notified FSIS on May 19. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump lands in Saudi Arabia for first official trip abroad

The weapons deal also gives Trump - who sold himself to voters as an inveterate deal maker -a victory to merchandise overseas, just as his political pressures intensify at home. White House officials hope the trip gives Trump the opportunity to recalibrate after one of the most hard stretches of his young presidency. Trump, who has expressed a desire for friendlier relations with Moscow, drew a ... [Full Article...]

Canada warns it may cancel U.S. jet buy over Bombardier probe

Canada warns it may cancel U.S. jet buy over Bombardier probe But the prime minister refused to discuss what other options the Liberal government would have if it follows through on its not-so-subtle threat to abandon plans to buy 18 of Boeing's Super Hornet fighter jets. Defense analyst David Perry of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute said one option for Ottawa would be to scrap the idea of a stopgap force and go straight to the permanent competitio... [Full Article...]

Royal Bank of Canada Reaffirms "Outperform" Rating for Western Digital Corp (WDC)

In other news, insider Mark P. Long sold 3,034 shares of the stock in a transaction dated Monday, May 15th. Given that its average daily volume over the 30 days has been 0.5 million shares a day, this signifies a pretty significant change over the norm. [Full Article...]

Trump Faces Diplomatic Hurdles During Visit to Holy Land

Trump Faces Diplomatic Hurdles During Visit to Holy Land However, Trump is expected to travel mostly by helicopter, the Times of Israel reported , adding that " organizers are hoping to avoid a repeat of a mishap during Obama's visit ", when the U.S. Trump will become the first sitting president to visit the holy site in East Jerusalem . "While reports say President Trump has not ruled out a move, the fact is there is no reason for delay". [Full Article...]

Chinese newspaper slams India for OBOR summit boycott

Chinese newspaper slams India for OBOR summit boycott Zhao Hong, a Southeast Asia expert at Xiamen University, says this represents an attempt by China to improve its foreign investment policies. The project will involve a huge network of ports, railways, roads and industry parks. India skipped the summit as it voiced displeasure at the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a Belt and Road project aimed at linking northwestern China to the Arabian... [Full Article...]

Baker Hughes Incorporated (BHI) Announces $0.17 Quarterly Dividend

It has a 20.68 P/E ratio. While there are a number of profitability ratios that measure a company's ability to generate profit from the sales or services it provides, one of the most important is the net profit margin. Therefore 55% are positive. Many analysts have provided their estimated foresights on Baker Hughes Incorporated Earnings, with 29 analysts believing the company would generate... [Full Article...]

Ransomware cyber-attack a wake-up call - Microsoft warns

Friday's cyber attack hit 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries and that number could grow when people return to work on Monday, the head of the European Union's police agency said on Sunday. Investigators are working to track down those responsible for the ransomware used on Friday, known as Wanna Decryptor or WannaCry . "The recent attack is at an unprecedented level and will require ... [Full Article...]

Russian officials bragged they could use Flynn to influence Trump, sources say

Officials noticed an uptick in communication between Flynn and Kislyak shortly after Flynn's trip to Moscow in December 2015. Flynn later became President Donald Trump's National Security Adviser, before being forced out after it was learned that he had met privately with a Russian diplomat and lied about it. [Full Article...]

Cisco to cut additional 1100 jobs on disappointing outlook

Cisco to cut additional 1100 jobs on disappointing outlook Cisco's stock dips by 5% just before the market closed yesterday, and eased at a 1.4% decline at $33.83 after vast pressure from the tedious forecasts; while after-market trading led 8.2% decline to $31.05 on Wednesday. "I think we're gonna be fine". For the current quarter, Cisco expects its per-share earnings to range from 60 cents to 62 cents. Revenue from routing, the second-largest unit, dr... [Full Article...]

Leader Thanks Iranian Nation for 'Epic' Turnout in Elections

He said: "During President Rouhani's first term we made good progress on improving UK-Iran relations, including an upgrade in diplomatic relations, and I welcome his continued commitment to the nuclear deal Iran signed up to in 2015". and other countries in 2015. Meanwhile, around 10.1 million, or 39 per cent of ballots, were cast in favour of Raisi, while former ministers Mostafa Mirsalim and M... [Full Article...]

Joel Pereira wants to repay Jose Mourinho for Man Utd call-up

Joel Pereira wants to repay Jose Mourinho for Man Utd call-up Of the 10, seven are in line for their league debuts. United will finish sixth regardless of the outcome of Sunday's fixture and Palace can not be relegated with three teams already down. "Everyone goes", Mourinho said of his travelling party. "Smalling has a problem, a small problem that I think it is no problem for next week, but is a problem for the weekend". [Full Article...]

Researcher Open Sources WannaKey Tool That Cracks WannaCry Ransomware Encryption

Microsoft first released a patch for the vulnerability back in March, but many people clearly didn't update. But the software giant only sent the free security update - or patch - to users of the most recent version of the Windows 10 operating system, the report said. [Full Article...]

200000+ Systems Affected By WannaCry Ransom Attack

Once the user opens the document, the Ransomware software is automatically downloaded in the system which then encrypts all the data in the system and blocks the user from using the data and accessing it. Some think that the root of all these come from the National Security Agency, more commonly known as the NSA. Microsoft issued a security update in March that stops WannaCry and other ma... [Full Article...]

Most Recent Analysts Ratings Spirit Realty Capital, Inc. (SRC)

Now the P/E of Spirit Realty Capital, Inc. stands at 121.17. The oscillator ranges from 0 to -100. Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:PTEN) price is pointing towards neither exit nor entry barriers, according to a technical analysis tool called the Relative Strength Index (RSI). [Full Article...]

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