Willie McCovey Reflects on Jackie Robinson's Legacy

This year we are going to take a look at the top five players, other than Robinson , who once wore the number 42 either before the celebration began or who did at the time, and were grandfathered in and allowed to keep their number until their retirement from the game. [Full Article...]

The Fate Of The Furious Races Past Global Box Office Record

Thanks to an all-time best China launch of US$192 million, the film, directed by F. Gary Gray, broke the record worldwide launch of Disney's "Star Wars: the Force Awakens" which nabbed US$529 million in 2015. Furious 8 completely dominated screens this weekend - after a sluggish first quarter, restless theater managers allotted nearly 3 out of every 4 showtimes to the film - and accounted for 9... [Full Article...]

Mark Hamill's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Script Regret

Watch the full video below. "The Force Awakens" director and " Last Jedi " producer J.J. Abrams has previously hailed Hamill's performance in the film, suggesting it could land him an Oscar nomination. During the one-man panel Hamill also recounted stories about Harrison Ford and the late Carrie Fisher whom he once sneaked into a theatre with to see the 1977 Star Wars trailer. [Full Article...]

Carmelo Anthony and wife La La have separated, per report

Carmelo now plays for the New York Knicks , but has been plagued by trade rumors this season and it's apparently been hard on the couple. Anthony has spent seven seasons with the Knicks, but the team president believes he'd be better off elsewhere. [Full Article...]

'Fate of the Furious' breaks record for biggest opening in movie history

Gary Gray, who has previously helmed movies like Straight Outta Compton, Law Abiding Citizen and The Italian Job . In Korea, "Daddy You, Daughter Me", a family film about a high school-aged girl and her father switching bodies, came in second with 206,000 tickets sold during its debut weekend. [Full Article...]

Drake's surprise performance at Coachella 2017

Drake's surprise performance at Coachella 2017 For her closing numbers, the Grammy victor hit the stage in black lace-up Christian Louboutin over-the-knee boots. According to Pitchfork , she put on the predictable selection of hits and newer songs off of her recent album Joanne , but she also chose to perform a new song and then promptly announced that it would be released immediately. [Full Article...]

Prince death investigation documents: Opioids found in several places in Paisley Park

Some pills in other bottles were marked "Watson 853", a label used for a drug that is a mix of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, another opioid painkiller. The search warrant notes a "sizable amount of narcotic medications located inside Paisley Park" - not just in one area but throughout the residence and in areas where Prince would commonly frequent - his bedroom, wardrobe and laundry room. [Full Article...]

Painkiller prescribed for Prince in another name

He says he wrote the prescription in Johnson's name to protect Prince's privacy. No one has been charged in connection with his death, but authorities say the investigation is still open and active. Many pills were inside a suitcase with the name tag " Peter Bravestrong " - an alias used by the singer. Johnson's lawyer did not return calls for comment on Monday. [Full Article...]

Beyoncé releases new video for 'Die With You'

Beyoncé releases new video for 'Die With You' The superstar showed off new images of her baby belly as she prepares to give birth to twins. "I don't need air in my lunch". Happy anniversary, you guys! It is time to wish a attractive wedding anniversary to Beyonce and Jay Z . [Full Article...]

Advertisers flee Fox's Bill O'Reilly Show amid sexual harassment lawsuits

On Monday's "The O'Reilly Factor " show, the host didn't address the charges, instead focusing on Democrats who oppose Trump. Also said to be involved are Glaxo Smithkline, Mitsubishi and BMW. Untuckit is among the biggest advertisers on the show. A spokesperson said the company would not further discuss media strategy publicly. United States insurer Allstate and French pharmaceutical maker S... [Full Article...]

Covenant Subscriber Exclusive Cover Revealed — Empire's Alien

Covenant Subscriber Exclusive Cover Revealed — Empire's Alien Subscribers should be getting their copies any day now; for the rest of you, the new issue of Empire arrives in all good and evil newsagents from Thursday 20 April, with that cover still to be revealed. Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, unsafe world - whose sole... [Full Article...]

Guitarist known as J. Geils found dead in MA home

Guitarist known as J. Geils found dead in MA home Police are investigating Geils' death, but said that their "investigation indicates that Geils died of natural causes". A police investigation is underway, but foul-play is not suspected. Acts that opened for the band included The Cars, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Van Halen and U2. Their 1980 album, Freeze-Frame, held Billboard's top position for four weeks, remaining on the chart for 70 ... [Full Article...]

Pence warns North Korea 'era of strategic patience is over'

Pence is landing at Camp Bonifas just south of the DMZ and will make his way there. Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have ratcheted up in recent weeks, amid tit-for-tat saber-rattling from the U.S. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Monday that tensions need to be eased on the Korean Peninsula to bring the escalating dispute there to a peaceful resolution. [Full Article...]

Trump changes stance on several campaign promises early in presidency

The President's supporters point out that because of his tough stance, partner countries have committed more spending and the alliance is reorienting itself towards fighting the Islamic State. Trump's positions is an inevitable result of transitioning from the campaign to trying to govern. He now says of the bank, which supports USA exports, "Actually, it's a very good thing". [Full Article...]

Progressive guitar virtuoso Allan Holdsworth dead

Progressive guitar virtuoso Allan Holdsworth dead His daughter Louise broke the sad news to fans via Facebook . In her post announcing her father's passing, Louise Holdsworth noted that a public memorial service is being planned. Although Velvet Darkness was released in 1976, Holdsworth did not recognise it as an official release, so 1982's I.O.U. was what he viewed as his debut solo outing. [Full Article...]

"The Fate Of The Furious" Is An Outrageous Thrill Ride

Nobody to figure it what happened to Dom and to stop Cipher's madness. That happy moment is interrupted by the arrival of Cipher, who brazenly approaches Dom and tells him that he will be working for her, against the interests of his crew. The Paul Walker tribute in Fate of the Furious is one worth waiting for, and just might make you cry. The cars are racing and the good guys are kicking butt. [Full Article...]

Greek Orthodox Patriarch leads Holy Fire ceremony in Jerusalem

According to Orthodox tradition, the stone on which Jesus was buried, in what is now the Sepulchre church, emits a light that bursts into flames initially cool enough to touch before turning scalding hot. In 328, a historian described how, in the year 162, church officials filled oil lamps with water because there was no oil. Putin , himself an Orthodox Christian, attended a service led by Patr... [Full Article...]

Isaiah Thomas passes between his legs and shoots a three

In tears pre-game following the tragic death of his sister on Saturday, Isaiah Thomas' 33 points were not enough for the Celtics in Boston. But Thomas led the team out of the tunnel when Boston took the floor for pregame warmups. He was emotional before the game and still brought his usual energy for the Celtics, scoring 13 in the first quarter, including this deep triple , on his way to a h... [Full Article...]

What will April the giraffe's calf be named? You can help decide

What will April the giraffe's calf be named? You can help decide A long-awaited giraffe birth at a New York State zoo has finally happened. The 15-year-old new mom lives at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville. We join countless others worldwide in thanking the Animal Adventure Park for this fabulous journey. Jordan Patch, owner of the Animal Adventure Park, blamed "a handful of extremists and animal rights activists" for the interruption. [Full Article...]

'Fate of the Furious' Zooms to Top

Fate of the Furious" Opens $47 Million Lower than " Furious . " The Fate of the Furious is satisfying audiences on many different levels". Universal Pictures has estimated the film will earn a record 532.5 million USA dollars (£425.2 million) worldwide over the holiday weekend, thanks to a particularly robust showing in 63 territories including China. [Full Article...]

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