Once Upon a Time bosses tease musical wedding episode

Once Upon a Time bosses tease musical wedding episode They realize that they're on the same side. Hook manages to get his shadow to appear but can't escape the Lost Boys, so he gives the wand to his shadow and tells it to bring it to Emma. He explains that they've only been under the curse for 10 years, and Emma will be far too young to save them now. She claims that she won't force Rumple to do her bidding; she believes that he will do it willingly,... [Full Article...]

Wladimir Klitschko seems confident he can defeat Anthony Joshua and regain titles

You look at Anthony Joshua , it's the same type of style. go out there, let your hands go, it's the heavyweight division". We can name a lot of things. He will be better for them, having fought his way through risky situations against respected opponents. "I've been fighting guys that had a great record of knockouts, the Samuel Peter fight, he was totally hyped up as the next champion". [Full Article...]

6 times Harry Styles nailed his solo Saturday Night Live performance

6 times Harry Styles nailed his solo Saturday Night Live performance The Emmy-winning comedian stopped by SNL to return as White House press secretary Sean Spicer - however this time, the controversial spokesman was dressed as the Easter Bunny to teach little kids about passover. "Everybody shut up so I can apologize", McCarthy said , mocking Spicer's apology for multiple blunders while comparing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Adolf Hitler. [Full Article...]

Boris Johnson offers Russian Federation a deal on Syria crisis

The Russians could "join a coalition of more than 60 countries in the fight against Daesh, to maintain their strategic interests in Syria, with the prospect of more productive relations with President Trump and in the knowledge that the West will eventually help rebuild the country", he said. [Full Article...]

Improved Spurs keep up chase for EPL title

Ryan Giggs believes that Toby Alderweireld is the best defender in the Premier League following his sparkling displays for Tottenham this season. Saturday's win saw Spurs move onto 71 points , one more than they managed in the whole of last season and one short of their record total in the Premier League. [Full Article...]

'Star Wars Rebels' to end with season four

'Star Wars Rebels' to end with season four Star Wars actor Mark Hamill has made a heart-warming tribute to late "Princess" Carrie Fisher by sharing a photo with her daughter Billie Lourd. Some shots in the trailer also suggested Skywalker training Rey on the island. Hamill, the most raucously received star on Friday, said he drew on his own experiences for this new chapter in Luke's life. "He really let himself go", he said. [Full Article...]

Lady Gaga Debuted New Single "The Cure" at Coachella

Beyonce had been slated to headline the festival in Indio, California, but backed out because she's pregnant with twins. While she's taking a break, Lady Gaga is taking on the world. So, she obviously had a lot to live up to, especially because Coachella attendees had already purchased their nonrefundable tickets when the switch was announced. [Full Article...]

Mark Hamill: Star Wars Tribute To Carrie Fisher Is 'Therapy'

Mark Hamill: Star Wars Tribute To Carrie Fisher Is 'Therapy' Fans have been expecting Lucasfilm to add more females to the cast. It even hints that we might see some of Rey and Kylo's battle again from a different perspective, though that could just be placed there to shed light on the setting and timeline. [Full Article...]

A list of Easter egg hunts, bunny visits in Maryland

A list of Easter egg hunts, bunny visits in Maryland The kids had their pick of more than 100,000 easter eggs this year, but they had to act fast. The Stampeding Clovers 4-H group, of which Smith is one of the leaders, and some friends worked Friday afternoon to fill plastic eggs in preparation for the hunt, where numerous 4-H members and other students at the ranch will serve as helpers. [Full Article...]

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Emotional Tribute To Don Rickles In Opening Monologue

He led a full life and even though he was an insult king, he made many friends during his 70-plus years in show business. Elsewhere in late-night, " The Late Show " host Stephen Colbert opened his show by paying tribute to the legend. "He gave me advice-and good advice, not the advice people give you just to hear themselves giving you advice", Kimmel said. Rickles was sarcastically nic... [Full Article...]

'Survivor' contestant outed as transgender

During both seasons, it was known that Smith was a gay man, but he chose not to share his gender history to his tribemates or to the viewing audience. "Nobody on the planet should do what I did tonight". As for the LGBT community's response to Varner's actions, he says he's gotten the message that he's a "horrible human". [Full Article...]

Pepsi Pulls Kendall Jenner advert

Pepsi Pulls Kendall Jenner advert However, Kendall is expected to be able to recover from the controversy, with a source close to the dark-haired beauty insisting it has not done irreversible damage to her reputation. Critics say the image of Jenner handing the officer a Pepsi evoked a photo of Black Lives Matter protester Ieshia Evans approaching an officer at a demonstration in Baton Rouge previous year. [Full Article...]

Legendary classical singer Kishori Amonkar dies at 84

Legendary classical singer Kishori Amonkar dies at 84 She was also a musical scholar, someone who researched and sought more information on the raags to be able to explore her khayal better. I couldn't have been more than eight years old but I was struck by the fact that this iconic singer was a lady who captivated her audience. [Full Article...]

Embattled O'Reilly takes his longest spring break in years

Embattled O'Reilly takes his longest spring break in years That would appear to stave off stories that the cable host had been pressured to make himself scarce for a while. Last fall, I booked a trip that should be terrific", and telling his audience, "If you can possibly take two good trips a year, it will refresh your life. [Full Article...]

Have Kylie And Tyga Split?

The site then claimed that Kylie may be looking to move on with rapper Travis Scott, which could make things even more frosty between herself and Tyga , as Travis is expected to perform at Coachella. As for interviews, reporters have been ordered NOT to ask her about her Pepsi ad . Kendall Jenner was all smiles Friday night as she arrived at Coachella . [Full Article...]

Brett Ratner want to make 'Rush Hour's sequel with SRK

Brett Ratner want to make 'Rush Hour's sequel with SRK While speaking to the media at San Francisco Film Festival yesterday, the Badshah of Bollywood said, "That movie is very exciting, very different". Both the stars - suited and booted - seemed to have huge fun during their conversation at the Castro Theatre on Friday evening. [Full Article...]

Watch Lorde Debut "Sober" at a Surprise Pre-Coachella Show

Watch Lorde Debut Naturally, it sold out , and in the blink of an eye at that. Just outside of Joshua Tree State Park, some 50 miles from Coachella, Lorde will return for her first show in two years . 23. Nearly as soon as Lorde's set got going, though, the young New Zealander cleaved to established Coachella tradition, promising she had some surprises in store. [Full Article...]

A New Video Teases Disney's Upcoming Star Wars Attraction

The 14-acre attraction, opening in 2019, will have park patrons immersed into different roles and what they do can affect their experience and "reputation" in the park. Depending on whether you choose the imperial First Order or rebel Resistance side when going on a ride, you'll then be treated like an Imperial or Rebel in other areas of the parks. [Full Article...]

Japan PM urges North Korea to stop missiles

His national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, said the USA would rely on its allies as well as on Chinese leadership to resolve the issues with North Korea. The U.S. nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group is also heading to the region. China on Friday again called for talks to defuse the crisis. [Full Article...]

Jury Finds Ex-Patriots Star Aaron Hernandez Not Guilty of Double Murder

Jury Finds Ex-Patriots Star Aaron Hernandez Not Guilty of Double Murder He is now serving a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for that killing. California tattoo artist David Nelson testified that Hernandez requested an image of a revolver with the gun barrel facing forward. He was convicted only on an illegal firearms charge. Hernandez turned to his long-time fiancee Jenkins and mouthed, "I love you". But the former National Football Le... [Full Article...]

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