Ariana Grande 'broken' after concert attack

Police cars, bomb-disposal units and 60 ambulances raced to the scene as the scale of the carnage became clear. Tuesday , 1.10am: Nineteen people are confirmed dead and around 50 others injured following the suspected explosion police say is being treated as a terrorist incident . [Full Article...]

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" tops box office in North America

Also, with characters Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax ( Dave Bautista ), Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper), Yondu (Michael Rooker), and, of course Baby Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) the second film too had evolved nicely from the hugely successful 2014 original. [Full Article...]

New Mexico unemployment rate remains at 6.7 percent

The Jacksonville area saw the lowest unemployment rate in 10 years in April, according to state jobless figures released Friday. About 236,000 people were unemployed in April in Los Angeles County, which has a workforce of about 5.1 million. [Full Article...]

Lea Michele Reduced To An Emotional Puddle Upon Meeting Icon Celine Dion

Lea Michele Reduced To An Emotional Puddle Upon Meeting Icon Celine Dion This is a picture of Drake backstage paying homage to one of the most iconic singers in history, Celine Dion . For the Billboards , Dion wore a gown with dramatic shoulders by Stephane Rolland and heels by Giuseppe Zanotti. At the end of the video, Celine is seen nodding her head along to the beat, with her eyes fixed intently on the screen. "I look at someone like Céline and how she has ... [Full Article...]

Theresa May condemns 'appalling terrorist attack' in Manchester

Theresa May condemns 'appalling terrorist attack' in Manchester With the tragic news, fans are taking to Twitter to express their sadness and frustration with the attack. No doubt we will find out who the perpetrator is soon. Greater Manchester Police's chief constable Ian Hopkins speaking outside the force's headquarters, said the wounded were being treated at six hospitals across Greater Manchester . [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande 'broken' after Manchester attack

John Legend said, "Sending love to the UK, @ ArianaGrande and all of her supporters who were caught up in this very bad attack". According to the Telegraph , British Transport Police have confirmed that the explosion came from "within the foyer area of the stadium at 10:30 pm" local time. [Full Article...]

Mother's Day: What your mum really wants (and doesn't want)

Mother's Day: What your mum really wants (and doesn't want) Retailers anticipate a record $23.6 billion in sales, about 10 percent above last year's spending. Send a card. Express thanks. Mother's Day is her turn to be the recipient of good things. We don't have to just celebrate ideal relationships with flawless mothers living in a ideal world. I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day! You are the only person who will understand me more than my... [Full Article...]

British Police Confirm 19 People Dead After Reported Explosion At Manchester Arena

We stand in solidarity with our law enforcement counterparts in the they commence the hard task of conducting the investigation to identify the perpetrators and anyone who may have aided in this bombing, which has the earmarks of terrorism. [Full Article...]

Billboard Music Awards: All the highlights

Cher asking us all to " Believe " at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (and yes her costume with pasties was safe for TV). Drake was a high roller in Las Vegas, beating Adele's record for most wins at the Billboard Music Awards. Nicki Minaj opened the show with a almost 10-minute hit medley as she sported a bondage-inspired suit of spikes and cuffs, while Celine Dion marked the 20th anniversa... [Full Article...]

Scary space movie dethrones amusing space movie at United States of America box offices

Scary space movie dethrones amusing space movie at United States of America box offices Michael Fassbender , Katherine Waterston , Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo , Amy Seimetz , Jussie Smollett , Callie Hernandez , Nathaniel Dean, Alexander England, and Benjamin Rigby star in Alien: Covenant . [Full Article...]

Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet

Watch Celine Dion sing and dance to Cher at the Billboard Music Awards below. Thankfully, photographers were nearby to capture the exchange, which included Drake's insistence that he's not far off from getting "Celine" tattooed up the side of his ribcage. [Full Article...]

Family receiving food stamps speaks out about Trump's budget proposal

Additionally, cuts to farm subsidies and student loan programs will also face pushback from strong interest groups. Trump would keep campaign pledges to leave core Medicare and Social Security benefits for the elderly alone. "If the Trump people sell it as genuine reform that's getting rid of people who should be at work or are cheating, getting rid of redundancy and making the bureaucracy drama... [Full Article...]

"Billboard" Music Awards 2017: Florida Georgia Line tease more collaborations

Also, on the 20th anniversary of the film Titanic , the bestselling Canadian songstress Celine Dion will be taking a trip down memory lane with her classic hit My Heart will go on, which she will be performing LIVE at the awards. At various points, she was joined by Lil Wayne, DJ David Guetta and Jason Derulo. "So to be able to celebrate that tonight at the Billboard s and to be able to per... [Full Article...]

Trump embraces Israel, but Russian ties still trail him

Trump embraces Israel, but Russian ties still trail him Trump emphasized the enduring friendship between the USA and Israel while also complimenting the leaders he met during his previous stop-over in Saudi Arabia. Anonymous White House officials confirmed to several media outlets in the wake of that scandal that the intelligence had indeed come from Israel. "The early perceptions that Trump would reverse all of Obama's policy decisions and never cha... [Full Article...]

Trump walks diplomatic tightrope as he arrives in Israel

Trump walks diplomatic tightrope as he arrives in Israel Arriving from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Mr Trump expressed his hope for co-operation among U.S. allies in the Middle East. After Trump landed in Tel Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed "hope that one day an Israeli prime minister will be able to fly from Tel Aviv to Riyadh ". [Full Article...]

A look at the top moments from the Billboard Music Awards

On social media, many people discussed Cher's performance, her costume choices and her excellent physical condition, especially for someone her age. Drake also won Top Billboard 200 Album and Top Rap Album for his album VIEWS , while his smash single "One Dance" helped him nab Top Streaming Song, Top R&B Song, and Top R&B Collaboration. [Full Article...]

Texas Aims to Pass Transgender Bathroom Law for Public Schools

Texas Republicans have been pushing an aggressive agenda despite the promise of court challenges, with time running out to get bills to GOP Gov. Greg Abbott's desk. It is considered likely that a version of the measure will pass the Republican-led Senate . The Texas House already approved HB3859 by a 93-49 vote earlier this month . [Full Article...]

Drake wants a Celine Dion tattoo

After the dinner, Drake shut the nightclub down with an epic performance, which included his songs like "One Dance" and "Fake Love". With the streams of water and fireworks timed to his song, "Gyalchester", the Canadian rapper danced around a platform in the water. [Full Article...]

Who won Eurovision 2017? Full results leaderboard revealed

Salvador Sobral , singer of the winning entry Amar Polos Dois, described the triumph as a 'victory for music'. Former X Factor singer Lucie Jones represented us here in the United Kingdom with her song Never Give Up On You, which was co-written by 2009 victor Emmelie de Forest. [Full Article...]

Miley Cyrus Brings 'Malibu' to 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are still going strong. When it comes to performing the tune itself, Cyrus told WKTU's Cubby and Carolina Bermudez radio show, "I'll do it, but I don't love it". Though Cyrus was not nominated for any BBMAs this year, she took home two in 2014 - one for Top Streaming Artist and one for Top Streaming Song ("Wrecking Ball.") She has received nine total nomination... [Full Article...]

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