Logan Director Says X-23 Could Return

Logan Director Says X-23 Could Return Despite butting heads with Mangold over the idea of Logan meeting his maker (so to speak), Jackman chose to put his trust in the director, and even though the film's ending been written into the script by then, when he finally saw it on the big screen, he realized how wrong he was. [Full Article...]

Netflix to produce Witcher series

Netflix to produce Witcher series Since the announcement was recently made, we have few details of the project, such as the casting of characters, when it will debut, filming locations, and which stories will be covered. "We couldn't be more excited about bringing The Witcher saga to Netflix members around the world ". "I'm excited about our efforts together, as well as the team assembled to shepherd these characters to life"... [Full Article...]

Taika Waititi's Bubbles picked up by Netflix for $20 million

Taika Waititi's Bubbles picked up by Netflix for $20 million Waititi, of Thor: Ragnorok and What We Do In The Shadows fame, is set to co-direct this stop-motion animated film about Jackson's primate companion with Mark Gustafson , who served as Wes Anderson's animation director onFantastic Mr. End Cue's Andrew Kortschak and Walter Kortshak will produce with Dan Harmon's Starburns Industries, while Isaac Adamson and Lee Stobby will executive pro... [Full Article...]

Pain Teased The Possible Release Of His Long-Lost Project With Lil Wayne

Pain Teased The Possible Release Of His Long-Lost Project With Lil Wayne T-Pain's T-Wayne album was the proposed project that featured him and Weezy on a variety of Rap&B-infused tracks. A couple hours later, he elaborated , "This ain't for y'all new niggas". "I'm feelin reeeeeaaaaalll spontaneous right now #2009 #TheMissingPageInTheHistoryBook", Pain said in his caption. Asking his Twitter followers whether he should "do it", he brought the same teaser to Twitter... [Full Article...]

Watch The Trailer for The CW's Black Lightning

Watch The Trailer for The CW's Black Lightning Not rushing Black Lightning into a fiveway cross over this fall should actually be encouraging news to the fans. After the announcement of actor Cress Williams taking on the role of Black Lightning for the CW, most people assumed that the relatively unknown DC comics hero would be joining Arrow, The Flash , and Legends of Tomorrow in a shared universe. [Full Article...]

Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Returns to 'SNL'

The Post initially described the scenario as Spicer standing "in the bushes" but later issued a clarification stating he was "among the bushes". Luckily, the scene ends on a (sort of) happy note, with "Trump" promising "Spicer" that he'd never replace the press secretary with Sanders. [Full Article...]

Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell dies at age 52 in Detroit

A representative for Chris confirmed that the rockstar passed away on Wednesday night in Detroit, saying that his death was "sudden and unexpected". With Cornell as the lead singer, Kim Thayil as the guitarist and Hiro Yamamoto as the bassist, Soundgarden was a seminal band in the grunge movement, alongside contemporaries Pearl Jam and Nirvana. [Full Article...]

Harry Styles's girlfriend wants a 'break' from social media

Harry Styles's girlfriend wants a 'break' from social media The Naked Diet chef refused to be drawn directly on her rumoured relationship with Harry , however. Tess Ward is not here for the Internet trolls-or fame. She just wants to bring some positivity into the world, which is hard to do when you're constantly being bombarded with negativity, so it's understandable why she has since turned off the comments section on her Instagram account . [Full Article...]

Lead singer of Soundgarden & Audioslave, Chris Cornell, dies at 52

Rock singer Chris Cornell has died at the age of 52, according to reports by The Associated Press . Bumberry added that Cornell's family has asked for privacy, and would work with medical examiners to determine the cause of his "sudden and unexpected" death . [Full Article...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 When the original was released in 2014, it was a relatively unknown property that managed to smash records for the month of August when it opened to more than $94 million domestically (still modest by Disney/Marvel standards). Chris Pratt and his band of oddball Marvel superheroes picked up right where they left off in the new " Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2". Once the totals have been confirmed... [Full Article...]

Portugal's Salvador Sobral talks to press after winning Eurovision

The annual celebration of catchy Europop, ludicrous costumes and glittering divas was hosted by Ukraine for the second time and was watched by about 200 million TV viewers. This year's competition saw some controversy when Ukraine barred Russia's entry, Yulia Samoilova, from coming to Kyiv because she had performed in the Russia-annexed Ukrainian region of Crimea in 2015. [Full Article...]

Colbert to Trump: "You're A Bad President, Please Resign"

Colbert to Trump: Referring to President Donald Trump's administration, Colbert then says - while looking at the stars: "I see an endless void no answers, no meaning, no way to construct anything from the swirling chaos". And it only builds up my base. Colbert was addressing the breaking news from The New York Times that President Donald Trump asked former FBI director James Comey to "let go" of the investiga... [Full Article...]

Small Screen: CBS continues adrenalin rush in fall lineup

Small Screen: CBS continues adrenalin rush in fall lineup While we have already met Shelly's mom Mary and twin sister Missy, the trailer also gave us a first look at his elder, and much more intellectually incompetent brother and his father, of whom we have only ever heard negative things about. [Full Article...]

Kylie Jenner : People have misconceptions about who I am

Kylie Jenner : People have misconceptions about who I am Kylie echoed similar sentiments about being more transparent about the girl behind the brand in a voice-over for the show's trailer. Scott and other notable celebs have showered Kylie with some likes on her newest Instagram pics. Granted, her luxe lifestyle would be on display, but how much would we get to see the *real* Kylie. The sisters said that getting a peek at how Kylie spends her day... [Full Article...]

Portugal win Eurovision for first time

Sobral won with a song written by his sister, " Amar Pelos Dois ", and was a favourite with both the global jury and the public. Hosted by Ukraine in Kiev , the contest featured a familiar high-tech stage using projections, fireworks and pyrotechnics to illustrate the 26 songs. [Full Article...]

Melissa McCarthy Continues to Give SNL the Best & Weirdest Promos Possible

Melissa McCarthy Continues to Give SNL the Best & Weirdest Promos Possible The actress drove outside CNN's New York City offices in a motorized White House briefing room podium that she had used before in "Saturday Night Live" sketches. Here it is again, just in case you missed (or want to relive) the wonder that is McCarthy's musical number transformation into Sean "Spicey" Spicer. But it's also clear that SNL intends to keep riding the wave of publicity generated... [Full Article...]

EU, US hold 'robust' talks on possible airline laptop ban

The ban applies to laptops, tablets, e-book readers and cameras. IATA estimates that an extension of the ban would result in a $1. 1 billion annual cost to passengers alone, including $655 million worth of productive time to business travelers, $216 million worth of travel time increases (nine minutes per flight) and $195 million in harm to passenger well-being. [Full Article...]

Environment Minister Dave passes away

Environment Minister Dave passes away Dave was born on 6 July 1956 in Badnagar, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. "My condolences", Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the former minister's place and expressed his condolences to his family. He had a long-time association with the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh and shot into prominence in 2003 when he crafted the election strategy that led to the defeat of Chief... [Full Article...]

Saudi king touts Trump's Islamic summit as "new partnership"

Saudi king touts Trump's Islamic summit as Commenting on the recent remarks by the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman who had said that Saudi Arabia will take the "battle" inside Iran before its comes to Saudi Arabia, Qasemi said such "inconsiderate" comments originated from lack of true understanding. [Full Article...]

Bella Hadid & Hailey Baldwin Own the Carpet at Cannes Opening Night 2017

Bella Hadid & Hailey Baldwin Own the Carpet at Cannes Opening Night 2017 Model Bella Hadid , right, poses for photographers with her father Mohamed Hadid upon arrival at the opening ceremony and the screening of the film Ismael's Ghosts at the 70th global film festival, Cannes , southern Fran. Ooh la la! Bella Hadid , Emily Ratajkowski, and Hailey Baldwin got a little naughty on a yacht after a glamorous day on the red carpet in Cannes! Nineteen-year-old Fanni... [Full Article...]

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