Is Scott Disick dating Bella Thorne?

Is Scott Disick dating Bella Thorne? A source claims the two left together in Disick's auto. "They were dancing together and getting cozy, but he was a total gentleman", says an onlooker. Thorne is keeping up with a busy career and love life. And suddenly he's now dating Bella Thorne? With her back turned towards the camera, Kourtney's curvy body is on full display as she strategically positioned herself to protect her modesty. [Full Article...]

White House pushes back against leak allegations to Russian Federation

White House pushes back against leak allegations to Russian Federation While the Washington Post notes that its story withheld more information than Trump did, reports of ISIS using laptop bombs aren't a new occurrence. "I want to find out what happened before I come to a conclusion", he said at the time, according to . Trump reportedly shared the information during last week's White House meeting and even boasted about the intelligence he had. [Full Article...]

Kirsten Dunst says she feels like an 'ageing actress'

Kirsten Dunst says she feels like an 'ageing actress' However, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter previous year, Zendaya insisted that unlike Mary Jane, her character won't be romantically involved with Spider-Man, now played by Tom Holland . "Everyone has to work 10 times harder", she said. But she said her director was very understanding. "I'm not really a comic-book person, but I liked the idea". [Full Article...]

UK Opposition Labour Party releases election manifesto

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: " Labour will rebalance our economy so that the many are no longer ripped off by the wealthy and powerful few". Speaking during a campaign visit to a factory in Stoke-on-Trent, the Prime Minister said: "If you look across that manifesto, the question isn't what people are promising but can you believe people will deliver what they are promising?" Corbyn rem... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Gives Sean Spicer His Final Kiss On 'SNL'

Donald Trump Gives Sean Spicer His Final Kiss On 'SNL' First, we're in the White House press briefing room where principal deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, played by Aidy Bryant plays, says Spicer's out on Navy reserve duty. Yikes. When he gets to a matryoshka doll with Vladimir Putin on it, McCarthy's Spicer tries to hide it. The skit features Spicer using several props, including Russian nesting dolls, to explain the firing of form... [Full Article...]

The Witcher is heading to Netflix

The Witcher is heading to Netflix As well as this, producer Sean Daniel - who worked on Syfy's The Expanse and the upcoming Mummy reboot with Tom Cruise. Sapkowski has been critical of The Witcher series of games in the recent past, saying that they did not adhere to his vision of Geralt over the past thirty years. [Full Article...]

Trump praises Australian universal health care system at meeting with prime minister

This is despite the fact that health care experts from across the political spectrum have said that Trump's health care bill is unworkable and suffers from fatal flaws and could lead to Americans dropping out of the health care market. Australia's healthcare system has been put at the heart of a tense USA debate, the same day it moved further away from universal coverage. "That's great", Sanders... [Full Article...]

Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Returns To 'Saturday Night Live,' Hides in Bushes

The faux Trump acknowledged he fired FBI Director James Comey because of his investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, only for Holt to learn that "absolutely nothing matters" when it comes to this president. [Full Article...]

Miley Cyrus Reveals If She Would Ever Do a 'Hannah Montana' Spinoff

NEWS: Katy Perry Praises Miley Cyrus" New Song "Malibu": "Love This!' "I never would've believed you if three years ago you told me, I'd be here writing this song", she sings, referring to the couple's long time apart after their 2013 split. [Full Article...]

Michael Moore preps surprise documentary for Donald Trump

Michael Moore preps surprise documentary for Donald Trump Bob and Harvey Weinstein have personally acquired the worldwide rights to Michael Moore's surprise documentary " Fahrenheit ‪11/9 ", now in production. David Glasser, COO of the Weinstein Company, will shop domestic and worldwide rights during this year's Cannes Film Festival. Supposedly, " that all ends with this movie ". [Full Article...]

ESPN ending 'Mike & Mike' radio show after 17 years

ESPN ending 'Mike & Mike' radio show after 17 years That program adds to a lineup of former ESPN personalities that already includes Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd. Over the past few weeks, the buzz from ESPN has been inherently negative. The network, which charges the highest subscriber fees in basic cable, has been coping with a $600 million increase in programming costs related to a new National Basketball Association rights contract. [Full Article...]

A follow-up to Sorrentino's The Young Pope is coming

A follow-up to Sorrentino's The Young Pope is coming Stay tuned as casting and more information is revealed! Paolo Sorrentino will write and direct the follow-up, with an assist from co-writer Umberto Contarello. The world premiere of The Young Pope was on 3 September 2016 at the 73rd Venice Film Festival, the first time a television show was part of the program. [Full Article...]

Cannes boss says cinemas right to object to Netflix' web-only movies

At the heart of the Cannes-Netflix clash is what's known as the French cultural exception, a law that requires a percentage of all box office, DVD, video on demand, television and streaming revenues to be pooled to finance homegrown films and help finance foreign films. [Full Article...]

Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer reaches a breaking point on Saturday Night Live

This time , McCarthy, who was hiding among the bushes as Spicer, interrupted Aidy Bryant's stint as Sarah Huckabee Sanders ― Trump's political aide who took on the press this week after President Donald Trump fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey . [Full Article...]

She Gives a Conservative Answer...and Wins!

She Gives a Conservative Answer...and Wins! McCullough also set fingers a-tweeting when she said she did not consider herself a feminist. "And I say firsthand: I have witnessed the impact that women have in leadership in the medical sciences, as well as just in the office environment", she added. [Full Article...]

Hamilton Wins the 2017 Spanish Grand Prix

Before Bottas broke down, he gave Hamilton some critical help by holding Vettel up through a thrilling lap-long duel. "But it worked so I was really happy but equally I looked down and I'd lost an bad lot of time so I wasn't that happy because the real fight was with Lewis". [Full Article...]

'American Idol' is coming back, but it'll look a little different

'American Idol' is coming back, but it'll look a little different ABC announced a deal Tuesday to revive "American Idol", only a year after the powerhouse music competition aired its 15th and last season on Fox. " American Idol " was once the biggest thing in prime time. With Kelly and Ryan which meant a move to NY. ABC recently hired Seacrest to be co-host with Kelly Ripa on the daytime talk show " Live ", so he's already in the corporate family - a... [Full Article...]

Hinting at secret tapes, Trump warns ousted Federal Bureau of Investigation director

CNN said Comey is "not anxious about any tapes" Trump may have, citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter. He also adds President Donald Trump had every right to do what he did. Comey instead told Trump he could count on his honesty, the Times said. Trump has rejected the probe as "fake news", and claimed Comey assured him at a dinner and in two phone calls that he wasn't under inves... [Full Article...]

Prince Philip Set To Retire From Royal Duties

Prince Philip Set To Retire From Royal Duties The Palace said in a statement: "Prince Philip will attend previously scheduled engagements between now and August, both individually and accompanying The Queen". Around the time of his marriage to Elizabeth in 1947, he became a naturalized British citizen and was named Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip is famed for his quips and outspoken remarks that amuse and offend in equal measure, but h... [Full Article...]

King Arthur's Box Office Prospects Are Looking Bleak

Internationally, Guardians 2 opened in its final global market, pulling in an estimated $3 million in Japan as it delivered an estimated $52.2 million from 56 markets this weekend. The film, that reportedly cost around $175 million to make, grossed just $14.7 million in the U.S., and just shy of $30 million more elsewhere around the world. [Full Article...]

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