Trump Warns Comey, Blasts Media, Asks 'When Does It End' on Russian Federation

Trump Warns Comey, Blasts Media, Asks 'When Does It End' on Russian Federation In response to media criticism over the contradictory versions of Mr Comey's dismissal, Mr Trump tweeted: "As a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with flawless accuracy!" Trump said in one of a string of Twitter messages. [Full Article...]

Harry Styles covers Kanye West's Ultralight Beam at first London gig

Harry Styles covers Kanye West's Ultralight Beam at first London gig My first show ever. "I couldn't ask for a better group of friends to have in this room tonight, thank you so much for being here, all of you", he said. The 23-year-old singer surprised fans early that morning by announcing the gig and putting a limiting amount of tickets out there for people to grab. [Full Article...]

Loyalty and Russian Federation on Trump's mind ahead of Comey firing

White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders disputed that report and said the president would "never even suggest the expectation of personal loyalty". Durbin, on " Morning Joe " on MSNBC, suggested that the president's move to fire Comey amid its Trump-Russia investigation was "dangerous because he may be obstructing justice". [Full Article...]

Ransomware attack hit more than 100000 organizations, says Interpol

Lord Paddick, Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, said: "We need to get to the bottom of why the Government thought cyber attacks were not a risk, when a combination of warnings and plain common sense should have told ministers that there is a growing and risky threat to our cyber security". [Full Article...]

Spicer and Trump's Relationship Enters the Next Level (On 'SNL')

Spicer and Trump's Relationship Enters the Next Level (On 'SNL') Mr Trump also cited comments from James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, at a Senate hearing earlier this week that he was not aware of any evidence demonstrating collusion between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation. "Here's the thing, the difference between me and another president", Trump said. "Mr. Comey declined to make that pledge". "He's unsafe because he may be obstr... [Full Article...]

Melissa McCarthy as Spicer seen riding podium in street

McCarthy earned an Emmy nomination for each of her first four times hosting " Saturday Night Live " (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016). Earlier this week, Spicer ducked the media by hiding in the bushes . We understand why McCarthy is getting the bulk of the publicity these days for being Spicer, given that this is one of the most high-profile gigs on one of the most high-profile shows out there. [Full Article...]

Mother's Day special: Handwritten letter is the best gift say viewers

Mother's Day special: Handwritten letter is the best gift say viewers While many family stereotypes are out the window in 2017, we all know where our lives began and who cared unconditionally: mom. Making your own hand-made flowers and "I Love You" pop up card is a cute idea to give a smile on her face. I wished I could've taken her for a cup of coffee. If you're far away, you can surprise her with item at your trusted online stores, special delivery for your m... [Full Article...]

Sean Spicer Was 'Among' the Bushes, Not Hiding 'In' Them

See more in the cross-post on the NewsBusters blog. Hiding in the bushes, apparently. When he saw the reporters, he ducked behind a tall hedge. Trump is considering replacing Sean Spicer, who has had his share of embarrassing slip-ups as the press secretary, with Fox New host Kimberly Guilfoyle, the Times reported, citing six West Wing officials. [Full Article...]

Australia has a strong finish at Eurovision

Australia has a strong finish at Eurovision It's Portugal's first win since entering the contest in 1964. Runner-up Kristian Kostov of Bulgaria wasn't short on feeling - his powerful song " Beautiful Mess " was awash in melodrama, the singer appearing nearly wrung out by romantic turmoil. [Full Article...]

Sonali Bendre calls Justin Bieber's Mumbai concert 'waste of time'

According to the concert organisers, more than 500 police personnel would be deployed for security goal at the venue whereas drones connected to CCTV cameras will be using to monitor the whole event. "Hope you're ready to have the best night". Soon after, he returned to the stage singing " Sorry " and concluded the event waving the Indian flag onstage. [Full Article...]

Sarah Paulson's Stunned Reaction to Madonna Wins Met Gala

Kate was joined by her husband Michael Polish as well as designer Tory Burch and actress Zoey Deutch. The theme of the evening was Comme Des Garçons, the fashion label famous for their outlandish and unusual silhouettes, and while Katy's outfit undoubtedly isn't for everyone, at least she managed to stick to the theme. [Full Article...]

Trump says he will make 'fast decision' on Comey replacement

Trump says he will make 'fast decision' on Comey replacement Comey, who was the former public face of the FBI, was previously applauded by Trump for his handling of the investigation into Clinton's private email server. The White House denies the story. Democratic Reps. Elijah Cummings of Maryland and John Conyers of MI - the ranking members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and House Judiciary Committee respectively - wrote a let... [Full Article...]

Watch out! Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer drives her podium through NYC

Watch out! Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer drives her podium through NYC Melissa McCarthy is taking her " Saturday Night Live " character on the road - literally. McCarthy is scheduled to host this week's NBC episode of SNL . Joining McCarthy, the musical guest for the show is the band HAIM . "I was like 'What?!'" White House press secretary Sean Spicer . "The weird thing is I feel like I look so much like my dad, I feel like my dad and Sean Spicer had a baby, ... [Full Article...]

Trump details his press briefing replacement

While senior White House officials and Vice President Mike Pence maintained that Trump fired Comey on the Justice Department's recommendation, the president later dismissed that account, insisting that he made the decision alone and would have fired Comey regardless of the recommendation. [Full Article...]

Like the Fatima children, offer your lives to God, Pope urges

The Virgin of Fatima is venerated by Catholics around the world, a following underscored by the many national flags fluttering in the huge crowd, estimated at more than half a million people. The diocesan phase of her sainthood cause concluded in February and now is under study at the Vatican. While the Fatima apparitions have always been approved by the Vatican and local bishops, debate conti... [Full Article...]

Katy Perry Might Join The 'American Idol' Reboot As A Judge

Simon Cowell, who previously served as a judge on the talent show, has ruled himself out of returning to the rebooted singing competition, while Kelly Clarkson reportedly turned down American Idol to coach on The Voice instead. "We are thrilled she has chosen to join us as a coach to mentor the next generation through our unique vocal boot camp", said Paul Telegdy, President, Alternative and R... [Full Article...]

Trump hates his press shop but loves Sanders

It was an "embarrassment", one official said. Reporters then asked if Sanders could be the press secretary every day instead of Spicer, because of his tantrums. "I'm sure that there are some people that are disappointed", she said. "Oh my god", Spicer responds. Earnest also said that while the current White House controversy is self-inflicted, they will face serious problems "when there's a ... [Full Article...]

GOD SQUAD: Honor the moms from whom we learned so much

GOD SQUAD: Honor the moms from whom we learned so much It could be due to the record-high Mother's Day spending expected this year. (My parents divorced many years earlier.) She talked about the life she wanted for me, and although we differed on that to some extent, I know she would be proud of the person I am today. [Full Article...]

How White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Became A Hilarious Meme

How White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Became A Hilarious Meme He refused to say whether the White House still has an active taping system. Comey was nominated to the position with a 10-year term by former President Barack Obama in 2013. Later that night, Spicer stood before reporters outside the White House, in the dark, sounding similarly ignorant of his boss's thinking: Had the president spoken with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein about Rosenste... [Full Article...]

May The 4th Be With You

May The 4th Be With You If May 2019 sounds like a long time to wait, watch the first trailer for the eighth Star Wars movie, " The Last Jedi ", which hits theaters December 15. On Thursday, he tweeted a photo of what appears to be his younger self surrounded by an impressive collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Ahmed, one of the stars of Death Star origin story Rogue One , shared a photo to mark the day, and it ma... [Full Article...]

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