Paul McCartney Reveals 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Character

Paul McCartney Reveals 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Character In a promo photo captioned #PiratesLife, McCartney is seen with long, charcoal-colored hair, heavy eye shadow and a bandana under his weathered pirates' cap. Today, we've gotten out first look at how he looks in full costume for the film, whose subtitle is Dead Men Tell No Tales . He's not the first musician to join the franchise. [Full Article...]

PEZ Candy, Inc. announces new Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy offering

With the Guardians sequel doing very well in the foreign box office after having its global opening last week, excitement for the second film in the cosmic superhero franchise continues to grow. Groot, who only says three words in the films - "I am Groot " - is the hired muscle and sidekick of Rocket Racoon, voiced by Bradley Cooper . Whereas the Avengers , at this point, are more just a team... [Full Article...]

Miley Cyrus admits she's clean from drugs

Miley Cyrus admits she's clean from drugs Miley first talked about her new clean and sober lifestyle in an interview with Billboard magazine earlier this month (May17). Being sharp minded is something she strives for and apparently, Miley doesn't believe she can be in a clear state of mind if she is stoned all the time. [Full Article...]

Four candidates for Federal Bureau of Investigation director job to be interviewed after Comey firing

Mr Trump told reporters travelling with him on Air Force One that he may be able to make his decision on the Federal Bureau of Investigation head before he leaves on his first foreign trip later next week. Rep. Trey Gowdy The South Carolina Republican is best known for leading the congressional inquiry into the deadly attacks on a USA facility in Benghazi, Libya, a panel that oversaw a lengthy g... [Full Article...]

How to watch the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final

How to watch the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final The Eurovision Song Contest kicks off at 8pm tonight (May 13) on BBC One. Speaking to Fairfax Media ahead of the final, both Firebrace and Nissen said the six decade old contest, created initially as a means of healing the wounds of divided Europe, represented a unique opportunity for them as artists. [Full Article...]

Forget Mother's Day, Celebrate National Mama's Bail Out Day

Forget Mother's Day, Celebrate National Mama's Bail Out Day We harnessed our collective resources to provide shelter, food, employment and opportunity to those who escaped. "People like me who have been impacted by the bail system are locking arms with advocates and leaders across the country to dismantle this brutal system that forces people to buy their freedom". [Full Article...]

Know Your History at Tonight's Cinco de Mayo Party

Know Your History at Tonight's Cinco de Mayo Party Today, Mexicans commemorate their victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The festival was "invented" in America by a group of students back in 1967. Americans like their tequila: According to the Daily Meal , the United States consumes twice as much Tequila as Mexico, where the spirit originated. [Full Article...]

Trump hopes to nominate new Federal Bureau of Investigation director quickly

Critics have assailed Trump for abruptly dismissing Comey, who was leading the agency's investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 USA election, and possible ties between Moscow and the Trump presidential campaign. Trump also revealed that he had the Russian Federation investigation in mind when he fired Comey. "What I did was I was going to fire Comey". The tweet seemed to refere... [Full Article...]

JK Rowling appeals for return of 'extremely valuable' Harry Potter prequel

Written for the Waterstone's What's Your Story? auction in 2008 on an A5 notecard, the short story is a quick snapshot of the friendship between Sirius Black and James Potter ( Harry's dad's). Rowling had penned the story for a local dyslexia charity, which then sold it at a 2008 Sotherby's auction for 25,000 (around $32,000). They have a run-in with muggle police after a high-speed motorbike c... [Full Article...]

Puerto Ricans protest on May Day as debt deadline nears

Thousands of protesters are expected Monday as Puerto Rico teeters on the edge of a possible bankruptcy-like procedure. The measures have angered many who say the working class has been hit the hardest, and Monday's protests came hours before a midnight deadline for the expiration of a mechanism of that has protected the government from creditor lawsuits . [Full Article...]

US fails to reassure Europe, Japan over 'Trumponomics'

US fails to reassure Europe, Japan over 'Trumponomics' The United States said on Saturday the world's other rich economies were getting used to the policy plans of President Donald Trump, but Europe and Japan showed they remained anxious about Washington's shift. European G7 officials complain that no-one knows what the United States means by "fair trade" and that the only way to establish fairness was by sticking to the rules of the World Trade Organ... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump fails to mention Comey sacking at speech to university graduates

Donald Trump fails to mention Comey sacking at speech to university graduates It's a great credit to the university-the largest Christian college in America-that President Trump has chosen it as the place to make his first commencement address. Trump has given the commencement address and he's citing the class of 2017, "dressed in cap and gown graduating to a totally brilliant future". "Be true to yourself, your country, and your beliefs", he told the graduates. [Full Article...]

'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' Debuts to $145-M

Easily coming in first place this weekend is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 , which brought in $145 million during its first three days domestically. All that adds up to Marvel Studios having another hit movie in a franchise that doesn't look to have a finish line anytime soon. After taking in $ 56 million on Friday, the film also took in $51 million on Saturday. [Full Article...]

Rihanna's Met Gala dress has won the red carpet (and the internet)

With rumours swirling that this year Anna Wintour has been even more strict with her celebrity guest list and the number of plus-ones invited to the gala, the Met really is the hottest ticket in town for those lucky enough to receive an invitation. [Full Article...]

Corbyn: The 'bomb first, talk later' approach has failed

The Green Party has said that it will not field a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary election to prevent Labour from being ousted by the Tories. In his interview , Mr Watson asked for voters to consider that "a lot of local MPs are running on a good track record" when people head to the polling stations next month. [Full Article...]

Analyzing the Matchups of the Conference Finals

Analyzing the Matchups of the Conference Finals Mario Lemieux did light it up in his playoff coming-out party with the Penguins in 1989 with 19 points in 11 games over two rounds, but he'd already played four National Hockey League seasons. "We are already beginning to prepare for next year in my opinion." said Oilers head coach Todd McLellan. "I don't think anyone thought we'd be here, one period away from the conference finals", said goalie... [Full Article...]

Sean Spicer under fire during crucial week for Trump

The announcement comes amid growing scrutiny from lawmakers and the media over Trump's decision to remove former FBI Director James Comey from office as the bureau investigates potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation. [Full Article...]

'Timeless' Scores Season 2 Order at NBC After Cancellation

'Timeless' Scores Season 2 Order at NBC After Cancellation The freshman time-travel saga spent most of the season on the bubble in spite of landing the coveted post-Voice time slot that NBC used to launch Blindspot last season. Timeless is a thrilling action-adventure series in which a mysterious criminal steals a secret state-of-the-art time machine, intent on destroying America as we know it by changing the past. [Full Article...]

Senate Will Be the Real Fight for Republican Health Bill

Meanwhile, a vast majority of voters dislike the way President Donald Trump - who pushed for the AHCA to get through the House - is handling health care . I was positively stunned to learn that many congressmen acknowledged they had not read the latest health care bill (The Meadows-MacArthur Amendment to the American Health Care Act or AHCA) before it was recently approved by the House of... [Full Article...]

Finance ministers seek ways to make growth help more people

Morneau and Mnuchin met on the sidelines of the Group of Seven finance ministers' meeting in Bari, Italy . "The emphasis was initially on a border tax, which is taxation, but also trade policy", said Italian Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan in an interview. [Full Article...]

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