Infantino Street photos: Barry and Captain Cold team up

Infantino Street photos: Barry and Captain Cold team up Still here? So yeah, Barry is literally his own worst enemy: Savitar is future Barry with some stylish facial scarring, who we will call Other Barry because hey, the shoe fits . Martin , Danielle Nicolet) away, but then fixed it, revealing all to her. Cisco and Killer Frost (Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker) kept going soft on each other. [Full Article...]

Netflix and 'Stranger Things' Dominated the MTV Movie and TV Awards

The comments from the British actress won praise from many on social media, but drew a rebuke from Piers Morgan, the former CNN talk show host who now hosts "Good Morning Britain" on ITV. "I got to thank our generation", Diesel said. While you're at it...go ahead and tell me your best moment from last nights show. "This is very meaningful to me". [Full Article...]

Priyanka in talks for film with Jim Parsons

Priyanka in talks for film with Jim Parsons Well, before the film hits the theatres, Priyanka brought the Baywatch vibe alive on a beach in Miami. Yes, Priyanka Chopra is now in Miami to promote her upcoming film Baywatch , the ultimate beach movie. Also read | Is Priyanka Chopra dating Nick Jonas? In many pictures, Priyanka is seen enjoying a ride on Adriana's back. It has an impressive star cast of Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyan... [Full Article...]

'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2' Goes 'Empire Strikes Back' In New

After the screening, Gunn joined guests for the dance party and posed for photos with fans who dressed up as characters from the movie. The actors shot the film with a real version of the CGI character. They're also rocking their own animated spinoff, so yeah. Stay tuned for more updates about Marvel and " Guardians " franchise. Gunn, who has done nothing else but work with these characters for ... [Full Article...]

Trump won't say whether Spicer still has a job

The associate with knowledge of the conversation confirmed an account of the conversation in The New York Times is accurate. In an ominous warning, President Donald Trump declared Friday that fired FBI Director James Comey had better hope there are no "tapes" of their private conversations. [Full Article...]

Survivor's Sierra Deeply Regrets the "Stupid" Move That Cost Her the Game

Survivor's Sierra Deeply Regrets the She wants Sarah to join her and help make sure she is still around at the final six. On the other hand, Sierra and Brad's alliance needs to be broken up. Sarah Lacina talks to one of her many island BFFs, Sierra Dawn-Thomas. Even with my secret advantage, I was terrified to leave it in my bag, so I ripped the seam of my boots, put it in the seam, and then wore my boots all of the tim... [Full Article...]

NBC Renews Taken For a Second Season

NBC Renews Taken For a Second Season Despite disappointing ratings in the US, Taken has performed well internationally so that no doubt had a big impact on the decision to renew the show. Taken is a modest performer in terms of ratings, pulling in 1.3 milllion adults in the 18-49 bracket, and 7 million viewers overall. A search for a new showrunner is underway. [Full Article...]

Top Democrats demand any "tapes", all communications between Trump and James Comey

During an exclusive interview Thursday with NBC News' Lester Holt , Trump said he'd previously planned to fire the Federal Bureau of Investigation director - which conflicted with what staffers and surrogates previously told the media about Comey's surprise ouster. [Full Article...]

Trump warns ousted Federal Bureau of Investigation chief not to leak to media, threatens 'tapes'

The White House said Trump declined to comment further on the suggestion of recordings of the conversations, and Spicer denied that the tweet was a threat to Comey . Late Thursday, The New York Times cited two unnamed Comey associates who recounted his version of a January dinner with the president in which Trump asked for a pledge of loyalty. [Full Article...]

Ryan Seacrest is Kelly Ripa's new Live co-host

Ryan Seacrest is Kelly Ripa's new Live co-host Although since then she's been joined by many guest co-hosts and the format seemed quite successful, in the end, Ryan Seacrest replaced Strahan after a long wait. Seacrest's latest gig comes a year after he wrapped up his 15-year run with "American Idol". Kelly will be hosting her own show on NBC and also will be leading a Sunday news-magazine starting in June to be overseen by "Dateline" p... [Full Article...]

Fox cancels Sleepy Hollow

Fox cancels Sleepy Hollow As you might have guessed, a show called Sleepy Hollow that is no longer even in Sleepy Hollow anymore was a steep sell - even without the awkwardness of Beharie's departure. At least Ichabod Crane ( Tom Mison ) won't have to be confused with virtual reality headsets, self-driving cars or whatever other new technology will be around in the fall. [Full Article...]

Amy Schumer Gets Snatched in the "Worst Possible Outfit"

Amy Schumer Gets Snatched in the No one , that is, except for her divorced, anxiety-ridden mother, Linda (Goldie Hawn, making a questionable choice for her first role in 15 years), a necessity the film treats as deeply embarrassing. Emily is brazen, her mother humdrum. Jonathan Levine (" The Night Before ") directed. Comedies don't have to seem as real as dramas to be believable, but even by that looser standard, the pre... [Full Article...]

Comey fired: Why might Trump have axed Federal Bureau of Investigation chief?

Comey fired: Why might Trump have axed Federal Bureau of Investigation chief? As they ate, the president and Mr. Comey made small talk about the election and the crowd sizes at Mr. Trump's rallies. The man who took over from ousted FBI Director James Comey declined to say on Thursday whether he ever heard Comey tell Donald Trump that the president was not a target of an investigation into possible collusion between Russian Federation and Trump's 2016 president... [Full Article...]

Twenty-First Century Fox profits spike 3 percent

A number of hedge funds have recently modified their holdings of FOXA. Yacktman Asset Management LP increased its position in shares of Twenty-First Century Fox by 18.8% in the third quarter. Net income attributable to shareholders fell to $799 million, or 43 cents per share, from $841 million, or 44 cents per share. The number of US subscribers increased 0.5 percent. [Full Article...]

Is Ranbir Kapoor getting ready to tie the knot?

Is Ranbir Kapoor getting ready to tie the knot? Ranbir Kapoor may be one of the most eligible bachelors of the country, but the actor still needs his mother to find him the right girl! In the same interview, speaking about his bond with Ranbir , he said, "At times, I envy him because I was nowhere at his age-with the kind of success and moolah that he's got". [Full Article...]

Preview screening of epic King Arthur film coup for Bangor's Pontio

Ritchie appeared less convinced, telling the actor: "I'm not sure that's this film Charlie ". This " King Arthur " is a wild, loose-screw reading of the classic tale, and comes off as if Ritchie was on ayahuasca the entire time he made it. [Full Article...]

Cyber strike on United Kingdom hospitals is 'international attack': PM Theresa May

The NHS is facing a weekend of chaos after a debilitating cyber attack prompted hospitals to cancel and delay treatment for patients across the country. This is not targeted at the NHS, it's an global attack and a number of countries and organisations have been affected", said Prime Minister Theresa May. [Full Article...]

Attorney general announces involuntary manslaughter charges against engineer in deadly Amtrak crash

Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board said Bostian accelerated to full-throttle as the New York-bound train traversed a straightaway through North Philadelphia . The family of a NY woman who was killed sought the criminal complaint after city prosecutors declined to press charges. Jacobs, a technology executive, was a 39-year-old wife and mother. [Full Article...]

Explaining Comey's firing challenges White House advisers

But even when he came out, Mr Spicer delivered a cringe-worthy performance, failing to offer a clear timetable or rationale for Mr Trump's abrupt decision to can Mr Comey. He took the recommendation seriously. Thursday: "He had already made that decision". Sanders, who is the daughter of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, led her first White House press briefing last Friday. [Full Article...]

'Master of None' season 2 nearly didn't happen according to Aziz Ansari

'Master of None' season 2 nearly didn't happen according to Aziz Ansari Master Of None creator Aziz Ansari has told how he accidentally made a political statement when he cast himself in a romantic role for the show's second season . Ansari co-wrote and co-created Master of None with his best pal Alan Yang, a writer on Ansari's old show, Parks and Recreation . " Netflix called straight away and asked if we were ready to get back to it, but I wanted to take a... [Full Article...]

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