Trump likely to visit Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters in coming days: White House

In Thursday's interview, Trump blasted Comey as a "showboat" and "grandstander". He added, "Regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey". In a statement, Grassley said that Comey had previously briefed him and the panel's top Democrat, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and that the lawmakers "heard nothing that contradicted the president's statement". [Full Article...]

'Revenge' Stars Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman Are Engaged

'Revenge' Stars Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman Are Engaged Though the couple's romance has remained relatively under the radar, VanCamp , 31, has opened up about her relationship in the past. British actor Josh, 29, and Emily starred together in the ABC drama Revenge that ran for four seasons from 2011 to 2015. [Full Article...]

'Whack Job' Vs. 'Psychopath': Sen. Gardner, Kim Jong-Un Hurl Insults

The report said Kim "had worked for operation of Pyongyang University of Science and Technology". Hak-song is the second USA professor at the university to have been detained. "I think he is reckless and maybe even a little unhinged", said Rice, referring to Kim Jong Un. "When you are not credible about Syria, you're not credible about North Korea". [Full Article...]

Ayesha Confirmed For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Back in 2014, it was actually pretty doubtful that " Guardians of the Galaxy " would be a success, due to its highly conceptual and unique approach to the superhero genre we had never seen before. Beauty and the Beast rounds out the top five with $4.9 million as the film is approaching $500 million domestically. The Disney remake, released 52 days ago, has already accumulated $1.2 billion worldwi... [Full Article...]

Charlie Hunnam was offered a part in 'Game Of Thrones'

This time, however, he wasn't so slick. "I saw one interview with him... and he was talking to a journalist and the journalist asked what specific challenges that he thought (his opponent) would pose to McGregor , and he said, "There is no opponent". [Full Article...]

Fox News Paid Out $45 Million in Roger Ailes Harassment Settlements

Fox News Paid Out $45 Million in Roger Ailes Harassment Settlements Former Fox News television host, Bill O'Reilly, just gave his first interview since he was sacked from the network two weeks ago. "I'm sure several national cable news networks have expressed strong interest in Mr. It's grossly dishonest. I did what I thought I had to do to protect my family. This will be a "big, big story", he said, but the "left-wing media" will probably "downplay" his vindi... [Full Article...]

Tax lawyers outline Trump's Russian income but don't release documents

Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who had asked former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper in a recent Senate hearing if he had ever seen "a situation where a Trump business interest in Russian Federation caused him concern". "I had the Miss Universe pageant which I owned for quite a while, I had it in Moscow long time ago, but other than that I have nothing to do with Russian Federation", he cl... [Full Article...]

Four Dead in Ohio Nursing Home Shooting

Main Street in Kirkersville . Sheriff Randy Thorp said Kirkersville Chief Steven Eric Disario, two employees of the nursing home and the shooter are dead. "We don't have this stuff go on around here", said Ron Rogers, 67, a local shopkeeper. Thorp said authorities believe a fourth body is that of the shooter, but the shooter's motive and identification are not yet known. [Full Article...]

Here's what the flower reaction emoji means

Here's what the flower reaction emoji means Whether you're snapping selfies of you and mom or reacting to your friend's status about their mom you'll have plenty of ways to show the moms in your life that you care. With this new option, you can now be grateful (iOS) or thankful (if you're using Android or are logged on from a desktop) for posts you see on your feed. [Full Article...]

Katy Perry and Migos cook the rich in their "Bon Appétit" video

Katy Perry and Migos cook the rich in their It's not too long before chefs cut the singer free from the packaging and start kneading her like dough. Eventually, she is served in a restaurant, but then she gets up to do a dance on a stripper pole. "Bon Appetit" was produced by pop producer Max Martin, who teamed with Swedish producers Shellback and Oscar Holter on the track for Perry's fifth album, which does not have a release date yet. [Full Article...]

Deputy attorney general to brief Senate next week after Comey firing

She isn't. And those two differences explain why Republicans, especially those in the White House, were foolish to think that Democrats would not criticise the firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey. My only hope was that if Comey really did tell Trump that he wasn't under investigation for collusion with Russian Federation, he was speaking on the technicality of "Not yet... [Full Article...]

Having Kellyanne Conway as Guest Is 'Politics Porn — Brzezinski to CNN

Having Kellyanne Conway as Guest Is 'Politics Porn — Brzezinski to CNN Conway was then back on air the next day with the crew over at 'New Day '. They know they are just doing politics porn. Of course, the Morning Joe hosts aren't the only members of the liberal media to clash with Conway. "Who is it in the White House that can be trusted?" she said. Of course, it was mocked on Saturday Night Live . Now, she's been characterized as a slut and a stalker. [Full Article...]

'Dance Moms' cast thinks Abby Lee Miller deserved bigger sentence

'Dance Moms' cast thinks Abby Lee Miller deserved bigger sentence Hickton announced Miller's indictment. According to PEOPLE , the sentencing came after the 50-year-old dance coach was charged for attempting to hide her $775,000 income in October 2015. The Lifetime television star was known for her brash behavior towards her dance students. She has scheduled interviews with several networks and continues to speak out on her fears, coping mechanisms, and les... [Full Article...]

United Nations panel calls for revising Japan-S. Korea 'comfort women' deal

Putin made the comment after Moon said the foremost task to boost cooperation between the two countries was to strengthen strategic bilateral communication to find a solution to curb North Korea's nuclear threat, the Blue House said in a statement. [Full Article...]

Stay classy, USC, Will Ferrell delivers commencement talk

Stay classy, USC, Will Ferrell delivers commencement talk Ferrell managed to take a jab at President Trump, joking that he had once given a commencement address at Trump University and had yet to be compensated. success to me is my involvement in the charity, Cancer For matter how cliche it may sound you may never truly be successful until you learn to give beyond yourself. [Full Article...]

Stars embrace avant-garde at Met Gala

In the reality TV star's snap, taken in the bathroom during the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute benefit gala in New York , Kylie is seen posing with sisters Kim Kardashian West and Kendall Jenner. In fact, fashion watchers even compared her look to that of Satan. Seconds before dashing to the vehicle, in true Hudson fashion, she made time for one last selfie. [Full Article...]

White House refuses to say if conversations are being taped

Trump also warned sacked Federal Bureau of Investigation chief Comey not to "leak" details of their conversations to the media, suggesting they may have been taped. FBI officials have questioned Trump's claims, and the agency' acting director, Andrew McCabe , on Thursday said such assurances about the scope of an ongoing counterintelligence investigation would not be "standard practice". [Full Article...]

Anthem stops trying to buy Cigna, keeps fighting over damages

Anthem stops trying to buy Cigna, keeps fighting over damages The U.S. Justice Department and 11 states sued past year to stop the merger, which would have created the largest U.S. health insurer, and won in both district court and an appeals court. This morning, health insurance giant Anthem dropped its troubled bid to take over one of its top competitors, Cigna . While denying the injunction, Laster said he would stay his ruling while Anthem dec... [Full Article...]

Photos of Trump's meeting with Russian officials raise eyebrows

Photos of Trump's meeting with Russian officials raise eyebrows But White House officials said the understanding was that the photos would be for official use, not for public distribution. And White House officials were surprised when photos depicting an apparently jovial moment between Trump and the two Russian officials appeared online a short time after Wednesday's meeting, according to the official. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Accuses James Comey Of 'Spying' After Firing Him

However, his characterisation was at odds with that of the top Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Trump also took aim at the "Fake Media" in a second tweet, saying that reporters would be "working overtime today ". [Full Article...]

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