Grenfell Tower blaze death toll rises to 79

Flames engulfed the building in less than an hour early on June 14, trapping many residents before firefighters could reach them. Residents who met Mrs May in Downing Street over the weekend said while they welcomed the funding they had not been consulted before the announcement was made. [Full Article...]

'Genderless' Miley Cyrus Claims She's 'Ageless' And Feels Like 'A Spirit Soul'

'Genderless' Miley Cyrus Claims She's 'Ageless' And Feels Like 'A Spirit Soul' She also snacks on a piece of watermelon, while flaunting her perfectly toned abs and sun-kissed legs! Pansexual refers to when someone is romantically attracted to a person regardless of their sex, gender or gender identity. Following from her 2015 album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, Cyrus will be releasing her sixth studio album later this year. Tish Cyrus spoke with Mario Lopez this week a... [Full Article...]

Four more Grenfell Tower victims identified

In a letter seen by trade journal Health Service Journal , NHS England said: "Following the awful fire at Grenfell Tower in London last week we are seeking to ensure all estates directors in NHS trusts have the best possible advice as soon as possible for any precautionary measures they may need to take with their buildings". [Full Article...]

Bill Cosby's accuser denies any romantic relationship with TV star

Bill Cosby's accuser denies any romantic relationship with TV star Constand claimed that Cosby made inappropriate advances toward her twice before the alleged assault. "She continued to do her job ", Constand's lawyer, Dolores Troiani, said outside court. She described an encounter she said took place in 1996 at the Hotel Bel-Air when she was in her mid-30s. Now, everyone who has been following the 18-month case is asking more questions than ever, and they wan... [Full Article...]

Chances of DUP-Tory agreement described as 'very good'

The ceremony, without the usual royal procession and pageantry, was a result of the rushed preparations following the snap general election earlier this month that saw Mays Conservative party failing to garner a majority in the House of Commons. [Full Article...]

'Transformers: The Last Knight' can't shape-shift into a good movie

So, whether Michael Bay directs the next Transformers movie or not, one thing is certain; the Transformers are here to stay! Or, maybe, they were just taking precautionary measures in case anyone wanted to ask Wahlberg to say hi to his mother for them ! Transformers: The Last Knight had a solid opening in Tuesday night previews, despite dismal reviews. [Full Article...]

Believed to Have Died in London High-Rise Fire

Believed to Have Died in London High-Rise Fire London fire chief Dany Cotton told BBC radio that it might be "some days yet" before firefighters could say they have reached everyone in the building. A prominent British Labour Party lawmaker is calling for police and the government to seize all documents relating to the renovation of a London high-rise destroyed by a fire that killed dozens of its residents. [Full Article...]

JK Rowling says there were actually two Harry Potters

JK Rowling says there were actually two Harry Potters J.K. Rowling's big reveal gave the fans a much clearer explanation as to why Harry Potter and his family were not included in The Sacred Twenty-Eight. Other interesting pieces of information in the post include the fact that the very first Potter , Linfred of Stinchcombe, created a bone-healing potion, Skele-gro, and Harry's grandfather Fleamont was the inventor of Sleekeazy's Hair Potion, whic... [Full Article...]

UK safety operation underway after London fire

McCormack said police had also established that the fire started with a faulty fridge , identifying the Hotpoint model. "Words can not express our sorrow at this bad tragedy". "There may be people who have got friends and family visiting, who they are anxious about if they report them because they haven't got immigration status". [Full Article...]

Republicans unveil new healthcare to replace Obamacare but four Reds rebel

With a 52-seat majority, Republicans can afford to lose only two votes, as Vice President Mike Pence breaks a 50-50 tie. Erasing Obama's law has been a marquee pledge for Trump and virtually the entire party for years, and failure would be a shattering defeat for the GOP . [Full Article...]

'Bothersome' that Mueller is 'very, very good friends with Comey'

'Bothersome' that Mueller is 'very, very good friends with Comey' Donald Trump's idiocy is exceeded only by his ego, as ably demonstrated by the saga of the imaginary James Comey tapes . Mr Trump's tweet comes as the FBI and department of justice-appointed special counsel Robert Mueller are also continuing to conduct wide ranging investigations into Russia's role in the November election. [Full Article...]

Democratic Losses in Special Elections

Democratic Losses in Special Elections But the Pelosi attacks on the House side have been consistent for years . He was backed by "a lot of liberal money from the Democrats and Pelosi", said another from the National Republican Congressional Committee. What matters is that Democrats still don't have a defining message, and they're in desperate need of one that works. Several prominent Democrats said the party needs to ... [Full Article...]

Trump says he did not record conversations with former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief Comey

Trump says he did not record conversations with former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief Comey Comey or anyone else - exist. Warner responded to President Donald Trump's tweet that there are no recordings of his private conversations with fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey , saying, "This administration never ceases to amaze me". [Full Article...]

N Korea accuses US of 'smear campaign' over student's death

U.S. doctors say he suffered a "severe neurological injury", the most likely cause of which was a cardiopulmonary arrest that had cut the blood supply to the brain. The administration was already wrestling with option for containing an increasingly belligerent North Korea before the shocking return of a mortally wounded Warmbier. [Full Article...]

Rain From Tropical Storm Forecast in W.Va.

So far, only one death has been reported when a 10-year-old boy was hit in the head by a large log that was pushed on shore by the storm. The heaviest additional rain with "Cindy" & its remnants will from Louisiana northeast into parts of the Tennessee & Ohio Valley's. [Full Article...]

Cindy pushes inland bringing rainy weather to the Carolinas

A log stuck and killed a boy Wednesday on the beach in Alabama in the first fatality associated with Tropical Storm Cindy , according to officials. However, they said it's hard to predict precisely what places might get repeatedly hit by bands of heavy rain. Louisiana's governor is urging his state's residents against dropping their guard now that Tropical Storm Cindy has weakened to a tr... [Full Article...]

Mattel Introduces New Diverse Ken Dolls; Hopes To Reverse Sales Slump

Mattel Introduces New Diverse Ken Dolls; Hopes To Reverse Sales Slump Mattel is introducing dolls featuring three body types, seven skin tones and nine hairstyles, including the trendy man bun. The doll will also be available in a variety of skin tones, eye colors, and hairstyles. Barbie's boyfriend Ken has gotten several brand-new looks almost five decades after he was originally created! Now, Mattel has gone modern, giving Ken dolls a progressive loo... [Full Article...]

WH Spox: Trump Acknowledges Russia 'Probably' Hacked DNC's Systems

WH Spox: Trump Acknowledges Russia 'Probably' Hacked DNC's Systems Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson from the Obama administration told the House Intelligence committee that Moscow's high-tech intrusion did not change ballots, the final count or the reporting of election results. "And I'm deeply concerned about the danger posed in future interference in our elections", he said. Brennan told the House Intelligence Committee in May that he does... [Full Article...]

Man,18, killed in dirt bike crash in Hunting Park

Man,18, killed in dirt bike crash in Hunting Park The operator of the dirt bike, Keenen King, 19, of Shirley , was pronounced at the scene by a physician assistant from the Office of the Suffolk County Medical Examiner. Police arrested the driver of the van, identified as Christopher Bouchard (left and right). Commissioner Sini said that there is no evidence whatsoever that the ordeal was a hate crime. [Full Article...]

Unhealthy outlook for repealing ObamaCare as some GOP senators defect from bill

His words seemed to echo President Trump's assessment of the House's own legislation to repeal Obamacare . GOP Senate leaders were eager for a seal of approval from Trump, who had urged them to produce a bill more "generous" than the House's. [Full Article...]

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