Great-granddaughter celebrates the 'Mother' of Father's Day

The central idea behind such events like happy Father's Day (Fete des peres), Mother's Day to bring children closer to parents and to strengthen the children-parent relationship. Mother's Day marks the biggest day of the year for florists. Then we refer to this human being who had a child as a " father ", and our minds can not help but link them together, creating this giant expectatio... [Full Article...]

Mistrial Declared In Bill Cosby's Criminal Trial

Though the case has ended in a mistrial, prosecutors have stated that they will be retrying the case immediately. The jurors - five women and seven men - were unable to come to a unanimous decision in a courtroom battle closely watched by the public as well as dozens of women who have accused Cosby of similar misconduct in the past. [Full Article...]

58 people presumed dead after Grenfell Tower disaster

Cundy said the images and video of the scenes inside the Grenfell Tower would be released on Sunday, adding "We will not do that until we have contacted all the families we are supporting to let them know that's our intention". "I mourn the tragic loss of a wonderful young woman". "We have worked tirelessly to establish how many people we believe were in Grenfell tower on the night and at this... [Full Article...]

Bill Cosby's Court Case Mistrial: Full Story & Must-See Details

Bill Cosby's Court Case Mistrial: Full Story & Must-See Details However, former Temple University basketball manager Andrea Constand , who accused the comedian of attacking her in 2004, was the only one whose case has gone to trial . Cosby previously admitted to police that he gave women Benadryl, as Constand claims he did to her, and quaaludes, before attempting to have sex with them. [Full Article...]

London fire: Death toll rises to 58

Local anger began building Wednesday as the 24-story residential Grenfell Tower block caught fire and was consumed by flames in a matter of minutes. "Sadly, at this time there are 58 people who we have been told were in the Grenfell Tower on the night that are missing". [Full Article...]

Judge declares Mistrial in Bill Cosby Case

Cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand , the former director of women's basketball operations at Temple University, at his Cheltenham mansion in mid-January 2004. Ms Cosby also attacked the judge, the accuser's lawyers and the media. Charges were filed in December 2015 after a number of women came forward to accuse Cosby of sexual assault, and testimony emerged in ... [Full Article...]

Doctors: Ex-North Korea detainee has severe brain damage

Doctors: Ex-North Korea detainee has severe brain damage Warmbier was on a tour of North Korea early past year when he allegedly tried to steal a propaganda banner from his hotel and was charged with hostile acts against the state. He called on the country to release three other Americans now held there. "They did not do this out of the kindness of their hearts", Warmbier said of his son's release. [Full Article...]

NBC vows to air interview with conspiracy theorist Jones

NBC vows to air interview with conspiracy theorist Jones In an internal memo at the company that was obtained by the Associated Press on Friday, station executives at WVIT NBC Connecticut made the decision to not air the interview after hearing from employees, viewers, and families that were so horribly affected by the very bad tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School there in 2012. [Full Article...]

Sarasota man defends home with a machete

Sarasota man defends home with a machete Detectives recovered surveillance video from the victim's home which captured the entire incident. Before long, the suspects are scrambling over the fence as other residents and even a small dog chase them around. Inside the auto were four men - Cabrera-Basulto, Jauregui-Lorente, Jorge Valido-Leyva and Roberto Salcedo-Balanza - wearing dark clothing. All five men were interviewed by detectives a... [Full Article...]

Conor McGregor Could Still Defend UFC Title Before End Of 2017

Conor McGregor Could Still Defend UFC Title Before End Of 2017 I think that fight was so big and everybody was going so insane about it, that a lot of mistakes were made that cost them money , which is hilarious to say because that's the biggest money-making fight of all time. But does the public really care about that? Naturally, fighting on his home turf and in his own sport, Mayweather is a heavy favourite . McGregor has a huge following and he is ... [Full Article...]

Alleged victim's mother: Cosby said he was a 'sick man'

Alleged victim's mother: Cosby said he was a 'sick man' She said: "In my head, I was trying to get my hands to move, get my legs to move, but I was frozen and those messages didn't get there". When asked by the assistant district attorney why she didn't resist or say something, Constand said, "I wasn't able to". [Full Article...]

Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby sex assault case; prosecutors will retry

Duquesne University law professor Wes Oliver said that if Cosby had been convicted, those allegations could have compelled Judge Steven O'Neill to sentence him closer to 10 years. They kept their remarks positive, as the result was at least in some way a victory - the mistrial result, while not being a full acquittal, does mean that Cosby can avoid the potential jail time that he might oth... [Full Article...]

Judge declares mistrial in Cosby's sexual assault case

Judge declares mistrial in Cosby's sexual assault case O'Neill has granted a mistrial in the case of Bill Cosby after more than 52 hours of deliberation left the jury deadlocked. Since Thursday morning, when the jurors told Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Steven O'Neill they were having trouble reaching agreement, they have spent almost 24 hours either discussing the case in a conference room or re-hearing trial testimony in the co... [Full Article...]

Stanley Cup Not That Simple

Nashville's Frederick Gaudreau continued his brilliant series by scoring the decisive goal for the second straight contest , joining fellow rookie Jake Guentzel of Pittsburgh by accounting for all four-game winning goals in the Stanley Cup Final . [Full Article...]

London police: 58 still missing, presumed dead from Grenfell Tower fire

She has now ordered daily updates on the progress of rehousing victims and has deployed more staff across north Kensington and on phone lines to support victims. "We could put out children to bed and know they would get up in the morning". We investigate criminal matters. Queen Elizabeth, London mayor Sadiq Khan and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn have all met the residents. [Full Article...]

Death toll climbs to 30 in London Grenfell Tower fire

Death toll climbs to 30 in London Grenfell Tower fire The leading body for town and city councils in England and Wales announced Friday it is to conduct an urgent review of fire safety in high-rise buildings in the wake of the Grenfell Tower blaze. One Moroccan woman in the mosque, Habiba, said she was looking for a 16-year-old Moroccan school girl Nur Huda El Wahabi who is missing, who is best friends with her son Abdul. [Full Article...]

'Bachelor in Paradise' suspended over allegations of misconduct on set

'Bachelor in Paradise' suspended over allegations of misconduct on set TMZ reported Jackson's version of events in which he said that he was unable to consummate the conduct because he was too drunk, and sources who have seen the footage said that Olympios appeared "fully engaged". "The cast is basically in the dark about what happened and they are not being told anything", the insider revealed. All of the cast members have reportedly left Mexico, where th... [Full Article...]

Gloria Allred Warns Bill Cosby 'It's Too Early To Celebrate' Verdict

The jury in the Philando Castile case took 27 hours. He remains free on bail, the DA's office said. The sole witness for the defense was the detective who led the 2005 investigation, Richard Schaffer, who previously took the stand during the prosecution's case. [Full Article...]

Firefighter remembers Grenfell Tower children screaming for help

Firefighter remembers Grenfell Tower children screaming for help It is feared many are trapped inside the blazing building as the fire broke out in the wee hours of Wednesday. Meanwhile, British media reported that the number of dead could surpass 100. The identification of the victims is proving very hard - which experts attribute to the extreme heat of the fire. British health authorities say that 19 fire survivors are still being treated at London hospit... [Full Article...]

Cosby accuser thanks prosecutors after mistrial - Western Mass News - WGGB/WSHM

While Agrusa spoke, Cosby stood silently behind her, his head occasionally tilting back, looking toward the sky. But experts say that if he had been convicted, it's likely Cosby's attorneys would have been able to successfully argue the charges be combined for sentencing purposes, since they cover the same encounter and conduct. [Full Article...]

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