George and Amal Clooney welcome twins: a boy and a girl

He turned up unexpectedly at the Sunrise of Sonning residence to see Pat Adams after staff had written to him saying a visit from him would make her dreams come true. George has been a doting husband throughout Amal's pregnancy. Ramzi, in Beirut at the time of the birth, told the publication, "They are in great health, all is ideal". [Full Article...]

Trump's Cuba decision gives pause to US companies doing business there

Trump's Cuba decision gives pause to US companies doing business there Marriott noted that the company has invested significant resources to shore up its Cuba operation, with one hotel open and another in the works. Flights by US commercial airlines also will continue . On the stage in Miami , Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., said the USA would no longer have to witness the "embarrassing spectacle" of an American president glad-handing with a dictator. [Full Article...]

MBE honour for Britain's last surviving Dambuster

MBE honour for Britain's last surviving Dambuster Others winning recognition included Police Constable Keith Palmer, who was killed as he confronted an attacker with a knife outside Parliament, and Bernard Kenny, a passer-by who tried to protect lawmaker Jo Cox from being stabbed and killed. [Full Article...]

Cars 3 Star Explains Pixar's Formula for Success

In releasing their latest film-Cars 3-the company has created a moving and satisfying trilogy of films that will not only entertain the little ones, but teach them valuable lessons as they grow up. Cars 3 seeks to rectify that, poorly, with Cruz and an older female auto voiced by Margo Martindale . Training in the Siberian Woods, going back to dirt-track racing, competing out of your zone, passi... [Full Article...]

Conspiracy theorist vows to release full Kelly interview

The InfoWars site host known for spouting provocative conspiracy theories , including that the 9/11 terror attacks involved the USA government, and questioning whether the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax , on Thursday released what he said are clips from conversations with Kelly prior to the taping of the interview that is scheduled to air Sunday evening. [Full Article...]

List of Republican congressmen found with baseball practice shooter

The Daily Caller first reported that James T. Hodgkinson had a list of Republican names in his pocket that was recovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Also hurt but released from hospitals were two Capitol Police officers, David Bailey and Crystal Griner, and House GOP aide Zack Barth. Hodgkinson also contacted the office of Rep. [Full Article...]

Annual US Congress baseball game brings unity after shooting

Infection remains a considerable risk in the days and weeks during Scalise's extended hospital stay, Sava said. Trump said the universal support for Scalise and others wounded in the shooting might help heal the country's many political differences. [Full Article...]

Lorde opens up about being body shamed

Lorde opens up about being body shamed Perhaps there's some truth to that theory. Tickets for Lorde go on sale Friday 16 Jun at 10am. Melodrama is already receiving rave reviews , with USA Today even crowning it "the best pop release of 2017". This is the Taylor Swift-ian track on the album, as in, it's written on an ex-boyfriend Lorde broke up with in 2015. No opener has been announced just yet, but we'll keep you pos... [Full Article...]

Jada Pinkett Smith calls Tupac biopic 'deeply hurtful'

Jada Pinkett Smith calls Tupac biopic 'deeply hurtful' She pointed out the first error as she explained: " Pac never read me that poem ". Hutton said that he researched the relationship and believes Smith was fairly represented. Despite his reservations about playing the rapper again in a future film, Demetrius is proud of " All Eyez on Me " and he is excited about the great buzz the biopic is receiving. [Full Article...]

Sixers getting busier as NBA Draft approaches

Sixers getting busier as NBA Draft approaches In a recent article, Ford mentioned that he spoke with one NBA GM that is convinced the Celtics will draft Josh Jackson of Kansas. It would allow Boston to avoid the headache of finding playing time for two standout point guards - Fultz and Isaiah Thomas , who becomes a free agent after next season. [Full Article...]

Carrie Fisher died of sleep apnea and other causes, coroner concludes

Carrie Fisher died of sleep apnea and other causes, coroner concludes The report noted that she had sleep apnea, as well as hardening of her arteries. Fisher had a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles on December 23rd past year and was immediately rushed to the hospital. "I would tell you, from my perspective that there's certainly no news that Carrie did drugs", he said. He noted that his sister wrote extensively about her drug use, and that nume... [Full Article...]

'Scalise took a bullet for all of us'

Fox News" Chad Pergram said that his "medical situation is "complicated' and that he would "need later surgeries for broken bones ". Members of Congress took the field at Washington's Nationals Park on Thursday night for the charity baseball game, many wearing hats to honor Scalise , who has represented Louisiana in the House since 2008. [Full Article...]

Coldplay: 'All I Can Think About is You' Stream, Lyrics, & Download

Coldplay: 'All I Can Think About is You' Stream, Lyrics, & Download Coldplay has shared All I Can Think About is You as an animated lyric video with images of morphing cells, animals and planetary themes accompanying the slow-paced track and spelling out its lyrics. It also includes a collaboration with Big Sean called "Miracles (Someone Special)" and the song "A L I E N S", which was written with Brian Eno and co-produced by Eno and Markus Dravs. [Full Article...]

Trump hits back over 'obstruction of justice' claims

Still, the snowballing investigation has deeply angered Trump, who denies he has any nefarious ties to Russian Federation. The former Federal Bureau of Investigation director also discussed detailed memos he kept after his interactions with Trump because "I knew there might come a day where I might need a record to defend not just myself but the Federal Bureau of Investigation". [Full Article...]

Trump announces changes to Obama-era Cuba policy

President Donald Trump on Friday reversed Obama-era policies aimed at restoring diplomatic relations between the USA and Cuba, a move that could disrupt air travel to the communist country amid heightened restrictions on tourism . "We now hold the cards". It also puts some of the travel restrictions back into place for non-cubans, while still allowing Cuban Americans to visit their family... [Full Article...]

Taylor Swift returns to Spotify the day of Katy Perry's "Witness" release

Taylor Swift returns to Spotify the day of Katy Perry's Fans have also long speculated that Perry's single "Swish Swish" is a diss track in the vein of " Bad Blood " aimed at Swift . When she left Spotify in 2014, later favouring Tidal and Apple Music , Swift defender her decision by complaining that streaming services like Spotify didn't compensate artists fairly. [Full Article...]

Watch as LA Turns Into Gotham City in Memory of Adam West

Watch as LA Turns Into Gotham City in Memory of Adam West That said, while even this special episode of Powerless is far from ideal, it's likely to go down in history as one of Adam West's final farewells to his fans. In the episode, West's character arrives to ask Emily to fire one of her employees. While the show was unceremoniously cancelled earlier this year, a completed but unaired episode of the show that guest starred Adam West has been re... [Full Article...]

Katy Perry breaks Twitter record

Katy Perry breaks Twitter record She just released her new album Witness last week in addition to being featured in a massive live stream event in which 41 cameras followed her around 24/7 for four straight days. Apparently, the singer set a record on YouTube with her video for the song, "Bon Appetit", which fetched nearly 17 million viewers in 24 hours last month. [Full Article...]

Conrad Roy's 'Thrilled' Grandpa Demands Michelle Carter Get 'Maximum' Sentence

Roy to get back into the truck, well knowing his ambiguities, his fears, his concerns". While Carter will remain out of custody on bail to await sentencing on August 3 , the judge ordered her not to leave MA or obtain a passport without the court's approval. [Full Article...]

One Dead and Six Hospitalized from Legionnaires' Disease on Upper East Side

One Dead and Six Hospitalized from Legionnaires' Disease on Upper East Side Four people are hospitalized and recovering, two have been discharged, and one person in their 90s has died. Mary Bassett said that the department identified an increase and cluster of Legionnaires' disease within half a kilometer radius of the area and is investigating to determine its source, focusing on cooling towers within the neighborhood. [Full Article...]

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