At least 12 dead in Grenfell Tower inferno

Sixty-eight people were taken to six hospitals across the capital and 10 made their own way there, according to the London Ambulance Service, which had more than 100 clinicians and specialist teams working on site throughout the day. He said: "If you deny local authorities the funding they need, then there is a price that's paid". Some desperate residents threw their children from high windows, ho... [Full Article...]

Jaden Smith Is Bruce Wayne in Batman Music Video

Jaden Smith Is Bruce Wayne in Batman Music Video Referring to himself as Bruce Wayne, Jaden takes on the Batman persona and even battles it out with Superman and another Batman on the streets of Hollywood. Then, for the next three minutes, the rapper/actor/fashion star is shown riding around a white Batman costume in all-white bat auto, fighting other superhero-outfitted vigilantes on Hollywood Boulevard. [Full Article...]

The Audi R8 V10 Plus Spyder Is 602bhp Of Noise And Sky

The Audi R8 V10 Plus Spyder Is 602bhp Of Noise And Sky Meanwhile maximum speed increases by 10km/h to a very breezy 328km/h. Now, the Audi R8 V10 Spyder Plus is here to be your drop-top rocketship. Otherwise, the R8 V10 Spyder Plus is nearly exactly the same as the coupe it's based on, save for this shade of "Micrommata" green paint, which is exclusive to this model. [Full Article...]

Cosby arrives for Day 3 of jury deliberations

Currently, seven women have defamation suits pending in MA, while three more have defamation or sexual battery suits pending in California . The panel hasn't had any questions so far Wednesday. His defense have stood on the premise that Constand, like many others, desired Cosby for "a relationship", absolving his client of any intent to rape. [Full Article...]

Sony faces backlash over plans to release 'clean' edits of movies

Sony faces backlash over plans to release 'clean' edits of movies Rogen's " Knocked Up " director, Judd Apatow , has chimed in on Sony's plan for "clean movies" and his feelings are very clear. For its part, Sony has asserted that the program's offerings are pre-existing airline or TV versions of films, which were not edited specifically for this program and are not sold separately. [Full Article...]

Watch Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie play 'Don't Stop' on toy instruments

Watch Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie play 'Don't Stop' on toy instruments Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham are now promoting their duets album. Still though, this can only be good news for fans of the band, who formed back in 1967. It was the band's first tour after Christine rejoined the band following a 16-year absence. Meanwhile, Stevie Nicks is embarking on a solo tour that includes a huge show with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in London's Hyde Par... [Full Article...]

Ali Asgar reveals why he quit 'The Kapil Sharma Show'

Ali Asgar reveals why he quit 'The Kapil Sharma Show' We worked there for the longest period but there came a time when I felt that I should move on because of creative differences with Kapil and his team. While Krushna confirmed the news about the show, he refused to divulge details about the cast and said "Tentatively titled Comedy Company , it will revolve around a family that intends to pursue theater". [Full Article...]

Star Maa announces Big Boss with NTR

Star Maa announces Big Boss with NTR It is touted to be the biggest reality show in Telugu. Jr NTR-Big Boss Show Proving all the stories true, NTR Jr has signed the contract of hosting the Telugu show of Big Boss for the channel Star Maa. The film stars Nivetha Thomas and Raashi Khanna playing the female lead Lava Kusa is being produced by NTR's brother Nandamuri Kalyan Ram under their home banner NTR Arts. [Full Article...]

3 women found dead at OH home

Brinkman was charged Tuesday with murder in the slayings of his employers, 71-year-old Rogell Eugene John and 64-year-old Roberta Ray John . Brinkman was in the custody of police in North Royalton on Tuesday afternoon. It appears they were shot, the sheriff said. When Suzanne Taylor's boyfriend said he hadn't heard from them, he stayed on the phone and instructed the younger man to go in th... [Full Article...]

Cell Phone Video Emerges Of The Congressional Baseball Practice Shooting In Alexandria

US President Donald Trump said the gunman shooting on Wednesday morning at a congressional baseball practice field in Virginia was dead from serious injuries. So when Hodgkinson, who would die later in custody, started shooting , the police started shooting back. There were other Republicans on this field a week before summer officially begins, in Washington , D.C., and everywhere else, ... [Full Article...]

NeNe Leakes is officially returning to 'RHOA'

A lot of that is set to be featured in the show's upcoming tenth season, which brings Leakes back into the inner circle of Atlanta housewives - Whitfield included. In a second photo where she's eating peaches, she wrote , "Got my eyes closed thinking bout how imma get you bitches together!" Last season, Kim Zolciak Biermann also made her return to the Bravo show since walking off in the middl... [Full Article...]

Congressman Joe Barton's Hometown Grateful He Survived Shooting

Congressman Joe Barton's Hometown Grateful He Survived Shooting Joe Barton (R-Texas), the Republican baseball manager. "Some of us were in the dugout, some of us were on the ground, I was behind the dugout". My son Jack got under an SUV and he was very fearless. Barton also spoke about the way the public views members of Congress, lamenting that "members are not looked as people anymore" and expressing hope that that view could change. [Full Article...]

Man shot after attacking police outside Paris' Notre Dame

Man shot after attacking police outside Paris' Notre Dame Locked inside #notre dame cathedral in #paris while police investigate attack outside against a policeman. Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said the attacker cried "it's for Syria" as he went after police officers. "We were trying to figure out what was going on", he said. Large numbers of police cars have filled the area on the Ile de Cite island in the River Seine in the center of Paris... [Full Article...]

National Basketball Association title a vindication for Warriors' Durant

A dominant 137-116 victory Friday, however, was not enough to discourage the 2015 champions , who had the best season in National Basketball Association history previous year with 73 wins. Maybe it means that the Cavs do go out and find a way to sign George. Kerr wasn't yet ready to disclose his thoughts on what might be on the horizon, telling : "To be honest, I'm just happy to be able... [Full Article...]

Skittles just majorly changed their colors for Pride Month

Skittles tried showing support for equality in honor of Pride Month by turning their rainbow-colored bag of sweets completely white, and Twitter is furious. Some tweets have gone so far to say the campaign is equating whiteness with equality. People are wondering why they couldn't have been white and black Skittles. [Full Article...]

CCT discharges Saraki, dismisses all charges

CCT discharges Saraki, dismisses all charges Governor Fayose who called attention to number eight of his 22 predictions for year 2017, said; "I said it categorically that the Code of Conduct Tribunal will absolve Senate President Bukola Saraki and today, the prediction came to pass". [Full Article...]

London Fire: Baby Dropped, Caught as High-Rise Burns

More than 200 people live in the tower, but it was not clear how many people were inside. The outpouring of community support was inspiring as people queued up outside churches and community centres to deliver water, clothes, blankets, nappies, sandwiches and children's toys. [Full Article...]

Blackburn: Kamala Harris' Exchanges in Senate May Be Disrespect, Not Sexism

Powers said she didn't understand his statement, and Harris was asking tough questions, how was that hysterical? After Harris pressed Sessions again for a yes or no answer while Sessions spoke over her again, he said, "The answer is yes, I consulted". [Full Article...]

Late-Night Hosts Pick Apart Jeff Sessions' Testimony (and Accent)

Most of the B-jokes included cracks at Sessions' southern accent, which flowed freely throughout the monologue and a line about how Sessions really seems to know nothing which "explains why he was the first Senator to endorse Trump". "For those of you who don't know, "doesn't recall" is a Washington term meaning, "I definitely recall and I'm in trouble, '" Fallon joked". "It's my judgment that i... [Full Article...]

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Contestant Cured of Blindness Gets Golden Buzzer

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Contestant Cured of Blindness Gets Golden Buzzer A very pleased Simon Cowell said he actually needed time to process what just happened. And with that first note, Guardino blew everyone away! Will Christian Guardino , Howie Mandel's golden buzzer recipient, become the victor of "America's Got Talent" Season 12? When he wrapped up his performance, everyone was on their feet cheering for him. [Full Article...]

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