Tottenham fans insist this defender is better than John Terry

Tottenham fans insist this defender is better than John Terry The veteran defender's future plans will certainly be given plenty of gossip column inches in the coming weeks and months, and Portuguese news outlet Record has claimed that Terry could even seek sunnier climes by moving to Portugal's top tier. [Full Article...]

Pepsi axes its heavily criticised Kendall Jenner advert

Pepsi axes its heavily criticised Kendall Jenner advert In a Pepsi commercial released earlier this week, Kendall Jenner is seen ending a protest by sharing a Pepsi with a police officer as the crowd starts to cheer. 5) in regards to pulling the ad indefinitely. Pepsi has pulled an advert after it was criticised for appearing to trivialise protests for social justice causes. [Full Article...]

'The Voice' 2017: Top 12 Contestants Revealed!

'The Voice' 2017: Top 12 Contestants Revealed! Tuesday night's episode did the same for Teams Gwen and Adam. Advancing to the Top 12 on behalf of Team Gwen will be Brennley Brown, Hunter Plake and Troy Ramey . Gwen was moved to tears after Plake's performance. He brings old school Bruno Mars to the stage and shows he is an old soul in a young body. Quizz Swanigan will perform the Motown classic My Girl by The Temptations. [Full Article...]

Steve Cotterill named as new Birmingham City assistant manager

If I can just get them going and get a bit of belief back into them and we can pick up a win of whatever we need to stay up - that's all I can do". "It gets me out the house!" "I spoke to a lot of friends and family about the last two games and they said the football had been of a low standard and the atmosphere amongst the supporters wasn't good, it wasn't a nice feeling at St Andrew's". [Full Article...]

Doctor disputes prescribing opioids for Prince

Doctor disputes prescribing opioids for Prince One affidavit says Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg admitted he prescribed oxycodone for Prince in a Prince's associate's name "for Prince's privacy". Authorities are understood to have to have checked Johnson's mobile phone records to see whom he was communicating with in the weeks leading up to Prince's death. [Full Article...]

Viewership of 'O'Reilly Factor' drops without Bill O'Reilly

Kasowitz, the lead attorney for O'Reilly, said his law firm had "uncovered evidence that the smear campaign is being orchestated by far-left organizations bent on destroying O'Reilly for political and financial reasons". If the facts Fahri presents are accurate, and assuming the absence of other facts that might incriminate O'Reilly, it seems unlikely that Walsh could make out a prima facie case... [Full Article...]

Bloodline Season 3 Trailer And Premiere Date Revealed

Bloodline Season 3 Trailer And Premiere Date Revealed In Bloodline , the Rayburns are hard-working pillars of their Florida Keys community, but their past contains dark secrets that they hope remain buried. Indeed, if Bloodline began by exploring the murky situations in which good people are forced to do bad things, the third and final season looks set to push our leading characters to the absolute brink of moral ambiguity. [Full Article...]

Carmelo Anthony & La La Split After 14 Years Together

And throughout the season, Carmelo was plagued by reports of a possible trade from the Knicks. To further complicate matters, the other woman is said to be about six months pregnant with Carmelo's child. Sources told the outlet that the split is amicable. However, many believed that his wife was the reason behind Anthony re-signing with the Knicks despite his desire to win titles and better... [Full Article...]

How The Riddler Got His Name

How The Riddler Got His Name After some gruesome, deadly and inspired dealings in Mad City , a bit of light in the dark world is a welcomed site. Barnes has gone full Bane, we see Gordon standing in the middle of an utterly destroyed GCPD bullpen, and if all that weren't enough, there's still the secret conspiracy the Court of Owls running Gotham , Bruce's evil twin being groomed to kill him and take his identity, and als... [Full Article...]

'Star Wars Rebels' Trailer Reveals Season 4 Will Be Its Last

'Star Wars Rebels' Trailer Reveals Season 4 Will Be Its Last You'll also be able to access the game a little earlier via EA's Origin Access service, too, which happened with both Battlefront 1 and the recent Mass Effect Andromeda, too. We're reporting live from Star Wars Celebration, so stick around for more news, updates, and photos direct from the show! The single-player mode certainly looks like it will be heavy on narrative and world-building, but mor... [Full Article...]

Netflix Standing on the Threshold of 100 Million Subscribers

Netflix Standing on the Threshold of 100 Million Subscribers Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, who has been bearish on Netflix for a while, wrote that although it's overlooked by investors, Netflix's cash burn should be the driver of its valuation. He further stated entertainment is more about winning fans with content and it isn't a zero-sum game. Both Amazon and Netflix have also been investing heavily in original programming to win subscribers to th... [Full Article...]

US, Japan agree China should play larger role on North Korea

Pence said on Monday the world had seen Trump's resolve in the past two weeks, with a U.S. missile attack on a Syrian airfield and the dropping of a powerful non-nuclear bomb on Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan. 'But the era of strategic patience is over, ' he declared. "And you have to give credit where credit is due, that is because of this White House". He told the Guardian that, "I wo... [Full Article...]

GNC Holdings Inc (GNC) Posts Earnings Results, Beats Estimates By $0.03 EPS

GNC Holdings Inc (GNC) Posts Earnings Results, Beats Estimates By $0.03 EPS The company reported the earnings of $0.07/Share in the last quarter where the estimated EPS by analysts was $0.36/share. Analysts await GNC Holdings Inc (NYSE: GNC ) to report earnings on April, 27. Also, SVP Guru Ramanathan purchased 29,500 shares of GNC Holdings stock in a transaction dated Tuesday, March 7th. The Stock now has a Weekly Volatility of 5.70% and Monthly Volatility of 4.52... [Full Article...]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets Release Date And Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets Release Date And Trailer EA promises Battlefront 2's story will be " emotionally gripping " and feature " revenge, betrayal, and redemption ". And seeing as the character's always had tendencies towards the more sinister side of the Force throughout the original trilogy, we'd have to agree with the actor. [Full Article...]

Congresswoman Maxine Waters: 'Bill O'Reilly Needs to Go to Jail'

Some female Fox News employees have expressed "anguish, distress and concern" over the way the Bill O'Reilly sexual harassment scandal has been handled by the company, according to according to a report from NPR's media correspondent David Folkenflik. [Full Article...]

A Muslim Teen Went Viral for Flawlessly Shutting Down Some Islamophobic Nonsense

A Muslim Teen Went Viral for Flawlessly Shutting Down Some Islamophobic Nonsense The Islamophobic message Lamyaa received in a group chat. Her tweet ultimately went viral, garnering almost 150K retweets at the time of writing. Lamyaa then shared her father's response on Twitter , in an attempt to clear all the misconceptions people commonly hold for hijab wearing women, thinking they are generally oppressed or forced to wear the hijab. [Full Article...]

Controversy after Survivor contestant outs fellow player as transgender

When other contestants reacted with outrage, Varner defended his actions by saying Smith was being deceptive during the game. Varner, who was indeed eliminated at the end of the episode after contestants rallied around Smith in support, has already written a lengthy apology on social media, which CBS's statement acknowledges. [Full Article...]

ANZAC Day March and ceremonies

The service will start at 5.20am at the Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park. They will also be offering free services to veterans and war widows, as well as other members of the Australian Defence Force. Hawkesdale: 6am, dawn service at Hawkesdale Memorial Hall. Mt Eliza 1.30pm service at Mt Eliza Community Centre. Macarthur: 11am, service at Macarthur hall, followed by wreath-laying cer... [Full Article...]

Vijay Mallya under house arrest; can not leave till further notice

Mumbai For banks looking to recover about R9,000 crore from fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya, who was arrested and released on bail in London on Tuesday, it's a long road ahead. After getting bail, Mallya tweeted: "Usual Indian media hype". A top source said India is seeking extradition of Mallya for defaulting on loans due to IDBI. [Full Article...]

Dad's response to daughter's 'accident' at school goes viral

Dad's response to daughter's 'accident' at school goes viral So before he went to the school he wet the front of his trousers with water. When kindergartener Valerie had an "accident" last week, she was embarrassed and asked to go home early. Yes, this dad pulled a " Billy Madison " in the best possible way. But Sowards, who said that scene might have been tucked somewhere in his subconscious, said, "When you're a parent you work on instinct". [Full Article...]

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