Federal Judge Halts Executions in Arkansas

Federal Judge Halts Executions in Arkansas The restraining order blocked the initiative of Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson to execute 11 men in eight days, before April 30 when one of the drugs used in the state's executions, according to the Post. Even with the stays in place and questions remaining before a number of courts, executions are still possible Monday night. The McKesson lawsuit sought to stop the use of its vecuronium bromide b... [Full Article...]

Netflix on the verge of hitting 100 million subscribers

Netflix on the verge of hitting 100 million subscribers Almost a year after Prince died from an accidental drug overdose in his suburban Minneapolis studio and estate, investigators still haven't interviewed a key associate nor asked a grand jury to investigate potential criminal charges, according to an official with knowledge of the investigation. [Full Article...]

21st Century Fox Finally Investigating Bill O'Reilly's Predatory Practices

His lawyer said in a separate statement that they are now considering legal action to defend O'Reilly's reputation. "This is not blowing over". 21st Century Fox hired law firm Paul Weiss to investigate Ailes. Carlson's lawsuit was later withdrawn after Fox agreed to pay her $20 million. He's used Catheter Cowboy to talk about healthcare and the nuclear triad on Fox shows in the past,... [Full Article...]

Richard Simmons hospitalized in California, battling severe indigestion

Richard Simmons attends the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's 24th Annual "A Time For Heroes" at Century Park on June 2, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The spotlight has been on Simmons, 68, recently after a podcast was released investigating his sudden and unexplained retreat from the public eye in 2014."Missing Richard Simmons", was developed by U.S. [Full Article...]

Alec Baldwin defends Kendall Jenner over Pepsi ad controversy

If you're wondering why the 59-year-old is defending Jenner, let us remind you that Alec has known the It-girl since she was a young girl. I think Pepsi's main point was to show that we are all people . It was claimed that questions for Kendall had to be submitted in advance, and that outlets who flouted the rule would be banned from the festival. "As we reported . [Full Article...]

A Transgender Man Was Outed On Survivor By Another Contestant

A Transgender Man Was Outed On Survivor By Another Contestant Varner asked Smith during tribal council. Varner, who apologized repeatedly for outing Smith, was sent home. A survivor contestant has been humiliated on United States television after a jilted contestant outed him as transgender moments before being evicted from the show. [Full Article...]

Pence Stares Down North Korean Troops

Pyongyang has said it is ready for war. Despite this, Han Song-ryol, North Korea's deputy foreign minister, told the BBC that the North would continue its missile tests, "on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis", warning that if the USA took military action against them, an " all-out war " would ensue. [Full Article...]

Blake saves TSoul on 'The Voice'; Northumberland native goes to next round

Blake saves TSoul on 'The Voice'; Northumberland native goes to next round His energy infects the whole room as he coasts through the notes with his signature snare, and as Blake puts it after the performance, "If people didn't like that, something's wrong with them". She did, however, sound a bit like the 15-year-old that she is; as Blake indicated before her performance, she'd make a great pop singer, which is a really kind way of framing up that her voice sounds lik... [Full Article...]

IKEA Might Open Standalone Restaurants And Cafés

IKEA Might Open Standalone Restaurants And Cafés IKEA, famous for its low-cost Swedish meatballs and ready-to-assemble furniture, might open standalone cafés, according to the retailer's head of US food operations. For the store's executives, it also sells furniture. In 2016, the company opened up a pop-up restaurant in London, where visitors worked with professional chefs to cook their own meals. [Full Article...]

Jinder Mahal challenging for WWE title at Backlash

Jinder Mahal challenging for WWE title at Backlash Naomi then entered and told Charlotte that she'd be happy to face her for the Women's Championship. He got an assist from The Bollywood Boyz before pinning Sami Zayn to win the six-pack challenge, which also included Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Mojo Rawley , and Dolph Ziggler . [Full Article...]

Trump defends US TV host accused of sexual harassment

The Times report was published online on Saturday - and O'Reilly has hosted two programs since the disclosures that numerous sexual harassment claims had been settled, including some within the past year. She said Trump "just called a bunch of women liars", adding that's designed "to shut us up". She previously said her greatest desire is to lead President Donald Trump to impeachment. [Full Article...]

'King Kong Skull Island' TV Series in the Works

'King Kong Skull Island' TV Series in the Works Technically, it's being adapted from DeVito ArtWorks' King Kong of Skull Island novel, but that's canon with the 1933 film, and the family of original director Merian C. I'll gladly watch any Kong movies and shows that are out there. Following the global box-office success of Kong: Skull Island , there's some proof the big ape's name still carries some weight with audiences. [Full Article...]

New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays: Jordan Montgomery vs. Blake Snell

New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays: Jordan Montgomery vs. Blake Snell Judge's sixth-inning RBI single against Jumbo Diaz (0-1) - measured at 116.5 miles per hour off the bat - tied the score 3-3, and the Yankees had runners at the corners and when Brett Gardner hit a one-out comebacker. Pineda was dominant all afternoon against Tampa Bay . He scored on a wild pitch during an at-bat to Matt Holliday and lined the game-tying single off Jumbo Diaz (0-1) in the sixt... [Full Article...]

WWe wrestlers Big Show and Braun Strowman break the ring in Ohio

WWe wrestlers Big Show and Braun Strowman break the ring in Ohio The referee was bracing for the collapse by hanging onto the ropes, but it still didn't prevent him from flipping onto the mat from outside the ring. He adds that it's very expensive to "collapse the ring" the way WWE does these spots, but they obviously save it for momentous occasions and he thought it worked very well last night. [Full Article...]

Lady Gaga, Prince William talk about mental health

Facetiming Prince Williams from her Hollywood kitchen, the Born This Way star looked a far cry from her usual show-stopping self. The two agreed that people need to speak out in order to break the taboos surrounding mental illness , with Prince William suggesting they meet up if Lady Gaga visits the United Kingdom later this year. [Full Article...]

State will benefit from free tuition for middle class students

Potential undergraduate students who are NY residents from families earning under a phased-in income cap will be eligible for the tuition initiative, known as the Excelsior Scholarship Program. The scholarship is meant to complement other federal and state grants, as the report notes. NY may very well be on its way to offering free tuition to four-year colleges. [Full Article...]

Champions league Preview | Barcelona needs second miracle vs. Juventus

Champions league Preview | Barcelona needs second miracle vs. Juventus We can score the first goal, the second one will be scored by the Nou Camp crowd and the third one will come on its own! "It will be complicated to pull off another comeback, but I am sure it is possible". " Juventus have the semi-finals in their pocket and will have to decide whether to sit back or attack", he added. "We only have one option which is to attack, attack, and attack again". [Full Article...]

Penguins fall to Blue Jackets in Game 4

Penguins fall to Blue Jackets in Game 4 Tough takes on a new meaning in the Stanley Cup Playoffs . As the Penguins came from behind to tie the game on Bryan Rust's second goal of the game, Werenski was flat on the ice bleeding profusely from the hit. We're not even looking at a 3-0. The Penguins aren't about to become boastful despite owning a 3-0 series lead against the Blue Jackets . Guentzel played the ricochet off the back... [Full Article...]

Prince William speaks with Lady Gaga on mental health

Prince William and Lady Gaga have united for the Heads Together campaign. They made plans to have an October meeting in the UK. "Hello, Prince William!" said the excited pop star. So the Duke of Cambridge reached out to her to ask her to get on board with his latest campaign. "Harry, Catherine and I really felt this was such an important area that throughout all our charitable work, whethe... [Full Article...]

'Fast and Furious' sends Malaysia box office record tumbling

Across the entire Easter weekend, and across the entire world, The Fate of the Furious did an estimated $532.5 million in its first three days in theaters! Despite the drop of almost a third on the seventh film, the United States performance of The Fate of the Furious is still pretty impressive - it accounted for almost two-thirds of all U.S. [Full Article...]

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