Texas Governor Greg Abbott on The Infomaniacs

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on The Infomaniacs If cited and found guilty, the offense comes with a fine of $25 to $99 for a first offense. The new law doesn't restrict the use of Global Positioning System devices and software nor does it ban music applications. The timing of the legislature's special session starting July 18. "The reason why Texas has banned sanctuary cities is so we can prevent crimes like Kate Steinle, who was gunned d... [Full Article...]

United Kingdom elections: Theresa May has 'no intention to quit'

United Kingdom elections: Theresa May has 'no intention to quit' But she has faced pressure to quit from inside and outside her party after a troubled campaign overshadowed by two terror attacks, although British media quoted party sources saying she had "no intention" of doing so. Her calculations backfired. After the deeply disappointing result for the Tories, announced on Friday, and a surge in seats for the Opposition Labour Party , Ms May - whose au... [Full Article...]

Twitter latches on to Comey's 'lordy' quote during hearing

He said he thinks he was sacked due to Trump's frustration over the investigation into his alleged campaign links with Russian Federation. President Donald Trump will take questions from reporters a day after former FBI Director James Comey accused him of lying in stunning testimony . [Full Article...]

Trumps trying to ruin me: Kathy Griffin

Trumps trying to ruin me: Kathy Griffin When asked about the Trump family bullying her and whether or not they had reached out to her outside of social media, Griffin responded, "My impression is that they've mobilized their armies or their bots or whatever they do". Secret Service and has retained a criminal lawyer. He said Griffin is cooperating with the agency. First lady Melania Trump called the image "disturbing" and said ... [Full Article...]

Qatar FM speeks with US Secretary of State

Qatar FM speeks with US Secretary of State The biggest United States air base in the Middle East is in Qatar and around 10,000 personnel work there in support of several allied operations in Iraq, Syria and around the region. Qatar strongly denied the earlier allegations and expressed a willingness to engage in talks to resolve the crisis. CNN reported on Tuesday that USA officials believed Russian hackers were behind the planting ... [Full Article...]

Kyrie Irving, Cavs Fall To Warriors In Game Three

Kyrie Irving, Cavs Fall To Warriors In Game Three The Lakers' 15-1 playoff run in 2001 is the best playoff record by any National Basketball Association champion but could be eclipsed by Golden State, a club Lue struggled to compare to his former team. As this best-of-seven series moves to Game Four, scheduled for Friday night (tomorrow, Singapore time ) in Cleveland , the only question left seems to be whether the Warriors can become the fir... [Full Article...]

Greek PM congratulates Labour's Corbyn on election result

Greek PM congratulates Labour's Corbyn on election result The Telegraph said senior Conservatives including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, interior minister Amber Rudd and Brexit minister David Davis were taking soundings over whether to replace her. May will now have to appear before the Conservative Party's right-wing 1922 Committee, a group of influential MPs, to explain how she miscalculated the mood of the country so badly. [Full Article...]

National Hockey League rumors: Could the Predators actually bench Pekka Rinne?

National Hockey League rumors: Could the Predators actually bench Pekka Rinne? After scoring the game-winning goal in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday night, helping the Penguins escape with a win in one of the crazier playoff games in recent memory, he played the role of hero again on Wednesday in the Penguins' 4-1 Game 2 win by scoring two more goals, including another game-winner. [Full Article...]

12-year-old girl helps deliver baby brother

12-year-old girl helps deliver baby brother The family considered allowing Jacee to attend their other child's birth 18 months ago but felt she was too young at the time. "I actually, like delivered him, like, he let me actually push down and pull the baby out". This time around, not only was she there to watch, but she actually helped deliver him. "I have chill bumps looking at her reacting". "I was scared I was going to mess up or do so... [Full Article...]

Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland become election key

Now it appears that a little party in Northern Ireland needs to come to the Tory's rescue. They gained two seats in this general election , taking their total up to 10 MPs. Most on the political left had no time for these "extreme social conservatives", who one commenter described as "Trump with a Belfast accent". The DUP is a socially-conservative party: it opposes same-sex marriage and wants t... [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande returns to Manchester for benefit show

The concert featured artists like Grande, Katy Perry , Miley Cyrus , Justin Bieber , Coldplay and Pharrell Williams taking the stage with a message of unity. Her Dangerous Woman tour, which was suspended after the attack, will resume from today (Wednesday) in Paris. "My heart is with you Manchester, I'm so sorry for all your loss and all the pain you've been through", he stated in the c... [Full Article...]

Cosby's chief accuser denies romance before alleged assault

Cosby's chief accuser denies romance before alleged assault Constand said that when she later called Cosby to ask why he had given her the pills he replied: "I thought you had an orgasm, didn't you?" Agrusa resumed grilling Constand on Wednesday, asserting that Constand's account in court differed from what she told authorities in 2005, giving a different date for the encounter with Cosby than she had originally reported. [Full Article...]

Jury to hear Bill Cosby's testimony about quaaludes and sex

Jury to hear Bill Cosby's testimony about quaaludes and sex Lawyer Gloria Allred walks out of the courtroom during a break in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., Thursday, June 8, 2017. "I never meant to have sexual intercourse, like naked bodies, with Andrea", Cosby told investigators, according to his statement. Meanwhile, former federal prosecutor Joseph McGettigan said the jury members may take no... [Full Article...]

CNN drops Kathy Griffin after gruesome Trump picture

CNN drops Kathy Griffin after gruesome Trump picture Trump said that while all of his children are struggling with the bloody imagery, it's particularly having an impact on the couple's 11-year-old son, Barron. Griffin posted her video apology Tuesday night on Twitter. Responding to a comment that "it's also "art", it doesn't hurt anyone", Clinton said of Griffin and her gory photo: "I can both respect her right to freedom of speech, which I do, a... [Full Article...]

Glenne Headly, star of 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,' dead at 62

Glenne Headly, star of 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,' dead at 62 Nothing more is known about her death at this time. Friends, fans and co-stars are paying tribute to Glenne Headly , including Steve Martin , who appeared with Headly in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels . Feel free to share some of your own thoughts and memories about her in the attached comments. She recently earned critical acclaim for her role in HBO's The Night Of . [Full Article...]

Security Dominates Election Campaign After London Attack

Zaghba, 22, returned to Italy from London sporadically over a cumulative 10 days, Amato said, during which Italian authorites "never let him out of our sight". The identities of the other suspects, Khuram Shazad Butt and Rachid Redouane , also of East London , were announced Monday. "Additionally, there are around 20,000 individuals who are former subjects of interest, whose risk remains... [Full Article...]

Selena Gomez doesn't know 'where to go' with new music

Selena Gomez doesn't know 'where to go' with new music Selena said Petra told her to keep the bracelet, which said "fall risk", on because it symbolized vulnerability and was honest. The armhole of her top revealed her bare breast. Selena Gomez's (very) bold sideboobSerena Gomez made a notable appearance in the streets of Beverly Hills. The couple started dating since January 2017 after The Weeknd broke up Bella Hadid. [Full Article...]

'Shocked and appalled': Families of London Bridge terrorists condemn attack

The raids by detectives from the Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism Command, supported by armed police, are not connected to the London Bridge attack, Scotland Yard said. It was not immediately clear how the three knew each other, but Collina said she recognized both Butt and Elkhdar as friends of her son. They worked in the same restaurant: Kentucky Fried Chicken in London's East Ham area. [Full Article...]

Camila Cabello's new-found confidence

Camila Cabello's new-found confidence If there was a more iconic song of summer '16 than The Chainsmokers ' "Closer", we didn't hear it. Watch the clip above to hear her version of "Closer". Camila Cabello recently sat down with Elvis Duran for an interview where she revealed her dream collaboration (Ed Sheeran and Alejandro Sanz), her hopes of finding "a Spanish boyfriend", and, oh yeah, that she was nearly featured on The Chains... [Full Article...]

'The Mummy' the first of many in new 'Dark Universe' realm

One of the enjoyable aspects of 1999's "The Mummy " with Brendan Fraser was that the movie had a great mix of humor as well as thrills. The thing is, nobody knew how well an action/adventure take of a monster once considered a staple of the horror genre would fare with backdrops of bomb fire. [Full Article...]

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