US Still Will Cut Emissions Despite Paris Pullout: Tillerson

US Still Will Cut Emissions Despite Paris Pullout: Tillerson Criticism of his decision rolled in from blue-chip firms while the response from fossil fuel groups was muted. Nobody at the White House was able to say on Friday whether President Donald Trump believes in climate change. Apple CEO Tim Cook , who is also an adviser, slammed the decision and said that no only is climate change real, but each of us has a responsibility to tackle it. [Full Article...]

Sabzar Bhat killing: Curfew witnessed in different parts of Kashmir

Sabzar Bhat killing: Curfew witnessed in different parts of Kashmir The almost 16-hour gunfight ended early Saturday when Bhat and his associate were killed. The social media ban imposed April 26 came after videos depicting the alleged abuse of Kashmiris by Indian forces fueled widespread protests. The Hurriyat Conference , of which Malik's party is a member, has called a two-day shutdown against the killing and called for a "march to Tral" on May 30. [Full Article...]

Playboy model pleads no contest for post of nude woman

But in July 2016, she seemed to forget the latter was a necessity when she posted a photo of an unsuspecting, nude 71-year-old woman to her Snapchat. She returned to Facebook last month, and yesterday posted a message saying that "some of you are truly brutal, heartless, & extremely bored". The proposed law also will entitle victims to monetary restitution to get a picture off the internet and... [Full Article...]

Corbyn: It's a shame PM has not joined in head-to-head debate

Corbyn: It's a shame PM has not joined in head-to-head debate There was a time in the not-so-distant past when Britain's Labour Party, led by bearded lefty Jeremy Corbyn , was staring into a bleak abyss. The Shadow Chancellor said Labour's popularity has grown the more the public has heard from Jeremy Corbyn and seen Labour's "attractive" policies as outlined in its manifesto. [Full Article...]

How Bad Could Trump's Paris Agreement Withdrawal Be? A Scientist's Perspective

The world largest economy now joins Syria and Nicaragua as one of only three countries to not be part of the Paris Agreement . Most recently, The Terminator actor put POTUS on blast for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement . Following the decision, Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced he plans to form a United States Climate Alliance , along with the governors of NY and Californ... [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande's Manchester benefit concert will air on ABC

Those who can't make it to Ariana Grande's benefit concert in Manchester can tune in online and on ABC to see the show. "Even cried again myself", Peter Mann , father of one of the victim's said. The surprise visit comes less than two weeks after a suicide bombing that targeted fans as they left Grande's concert. You're already too late to buy tickets for Ariana Grande's next concert. [Full Article...]

Justice Department Turns to High Court to Reinstate Travel Ban

President Donald Trump faces an uphill fight convincing the Supreme Court it should grant his emergency request to reinstate his travel ban on people entering the United States from six predominantly Muslim countries. With the arrival of Justice Neil Gorsuch, Trump's first Supreme Court nominee, the court is back to full strength with five conservatives and four liberals. [Full Article...]

Europe & China reaffirm commitment to combat climate change

At an annual EU-China summit shadowed by Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord, top EU officials and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang agreed on policies against global warming and the challenges posed by North Korea but did not resolve core disagreements on trade policy. [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande's Manchester benefit concert: Here's where to watch

Ariana Grande's Manchester benefit concert: Here's where to watch Ticketmaster said in a statement on their Twitter account: "We're working hard to get tickets direct to fans". Adam, who won tickets to last Monday's concert in a local radio competition, told This Morning how he "heard a really loud explosion" and people "just ran". [Full Article...]

Lawmaker says several killed in Kabul protest

A rally against the government on Friday following this week's devastating truck bomb attack in Kabul saw hours of angry confrontation between protesters and police, who fired into the air to drive back crowds trying to cross security cordons and reach the presidential palace. [Full Article...]

If Modi had a problem, he would've told Priyanka: Sunny Leone

Priyanka Chopra's bare legs turned into a scandal in India after the actress met with India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi , on Tuesday. As it was Memorial Day Weekend, Priyanka shared selfies with brother Siddharth from the Holocaust Memorial which has been created in memory of 6 million Jews killed and buried in mass graves during Hitler's rule. [Full Article...]

Spider-man: Homecoming Trailer #3 Arrives & It's Massive

Spider-man: Homecoming Trailer #3 Arrives & It's Massive Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have released the third and presumably final trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie. The global trailer, meanwhile, shows us more of Keaton's Adrian Toomes, a salvage mogul who's collecting gear discarded from battles fought by the Avengers , and building himself a suit of his own. [Full Article...]

Ellen DeGeneres Eyes Stand-Up Return With Netflix Comedy Special

Ellen DeGeneres Eyes Stand-Up Return With Netflix Comedy Special The 59-year-old TV host and comedian announced on her show that Netflix asked her to do one and she said yes! DeGeneres replied shortly thereafter, "Let me think about it". "15 years", Ellen said in a statement. MORE: See Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi's Relationship Timeline! Stand-up comedy was what originally put Ellen DeGeneres on the map. [Full Article...]

Kendall Jenner: Caitlyn Jenner isn' 'purposefully lying' in memoir

Kendall Jenner: Caitlyn Jenner isn' 'purposefully lying' in memoir That makes no sense to me that she would go around bashing them and us for no reason. Kim Kardashian West and Kris Jenner aren't Caitlyn Jenner's only family members totally baffled by her tell-all memoir. She goes around dissing the Kardashians, but it's like, those are the children that you raised". The camera then cuts to the model sitting in the kitchen with Kris , where she says, "... [Full Article...]

Cavs' Love eager to avenge loss but sees benefit of extra rest

Cavs' Love eager to avenge loss but sees benefit of extra rest There's no way Cleveland will roll out another red carpet to the bucket for Kevin Durant , who strolled unmolested into the paint for six dunks and countless easy looks. On the flip side, Golden State should strive for more of the same that they got in Game 1 . The Warriors didn't lose a single game in the first three rounds of the playoffs, becoming the first team since the 2000-01 ... [Full Article...]

Facebook to launch messaging app for teens

Facebook to launch messaging app for teens Facebook has a new project underway, according to references in source code found inside the network's main app, and it involves an app designed specifically for teenagers. And now, the company is taking its battle a step further, reportedly preparing a teen-focused messaging app. The app also appears usable without a Facebook account. [Full Article...]

GOP Senators Weigh Taxing Employer-Health Plans

In Washington, staffers are working on a legislative framework that can get 51 votes. According to the Kaiser poll , 29% of respondents said they didn't want the House version to become law at all. About 40 percent of eligible households include at least one person aged 60 and older. Among independents, only 4 percent said the House GOP bill fulfills all the president's promises, while 79 per... [Full Article...] Confirms Fergie Has Left the Black Eyed Peas Confirms Fergie Has Left the Black Eyed Peas There are rumours that Nicole Scherzinger may join the band, but although he confirmed that she's involved in their new album, he insisted that 'nobody is replacing Fergie '. The frontman went on to discuss all of the different vocalists the band has used over the years. Fergie's representative said Friday she is "concentrating on her new album and can't wait for fans to hear it". [Full Article...]

Cristiano Ronaldo at his best ahead of Champions League final

Two of the goals came in the semifinals of the Champions League in 2015, when Juventus advanced 3-2 before eventually losing the final to Barcelona . "I'm not sure if I can say they have their best team ever but they do have very good attacking players and I think it will be a very open game from both teams". [Full Article...]

Twitter reacts to death of Southern rock legend Gregg Allman

He blamed cancer for Allman's death. "He kept it very private because he wanted to continue to play music until he couldn't". Throughout his recovery and later health problems, Allman maintained that playing music was essential to his survival. [Full Article...]

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