Ariana Grande's Manchester Charity Concert Sells Out in Just Six Minutes

Ticketmaster said 140,000 people logged onto its site seeking tickets for the One Love Manchester show, which will feature Ariana Grande , the US pop icon who had just finished a sell-out concert at the Manchester Arena on March 22 when suicide bomber Salman Abedi unleashed carnage that left 22 people , including seven children, dead and 116 injured. [Full Article...]

Pippa Middleton wedding: Meghan Markle - why didn't she go to the ceremony?

Pippa Middleton wedding: Meghan Markle - why didn't she go to the ceremony? However, the prince appeared to cheer up at the prospect of riding in a vintage wedding vehicle as he made his way to the reception with his mother and sister and could be waving to onlookers. In addition, Prince Harry brought girlfriend Meghan Markle to the reception. Both were wearing special outfits when they arrived with their mother, the Duchess of Cambridge , Pippa's sister. [Full Article...]

Why China is stepping up against climate change

At the same time, the Russian president pointed out that "it was possible not to withdraw from the Paris Agreement because it is a framework document so the United States' obligations could have been changed". Trump's announcement sent the issue of climate change - and May's attempts to bolster the trans-Atlantic "special relationship" with the US - to the top of the agenda Friday in campaign... [Full Article...]

Cavaliers vow more aggressive, decisive play against Warriors

That's when turnovers happen. The Golden State Warriors won the 2015 NBA Finals even as Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving remained unavailable to the Cavaliers in that series. However, that is just the type of nonsense that those that follow Golden State closely and everyone has to deal with while the Warriors run through the rest of the league. [Full Article...]

Rihanna Can Heckle with the Best of N.B.A. Fans

As a dazed and confused Oracle Arena crowd watched , that late six-point lead was devoured by Kyrie Irving's deep 3, LeBron James' chase down and block of Andre Iguodala , Kevin Love's surprising perimeter defense against a less-than-healthy Steph Curry . [Full Article...]

GST unfair for regional cinema: Kamal Haasan

GST unfair for regional cinema: Kamal Haasan This diversity makes the strong and it has to be maintained. "He said", I will have to quit the industry if I am on the tax slab that is the highest". You can not pressurise regional cinema through taxation."In a press statement, the film chamber said it was wrong to place regional cinema along with national and Hollywood movies at the recommended tax GST.Regional movies were made on "minuscule"... [Full Article...]

Patty Jenkins Is Attached To Direct Wonder Woman 2

Producer Charles Roven represented Warner Bros on this matter, and explained to CinemaBlend why they chose to not include a post-credit scene. Finally, in 2015, Gadot won the bid to portray the character, and the studio made a deal with Patty Jenkins to be the first female director to helm a superhero movie with a female lead. [Full Article...]

UK Conservatives' lead over Labour seen narrowing: Panelbase

The Labour leader said that Prime Minister Theresa May's reckless approach to Brexit could risk Britain "crashing out of the European Union without a deal". The Tories' electoral campaigning has been criticized before for its aggressive targeting of left-wing voters and its attacks on the Labour leader. [Full Article...]

Outlander's Sam Heughan On For The Spy Who Dumped Me

Outlander's Sam Heughan On For The Spy Who Dumped Me McKinnon and Kunis will play best friends who unwittingly become entangled in an global conspiracy when one of the women discovers the boyfriend who dumped her was actually a spy. " Outlander " has aired for two seasons and been renewed for two more. The Spy Who Dumped Me will be filmed this summer, with a July 2018 release date planned. [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande visits Manchester bombing victims in hospital

Headlined by Ariana she will be joined by a star-studded line-up of Justin Bieber , Coldplay , Katy Perry , Miley Cyrus , Pharrell Williams , Usher , Take That , and Niall Horan . Meanwhile, bosses at Grande's record label have announced they are donating $500,000 (GBP388,000) to the families of the bombing victims. "We will not stop until we have as many genuine fans at the show as ... [Full Article...]

PM May's lead down to 5 points, model estimates 60-seat majority

Or at least one of them. "This is useless, gesture politics of the worst kind", Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said . He said the Labour party was the only one which would get the right Brexit deal for "not just the minority, the wealthy, but everyone". [Full Article...]

'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Sails To The Top Of The Box Office

In terms of production cost, Baywatch is in the high-$60M range and is looking for a $40M four-day weekend gross while Pirates should double that estimates that are around $80M-$85M on a budget of about $230M. But wait. It's 2017 and movies aren't as dependent on the USA market to turn a profit, which is evident as the franchise will hit over $4 billion worldwide in the next few days. [Full Article...]

Warriors take early series lead as Steph Curry scores 28

That isn't the issue. But the Cavaliers are no longer facing the weaker teams from the East and it showed . The same thing occurred late in the game when Durant buried a three-pointer from the right side nearly directly in front of Rihanna's courtside seat and then turned to look at her as he backed up the court. [Full Article...]

World pledges to save 'Mother Earth' despite Trump's snub to climate pact

And whenever NY was hit with a cold spell or snowstorm, Trump would often tweet a joke about global warming . Raimondo said Friday that Trump's action will not deter Rhode Island from taking the steps needed to address climate change. [Full Article...]

Facepalm: CNN Had The Spelling Bee Champ Spell "Covfefe"

The annual contest opened on Tuesday with a record 291 spellers from across the country and the globe. And the 12-year-old victor was so confident that she wrote her winner's speech before she even showed up for the competition. After nearly a week of competing, months of preparing and over a dozen final rounds of performing on ESPN , the champion of the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee has... [Full Article...]

Carrie Fisher's Advice To Daisy Ridley Is So, So Important

Carrie Fisher's Advice To Daisy Ridley Is So, So Important Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed in April that the actress will appear posthumously in Star Wars: The Last Jedi , but not in Star Wars: Episode IX . The celebrities posed for the cover photos of Vanity Fair magazine's latest issue and gave their fans glimpses into their characters in the upcoming science fiction film. [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande to perform at benefit concert for Manchester

Earlier, two men were arrested by counter-terror police in Greater Manchester in connection with the attack, bringing the number in United Kingdom custody to eight. It said the photos had been gathered by British authorities at the scene of the attack. The cowardly "mule", Salman Abedi , blew himself up in Manchester Arena on Monday night before it was revealed he had direct links to ... [Full Article...]

Priyanka Chopra praised but rest of Baywatch panned by Hollywood critics

The film also features Priyanka Chopra , Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach, and cameos from the original stars of the 90s TV show David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Matt Goldberg from Collider couldn't have said it better, describing PC as a real standout in 'Baywatch '. IGN's Gav Murphy wrote , "The only other highlight is Priyanka Chopra as nefarious entrepreneur Victoria L... [Full Article...]

Chris Cornell's widow still awaiting details about his death

Brad Pitt is doing what he can to bring some joy to Chris Cornell's family in his absence. Cornell, 52, had anti-anxiety drugs, sedatives, barbiturates and sinus congestion medication in his system, a toxicology report from the Wayne County Medical Examiner showed. [Full Article...]

Sen. Al Franken dis-invites Kathy Griffin

Sen. Al Franken dis-invites Kathy Griffin Mr Trump , his wife Melania and son Donald Jr , have publicly criticised the video . Her criminal defense attorney said he believes the Secret Service investigation will eventually clear her of wrongdoing and that she was simply exercising her first amendment rights to tell a joke. [Full Article...]

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