Zoo owner: April the giraffe's baby is 'very independent'

It may seem absurd that more than a million people all across the globe patiently waited for the birth of a baby giraffe, but that's exactly what happened when April the giraffe finally gave birth to her baby calf last Saturday at a New York Zoo. [Full Article...]

Meghan Markle WILL attend Pippa Middleton's wedding

Meghan Markle WILL attend Pippa Middleton's wedding Why? Prince Harry , 32, and Markle, 35, have been almost inseparable since their relationship first became public knowledge last October. While the Prince will attend the wedding ceremony on his own, Hello! News last January. Last month, meanwhile, a source told Us Weekly that Harry could propose to Markle in the next few months. The glossy mag is speculating that shuttering the site is... [Full Article...]

'Fate of the Furious' sets box office record

What might have helped The Fate of the Furious is that it opened in major movie markets such as China and Russian Federation alongside the U.S. and UK. For more on the movie, you can check out GameSpot's review and what other critics are saying. At the time of his message, final box-office tallies weren't yet known, but he was right in assuming that the film - in which Johnson manhandles a speed... [Full Article...]

Lady Gaga gives first glimpse of 'A Star is Born' remake

Lady Gaga gives first glimpse of 'A Star is Born' remake The ticket's price is $10 and all proceeds will go directly to GaGa's Born This Way Foundation. The film in question is the highly anticipated A Star Is Born reboot (technically a remake of a remake of a remake), in which Bradley Cooper will direct and also co-star. [Full Article...]

Tomi Lahren Gets Countersued by Glenn Beck and The Blaze

Tomi Lahren Gets Countersued by Glenn Beck and The Blaze Moreover, it highlighted a litany of alleged workplace misconduct that the company said factored into its decision not to broadcast her show anymore. Also, let's not forget her appearance on "The Daily Show" where host Trevor Noah basically had a fact for every asinine thing that came out of Lahren's mouth. [Full Article...]

A Year On, Few Answers From Probe Into Prince's Death

Prince returns to Atlanta and performs two concerts. Just six days before he died, Prince fell ill on a plane and made an emergency stop in IL as he was returning home from a concert in Atlanta. He also tells the investigator that he had prescribed oxycodone to be filled at a Walgreens pharmacy. KIRK JOHNSON'S PRESCRIPTION PICK-UPS: According to court documents, Kirk Johnson went to Walgreen's... [Full Article...]

What to know about the Fox News and Bill O'Reilly controversies

After Walsh declined, and they went to the bar instead, she claims that O'Reilly became hostile and told her to "forget about any career advice I gave you, you're on your own". On Saturday Night Live last night, actor Alec Baldwin played both O'Reilly and Trump to help drive home a point. Hot off the news of yet another sexual harassment claim, Fox announced that it would conduct a ... [Full Article...]

Carrie Fisher helped rewrite screenplay for ' Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

But per what we've seen from the recently-released teaser trailer, The Last Jedi resumes right as Rey hands the Skywalker lightsaber back to Luke. That moment in the film is framed as the ultimate Rebel victory. It should come as now surprise that Battlefront 2 is getting a campaign. "Shes too much. Shes what you would call a high-maintenance relationship". [Full Article...]

Prince's doctor wrote him prescriptions in bodyguard's name

Prince never had a prescription for fentanyl, which is considered highly potent and addictive, but some of the pills tested positive for a synthetic version of the drug. Schulenberg has an active medical license and is now practicing family medicine in Minnesota. An official with knowledge of the investigation told The Associated Press that authorities still haven't interviewed a key associate w... [Full Article...]

Millions of Christians celebrate easter worldwide

Millions of Christians celebrate easter worldwide Christians in large numbers offered special prayers at churches. "As Christians, we believe that Jesus has risen and our journey with our Lord has been renewed and therefore, it is important for us to forgive and forget all those that may have hurt us and seek forgiveness from all those that we might have hurt", he said. [Full Article...]

'Star Wars' TV Series to End Its Run

The news will upset many fans who would love to see more of Rebels past next year, but Tiya Sircar (who voices Sabine Wren) stated that: "We told the story we've wanted to tell, and we've gotten to end it on our own terms". I like our ending. "So that's kind of a good question that needs to be answered". Spoilers for Star Wars Rebels ahead. They're really hesitant to actually fight. [Full Article...]

The Last Jedi Planet Of Crait Is Coming To Disney's Star Tours

There will be space battles this time around and the game features plenty more settings, weapons, and playable characters from throughout all three Star Wars trilogies, including new hero units like Darth Maul, Yoda, and Kylo Ren. He's played Luke Skywalker and the Joker, but Mark Hamill has one role he'd like to add to his resume: That of " Star Wars " creator George Lucas. [Full Article...]

How the Cavaliers, the Celtics and the East playoff seedings ended up

MIAMI - Goran Dragic scored 28 points, Hassan Whiteside added 24 points and 18 rebounds , and the Heat defeated the Wizards while being eliminated from the National Basketball Association playoffs. LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were rested by the Cavs (51-31), who closed out the campaign with four consecutive defeats. Isaiah Thomas helped make the Celtics efficient, so he shoul... [Full Article...]

What time is Lady Gaga's Coachella set?

What time is Lady Gaga's Coachella set? She then remade "Just Dance" as a slamming hard-rock tune, before combining Dr. Dre's "Nuthin" But a "G' Thang" with "LoveGame" and dedicating "John Wayne" to all the "dangerous men" who attend music festivals. That her new song "The Cure" was available to download on iTunes. Listen to "The Cure" below. The pop star's set times for both dates are 11:20 p.m. [Full Article...]

The Fate of the Furious breaks global box office record

It took in $98.7 million in tickets over the three-day weekend in the United States and Canada. Total:? 38.60 cr [note: Gross BO]. If the figures hold, it will just inch past the previous record holder, " Star Wars: The Force Awakens " which launched to $529 million in December of 2015 without China. [Full Article...]

Pence Tells North Korea: 'The Era Of Strategic Patience Is Over'

After the US military dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan last Thursday, a 21,000 pound weapon nicknamed the "mother of all bombs", Trump said it wasn't meant to be a message to North Korea. The demilitarized zone (DMZ) is a heavily mined, four-km-wide (2.5-mile-wide) strip of land lined with barbed wire running across the Korean peninsula, with soldiers on both sides in a continua... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump and Family Attend Church for Easter

On paper the expenses to the highway patrol added up to $3,575 for the first weekend and $5,786 for the second weekend, a small amount of money compared to the cost to Palm Beach County, where Mar-a-Lago is located. Every president should be afforded leisure time, of course - running the free world is a hard, aging-inducing job. Trump says he does not like the "border adjustment" tax formulated ... [Full Article...]

Nestucca Valley Lions Easter Egg Hunt

Nestucca Valley Lions Easter Egg Hunt The Rec Park Carousel will also be open during the event. Rector Seth Richardson of Christ the King Anglican Church said he has a small congregation which causes them to put their effort more so towards what they feel is essential to their beliefs. [Full Article...]

Rihanna Rocks Head-to-Toe Crystal Bodysuit and Mask at Coachella

Rihanna Rocks Head-to-Toe Crystal Bodysuit and Mask at Coachella Rihanna paired his sparkly outfit with a Gucci tank top, which had the phrase "Common sense is not common", written in pen on the front. Rih shared two photos of the glittery ensemble on Instagram , garnering almost 3 million combined likes from her followers. [Full Article...]

Latest "Furious" film opens strongly, especially overseas

Universal Pictures on Sunday estimated that " The Fate of the Furious " would earn a record $532.5 million worldwide over the holiday weekend, thanks to a particularly robust showing in 63 territories, including China. Rounding out the top five were " Smurfs: The Lost Village " with $6.5 million and " Going in Style " with $6.4 million. The Warner Bros. comedy, starring Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin... [Full Article...]

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