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I wanted to fire 'showboat' James Comey anyway

I wanted to fire 'showboat' James Comey anyway However, sources say DOJ reached out to the committee with new urgency after the Comey matter. Trump fired Comey on Tuesday, despite the agency's continued investigation into his campaign's ties with Russian Federation during the 2016 election. [Full Article...]

North Korea fires missile days after new S. Korea leader pledges dialogue

Kim and McMaster also agreed to bolster efforts to seek the denuclearization of North Korea. The United States called for repercussions from the global community. "The president said we are leaving open the possibility of dialogue with North Korea, but we should sternly deal with a provocation to prevent North Korea from miscalculating". [Full Article...]

After Comey Firing, Spicer Hides In Bushes To Avoid Press Questions

After Comey Firing, Spicer Hides In Bushes To Avoid Press Questions During the exchange, Sean Spicer is said to have wavered between a good-natured mood and obvious frustration that the same question was being asked over and over again. Conway, who notoriously coined the phrase "alternative facts", replied: "I think you're looking at the wrong set of facts here". By comparison, Sanders, 34, the deputy press secretary , comes across as folksy and friendlier, wit... [Full Article...]

White House connects Comey firing, 'conclusion' of Russian Federation probe

Comey's shock dismissal ignited furor among Democrats, who suggested that the FBI's investigation into Trump's campaign and Russian Federation could now be tainted, an idea the White House has rejected. "It's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should've won". I would really ask everyone tonight to read Mr Rosenstein's memo. [Full Article...]

N. Korea test-fires missile, challenging new leader in South

It is reported to be continuing efforts to miniaturise nuclear warheads and fit them on missiles capable of reaching the U.S. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed the early morning launch but had few other details, including what type of ballistic missile was sacked. [Full Article...]

President Trump: I Was Going to Fire James Comey 'Regardless of Recommendations'

President Trump: I Was Going to Fire James Comey 'Regardless of Recommendations' Very smart guy. The Democrats like him. The Republicans like him. In a striking reversal one day earlier, Trump told NBC News that he planned to fire Comey even before meeting with top-ranking Justice Department officials and soliciting their recommendations on his performance. [Full Article...]

South Korean military: North Korea launches ballistic missile

In a statement released by the White House, meanwhile, North Korea was described as a "flagrant menace for far too long", while President Donald Trump said that he "cannot imagine Russia is pleased" by the missile landing so close to Russian territory. [Full Article...]

China pledges $124b for new Silk Road plan

However, Xi said all countries should respect each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as he inaugurated the high profile Belt and Road forum boycotted by India due to its sovereignty concerns over the United States dollars 50 billion CPEC, which goes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). [Full Article...]

Conservatives make strong gains in United Kingdom local elections

Theresa May's Conservatives performed strongly in British local elections, early results showed Friday, handing the prime minister a boost ahead of next month's Brexit-dominated parliamentary polls. It also lost the English councils of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Northumberland. "We've gained seats in some places, we've held councils many predicted we wouldn't - and, unfortunately, others ha... [Full Article...]

French PM to be appointed on Monday, new government on Tuesday

French PM to be appointed on Monday, new government on Tuesday At the end of the ceremony, a 21-gun salute will ring out from the Invalides military hospital on the other side of the River Seine. Macron was later to be driven to the Arc de Triomphe to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Macron annoyed fellow centrist Francois Bayrou and faced mockery from his opponents after his La Republique En Marche (REM, Republic on the Move) party unveiled... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump: Firing Flynn did not sound like an emergency

Donald Trump: Firing Flynn did not sound like an emergency The US Senate Intelligence Committee issued a subpoena on Wednesday demanding documents related to Russian Federation from President Donald Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn, ramping up its months' long investigation of Moscow's alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. [Full Article...]

United States says it supports China's infrastructure connectivity plan

In addition, the CDB and the China EximBank will set up special lending schemes respectively worth 250 billion yuan equivalent and 130 billion yuan equivalent to support Belt and Road cooperation on infrastructure, industrial capacity and financing, he said. [Full Article...]

Push to pin health care vote on vulnerable Republicans begins

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey, a Scranton Democrat, says the bill is a punch in the gut to middle-class families in Pennsylvania. Speaking at a news conference Sunday in Manhattan, where she was joined by health care advocates and New Yorkers fighting long-term illnesses, Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) pressed her Republican colleagues to oppose the GOP health care replacement plan that was approved by Hous... [Full Article...]

Sally Yates sheds disturbing light on Trump and Flynn

Sally Yates sheds disturbing light on Trump and Flynn Trump heard this and thought it "did not sound like an emergency". Former Acting US Attorney-General Sally Yates testified on Monday that she had warned the White House in January that Gen Flynn had been compromised and could have been vulnerable to blackmail by Russian Federation. [Full Article...]

Lawyers: Trump had no Russian Federation income for 10 years, with exceptions

Graham's office said he received it Thursday night. Unspecified income from sales of goods or services to "Russians or Russian entities", including sales or rentals of "condominiums, hotel rooms, rounds of golf, books, or Trump-licensed products", which have never been separately identified on Trump's tax returns as coming from Russian sources. [Full Article...]

'We Believe You're Willing': Trump Declares Abbas Partner in Peace

The president also said he would "love to be a mediator, an arbitrator or a facilitator" in talks. Trump said he and Abbas would also discuss "my administration's effort to help unlock the potential of the Palestinian people through new economic opportunities". [Full Article...]

North Korea's Another Ballistic Missile Test Has Put Everyone on High Alert

A missile launched near the city of Kusong, in western North Korea, flew across the country and into the Sea of Japan/East Sea, hitting the water about 60 miles from Vladivostok in eastern Russian Federation, according to U.S. The United States maintains our ironclad commitment to stand with our allies in the face of the serious threat posed by North Korea. Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada... [Full Article...]

Can read EVM vote sequence: AAP

Can read EVM vote sequence: AAP Nevertheless, the poll panel is expected to invite suggestions from the seven political parties - including the Congress, the AAP, the SP and the BSP - that are attending the meeting on what can be done to allay their fears that the BJP is rigging elections through hacked EVMs. [Full Article...]

China and U.S. reach agreement on beef, poultry, natural gas

China and U.S. reach agreement on beef, poultry, natural gas Foreign-owned firms will also be able to provide credit rating services in China . Like other developing economies, China has used bureaucratic hurdles to block imports from the USA and other countries. "The agreement connects the USA, the fastest growing LNG supplier, with China , the largest LNG growth market", said Massimo Di-Odoardo, Head of Global Gas and LNG research at consultancy ... [Full Article...]

USA calls for stronger sanctions against North Korea

New South Korean President Moon Jae-In, who was inaugurated on Wednesday, slammed the missile test as a "reckless provocation" after holding an emergency meeting with national security advisors. US President Donald Trump has vowed not to let that happen. National security adviser H.R. McMaster briefed the President by phone on Saturday about the missile launch, a senior White House official said... [Full Article...]

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