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Paris terror attack may sway undecided voters

The race between the four main candidates is so tight ahead of Sunday's vote that a marginal opinion change, provoked by the Paris attack, could thwart the predicted success of front-runners Le Pen and Macron who are narrowly ahead of Fillon and Communist-backed Jean-Luc Melenchon. [Full Article...]

Russian Federation to Demand Explanations From UK on Samples Examination From Syria's Idlib

But they have become clearer in the days since Trump ordered airstrikes punishing Assad for a chemical attack. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is an "arch-terrorist" and it is time Russian Federation realised he is "literally and metaphorically toxic", British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Sunday. [Full Article...]

At least 12 people killed overnight in Venezuela

The deaths occurred in the capital's southwestern El Valle district, the ministry said in a statement, adding six people were also wounded. April 20-21: Twelve people are killed overnight, as riot police and civilian vigilantes fight running battles with protesters. [Full Article...]

Chinese Trucks Give North Korean Missiles A Lift During Big Military Parade

Chinese Trucks Give North Korean Missiles A Lift During Big Military Parade Pence arrived in Tokyo on Tuesday from South Korea and reassured Japan of United States commitment to reining in North Korea's nuclear and missile ambitions in a series of meetings with Japanese leaders, including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. [Full Article...]

'Vive Paris!' Tourists back on Champs Elysees

The Paris prosecutor said his office had opened a terrorism investigation. Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said Friday, "The guy who yesterday did the act was not a Belgian". He said "the whole of Europe is targeted because it represents the values and ideals of peace". Attack came days before first round of voting in presidential election . [Full Article...]

Venezuela stir turns violent, 2 killed

Separately, a man was killed by a gunshot in the Caracas slum of Petare on Thursday night, municipal mayor Carlos Ocariz said on Friday. Most of the deaths took place in El Valle, a working class neighborhood near Caracas' biggest military base where opposition leaders say a group of people were hit with an electrical current while trying to steal a refrigerator from a bakery. [Full Article...]

25 years for ex-Saint's killer in 'profoundly sad' case

25 years for ex-Saint's killer in 'profoundly sad' case The defense gets a chance to make its case for leniency Thursday in the shooting death of former New Orleans Saints star Will Smith. Each day, we continue to heal and work through our pain and feelings of enormous loss. Thursday, Cardell Hayes , his mother, and the mother of his son testified. Wailing and shaking, she pleaded for mercy from the judge and begged for the Smiths to forgive her son. [Full Article...]

Many in Columbia, Tenn. thankful Elizabeth Thomas is on her way home

Deputies monitored the vehicle and took Cummins into custody as daylight broke, said DeVine. Police say teacher Tad Cummins kidnapped the girl from Columbia, Tennessee, on March 13. Green ribbons still mark street signs around Columbia for Thomas, but for some who knew Cummins, they never saw this coming. Whatley, the attorney for the girl's family, said her immediate future wasn't clear. [Full Article...]

USS Carl Vinson fighter pilot ejects during routine flight

The pilot was recovered by a helicopter assigned to the aircraft carrier and they're now being assessed by medical personnel aboard the ship. The statement did not say when the incident occurred. It was ordered to the Yellow Sea amid rising tensions between the United States and North Korea. "If you threaten them and your threat is not credible, it's only going to undermine whatever your pol... [Full Article...]

Red Sox activate Bradley, put Holt on 10-day DL with vertigo

Red Sox activate Bradley, put Holt on 10-day DL with vertigo I'm not mad. I'm mad we lost the game. "I don't even know what the rule is", Pedroia said. "That's why I wasn't in the lineup for a while, trying to get past it". If you see the replay, you see how my foot comes off the bag and hits him in the calf. The Red Sox threatened in the top of the sixth inning when Marco Hernandez led off with a single and Dustin Pedroia moved him over after walking... [Full Article...]

Allies silent, jibes in China over US carrier mix-up

The Carl Vinson is now actually headed to the Korean Peninsula and is expected to arrive in the region next week, Pentagon officials say. Days later, in response to a question about the warships, Trump told the Fox Business Network that the USA was "sending an armada, very powerful" to North Korea. [Full Article...]

Internet shutdown in Cameroon comes to an end after 3 months

Internet shutdown in Cameroon comes to an end after 3 months The cut was the government's response to a series of paralysing protests in the English-speaking regions of the country since November 2016. The government achieved the shutdown by pressuring mobile operators and did not give any prior notice before cutting off the internet services. [Full Article...]

Another Trump crowd size dispute - this one involving the Patriots

Another Trump crowd size dispute - this one involving the Patriots The Times on Wednesday tweeted an Associated Press photo of the Patriots standing behind Obama on the south side of the White House in 2015. The two pictures appear to show far fewer Patriots celebrating with President Trump . Two players were brought to speak to reporters after the White House ceremony, but both said they had not known Hernandez. Several players this year alluded to U... [Full Article...]

Russian ties 'at low point' as Syria tensions rise

Russian ties 'at low point' as Syria tensions rise Moscow vetoed a Western draft United Nations resolution Wednesday, saying it failed to mention the need to inspect the area of the attack. "They were there. US officials have issued a four-page document summarizing evidence debunking Russian claims that Syrian jets struck a chemical weapons depot controlled by rebels. [Full Article...]

Trumps celebrate Easter Egg Roll at White House

Trumps celebrate Easter Egg Roll at White House The annual Easter Egg Roll is expected to be the largest social gathering in the White House every year. About 35,000 people attended a year ago, when then-first lady Michelle Obama organized a carnival-like affair with pop singers, celebrity chefs and professional sports stars. [Full Article...]

North Korea: Mike Pence says 'time for failed dialogue is over'

Vice President Mike Pence, on a tour of the region, warned this week that "the era of strategic patience is over" when it comes to USA policy toward North Korea. Ryan said he was encouraged by the results of efforts to work with China to reduce tension, but that it was unacceptable North Korea might be able to strike allies with nuclear weapons. [Full Article...]

Macron, Le Pen to face off in second round of French election

Macron, Le Pen to face off in second round of French election Nevertheless, the Presidential election will help gauge the mood of the nation . She criticised outgoing Socialist President Francois Hollande as "notoriously feeble" and said France was "worn out by inaction". But he also rails against the "totalitarianism of Islamism" and promises a "serious fight against crime" which would include deporting foreign terrorists. [Full Article...]

US Treasury rejects Exxon Mobil request to drill in Russia

The announcement followed media reports that Exxon had sought a waiver to resume a joint venture with Russia's Rosneft oil company. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said the decision was made after consultation with President Donald Trump, according to a statement on Friday. [Full Article...]

Pakistan says Indian spy facing death has right to appeal

India is of the view that Pakistan is using former Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav's case to take advantage of the troubled relations between New Delhi and Beijing. He said Jadhav was a serving naval official with two passports-one with a Hindu name and another Muslim - and was involved in spying. India says Jadhav, who was tried by a military court and sentenced to death on Monday, was an... [Full Article...]

Marine Le Pen is the 'strongest candidate' in French election, Trump says

After terror attacks in and around Paris on November 13, 2015, that killed 130 people, Le Pen's National Front party had its strongest ever showing in regional elections. On Thursday, the Socialist leader said "all appropriate means must be mobilized to ensure a good course of voting", adding the government would "implement specific protection measures, including those in relation with cyber attac... [Full Article...]

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