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Labour Has (Eventually) Ruled Out A Second Referendum On Brexit

Labour Has (Eventually) Ruled Out A Second Referendum On Brexit The Liberal Democrats are targeting Remain-voting Labour seats in the North of England where voters feel "betrayed by Jeremy Corbyn's support for a divisive hard Brexit", Mr Farron said. 'Labour will stand up for all children by building a schools system for everyone, keeping class sizes down and making sure schools and teachers have the resources they need to ensure that every child, whatever the... [Full Article...]

U.S. Vice President Pence says seeks fairer trade with Indonesia

But Pence foreshadowed some reworking of commercial and economic ties, saying that the USA seeks a free and fair relationship that helps job creation and economic growth for both sides. Vice President Mike Pence, left, is seated with Indonesia's President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo as they meet at the Istana, or Indonesian presidential palace, in Jakarta , Indonesia, Thursday, April 20, 2017. [Full Article...]

Venezuelan officials: 12 dead following overnight violence amid spiralling political crisis

Opposition groups had called on their supporters to take part in anti-government protests across the country on Wednesday. The Venezuelan government has previously seized assets belonging to US companies including those of cleaning products maker Clorox in 2014. [Full Article...]

Maduro Says Ready for Elections Amid Anti-Government Protests in Caracas

Maduro Says Ready for Elections Amid Anti-Government Protests in Caracas At the same time, Maduro has increasingly tightened his grip on government, while blaming capitalists from the U.S. and Colombia for fueling the crisis and arresting opposition leaders on dubious charges. Venezuela has been rocked in recent days by violent protests of government policies as well as food shortages and triple-digit inflation. It calls on Venezuelan authorities to respect rights ... [Full Article...]

US VP Pence assures Japan: America is with you '100 per cent'

In the middle of the stage, a disturbing propaganda video showing American cities being destroyed by an atomic bomb and the US flag going up in flames was played. China is North Korea's biggest trading partner. "Those who would challenge our resolve or readiness should know, we will defeat any attack and beat any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective Ameri... [Full Article...]

Charity worker returns to US after being detained in Egypt

A White House official said Thursday night that Hijazi and her husband, Mohamed Hassanein, an Egyptian, had arrived in the Washington area. Trump dispatched a United States government aircraft to Cairo to bring Hijazi and her family to Washington . [Full Article...]

The Economist explainsThe French presidential election

The Economist explainsThe French presidential election But with both Le Pen and MĂ©lenchon positioned to reach the runoff and find themselves in the second round of voting, it seems the French aren't listening to voices like Steinmeier's. "Some people thought, no way would Brexit pass, no way would Trump win", said Ayako Sera, senior market economist at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust. "There's a tendency among French voters that they are not voting for some... [Full Article...]

No US Role in Libya Beyond Combating Islamic State

Appearing at a joint press conference at the White House, the pair talked about issues on which they agreed and a few where they differed. "The way to do that is to make arguments in a respectful fashion, based on facts, and work constructively and collaboratively with our neighbours". [Full Article...]

Britain set for snap election in Brexit shadow

Following the election decision, the parliament will be dissolved on May 2. That term could only be curtailed if the Commons voted with a two-thirds majority for a snap election, or if it passed a motion of no confidence in the government. [Full Article...]

Analysis says missing MH370 likely crashed north of Indian Ocean

Analysis says missing MH370 likely crashed north of Indian Ocean A vast underwater hunt for the Malaysia Airlines jet off Australia's west coast was halted in January when no trace was found of the plane, which disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing three years ago carrying 239 people. It supported the December review's findings by a team of worldwide and Australian experts who re-examined all the data used to define the original search zone that the... [Full Article...]

KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY) & AT&T Inc

KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY) & AT&T Inc MCF Advisors LLC increased its position in shares of KeyCorp by 0.7% in the third quarter. Now the shares of KeyCorp . Finally, HCR Wealth Advisors purchased a new stake in KeyCorp during the fourth quarter worth $183,000. That suggests something of the likelihood of a short squeeze in shares of KEY. Finally, Royal Bank of Canada reiterated a "buy" rating and issued a $21.00 price target on... [Full Article...]

Facebook murder suspect kills himself after police pursuit

Facebook murder suspect kills himself after police pursuit An alert McDonald's employee led Pennsylvania police to the suspect in a Cleveland slaying that was recorded and posted on Facebook . Lane told the news station that she and Stephens were in a serious relationship and had considered an engagement not too long before they mutually broke up in part because of his gambling issues. [Full Article...]

Federal legislation on legalizing marijuana unveiled

Former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, who is the parliamentary secretary to the justice minister, said officials learned from the experiences from other jurisdictions like Colorado and Washington state. But that won't stop Americans from using marijuana across the border if and when the drug becomes legal. Such permits will cover only limited purposes, such as medical or scientific cannabis and ... [Full Article...]

Terror hits French election

Terror hits French election After a shooting attack in Paris left one police officer dead and two others seriously wounded on Thursday, the President of the United States reacted with his characteristic blend of compassion and restraint. If Le Pen's harsh tones and bluster echo President Trump's rhetoric, Emmanuel Macron's run bears a striking similarity to Barack Obama's meteoric rise in 2008 as a young and energetic fr... [Full Article...]

US VP says 'the sword stands ready' against North Korea

The United States, its allies and China are working on a range of responses to North Korea's missile test, USA officials have said. Those who would challenge our resolve or readiness should know, we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective American response. [Full Article...]

A look at extremist attacks in France in the past few years

Trump tweeted hours after a gunman shot dead a policeman and wounded two others on the world-famous Champs Elysees boulevard. Cheurfi served 10 years in prison after firing on two plainclothes officers in 2001 as they tried to apprehend him in a stolen auto. [Full Article...]

Emma Morano, world's oldest person, dies in Italy at age 117

Emma Morano, world's oldest person, dies in Italy at age 117 Morano became the world's oldest living person a year ago after American Susannah Mushatt Jones died at age 116. Ms Morano was the oldest of eight siblings , all of whom she outlived. Morano had lost her fiancé in World War I and was then forced to marry an abusive man whom she left in 1938. Researchers from Harvard Medical School visited her in 2014 as part of a study into immunity to dise... [Full Article...]

China May Be Preparing Military Aircraft for Potential Conflict With North Korea

On April 14, US media reported that US President Donald Trump might order a strike against North Korea if Pyongyang made a decision to carry out another nuclear weapon test. Mr Mattis condemned the attempted missile launch as he began a Middle East tour, telling reporters travelling with him to Saudi Arabia: "The leader of North Korea again recklessly tried to provoke something by launch... [Full Article...]

Arkansas begins 11-day 'run' of executions

Arkansas begins 11-day 'run' of executions Arkansas wanted to fast track the executions of seven other convicted murderers before the month's end when one of its lethal-injection drugs expires . An earlier ruling from the state Supreme Court allowing officials to use a lethal injection drug that a supplier says was obtained by misleading the company cleared the way for Lee's execution. [Full Article...]

Republican Wins Special Congressional Election in Kansas

After entering the fray Monday with a recorded get-out-the-vote call on Estes' behalf, Trump Tuesday morning tweeted: " Ron Estes is running TODAY for Congress in the Great State of Kansas". Sam Brownback, a Republican. This reliably Republican district anchored by Wichita has an April 11 special election to pick a successor to Mike Pompeo, now Trump's Central Intelligence Agency director. [Full Article...]

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