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Trump Contradicts State Department On Iran Deal

As the state department announced a review of the 2015 deal to establish if the lifting of sanctions was in the United States' security interests, U.S. Republicans in the US Congress have also been critical, advocating new sanctions on Iran for supporting terrorism and for its ballistic missile program. [Full Article...]

World should join U.S. in tackling N Korea threat

The secretive state then carried out a missile test on Sunday although it blew up nearly immediately. Abe, right, and Pence shake hands at the prime minister's official residence in Tokyo , on April 18, 2017. North Korean state media has warned Washington of a "super-mighty pre-emptive strike" which would "reduce the U.S. to ashes". A senior North Korean official then accused the United Sta... [Full Article...]

Eight killed in blast during crude bomb-making in West Bengal

Eight killed in blast during crude bomb-making in West Bengal Numerous area locals however, claimed that they were attacked by outsiders and alleged that they were members of Trinamool Congress. Following the incident, two of the main local parties, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Trinamool Congress, accused each other of not being able to tackle criminal groups in the region. [Full Article...]

Miami Republican lawmaker says Trump should push out Bannon

At the bottom of the screen, in between two Bannon heads, the words "TOTAL CUCK MOVE" appeared as Colbert smirked and pointed. Serafin Gomez is a White House Producer for FOX News Channel, who also covered the 2016 election as a Special Events & Politics producer and former special campaign correspondent for Fox News Latino. [Full Article...]

Paris attacker Karim Cheurfi who killed policeman 'had note praising Isis'

Paris attacker Karim Cheurfi who killed policeman 'had note praising Isis' French police are in the process of searching Cheurfi's home and have detained three family members for questioning, which has become routine in such investigations. The attack happened just after 9 p.m. Thursday in the Champs Elysees shopping district in the heart of Paris . It was immediately blocked by armed officers after the attack and nearby metro stations were closed. [Full Article...]

Sanders brings Democratic unity tour to North Texas

Said Sanders: "If you're just standing back and moaning and groaning and making amusing jokes about Trump, that ain't good enough". Sanders and Perez are seeking to jump-start grass-roots opposition to Trump by focusing on such issues as raising the minimum wage, guaranteeing health insurance coverage for all and making public colleges and universities tuition-free. [Full Article...]

Widespread student protests spark tension in Kashmir Valley

The Indian government of Jammu and Kashmir , as the state is officially known, has also ordered the temporary closure of all schools and colleges throughout the valley, the Express reports. The clips were posted just a day after another video emerged, which purportedly showed a youth tied to a jeep as a human shield and being driven through Budgam by army personnel. [Full Article...]

United Nations says watching Palestinian prisoner hunger strike closely

Hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli jails launched a hunger strike Monday following a call from leader and prominent prisoner Marwan Barghouti, a movement that could mark a serious challenge to Israeli authorities if sustained. Israeli prison officials reportedly accused Barghouthi of using his wife to "smuggle" the article out of prison and to the New York Times. "It is to be emphasized tha... [Full Article...]

Trump congratulates Erdogan on Turkish referendum victory

Trump congratulates Erdogan on Turkish referendum victory Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said a critical report by European observers on the referendum contained several mistakes, which he believed were deliberate. "The will of the people was freely reflected into the ballot boxes and this business is over". " Calling people to the street is wrong and is outside the line of legitimacy ", Yildirim said, adding, " we expect the main opposition party's... [Full Article...]

Labour MP says her party is not trying to win election

The Scottish National Party (SNP) recommended its members abstained from the vote. Ultimately, Labour is trying to frame elections as being about the demands of those that did vote for Brexit. There are, as I say in the cover this week, risks to this early election for Theresa May . When asked who would make the best Prime Minister, 54 per cent of the 1,727 people polled said Theresa May ,... [Full Article...]

Nigeria 'gay wedding' bust leads to charges

Nigeria 'gay wedding' bust leads to charges Defence lawyer Yunusa Umar said most of the accused were students and had been illegally detained for more than 24 hours, the local Premium Times newspaper reported. The law also stipulates that "any person who registers, operates, or participates in gay clubs, societies, and organisations or directly or indirectly makes public show of same-sex amorous relationship in Nigeria commits an offenc... [Full Article...]

Patriots open season hosting Chiefs on Thursday Night Football

Patriots open season hosting Chiefs on Thursday Night Football Two games on the road to open a season hasn't happened for the Green & White since 1992. The NFL's schedule for the 2017 season was released Thursday night . October 22: at Dolphins , 1 p.m. Previous year the Thursday nighter shifted to New Era Field (formerly Ralph Wilson Stadium) in Week 2, with the Jets coming home with the 37-31 success. [Full Article...]

Labour mulls second Brexit referendum in manifesto

The Prime Minister easily cleared the hurdle needed under the Fixed Term Parliament Act to bring the poll forward from the scheduled date of 2020. JEREMY CORBYN, the United Kingdom leader of the Labour Party , has ruled out any post-election coalition with the SNP, Greens or Liberal Democrats insisting that only a Labour Government can stop the Tories agenda of austerity. [Full Article...]

Suspect in Fresno killings shouts out in first court hearing

But Glenestene Taylor said she didn't remember her grandson showing a racial bias, toward whites or anyone else, in all his years staying with her or during countless visits to her predominately white Fresno neighborhood. He then shot at a passenger in a PG & E truck, killing him, and at another passerby who was unharmed. He had been asked to leave the motel and opened fire because he felt di... [Full Article...]

Trump tells young immigrants in US illegally to 'rest easy'

He said that the nuclear deal is another example of the "failed approach" that has resulted in the current North Korea threat. In connection with the nuclear accord, Iran says it "honors its obligations", and as the deal was concluded with the participation of the United Nations and is worldwide, the USA alone does not have the right to abolish it. [Full Article...]

UK Labour won't offer second Brexit vote

UK Labour won't offer second Brexit vote Separately, a spokeswoman for the party leader said there were no plans to talk about a progressive alliance . In Bolton, Mrs May said the country now has a " unity of purpose" and a desire for the Government to "get on" with implementing Brexit and "making a success of it". [Full Article...]

Real Brexit talks will only start after June vote: EU Commission

Real Brexit talks will only start after June vote: EU Commission They voted by 522 to 13 in favor of the government's motion to call an election after a debate in the House of Commons - a majority of 509. May, who took over as prime minister without an election in the political turmoil that followed Britain's vote to leave the European Union last June, made the surprise announcement on Tuesday that she wanted to hold a snap election . [Full Article...]

Trump Sees No Role for U.S. in Stabilizing Libya

Trump Sees No Role for U.S. in Stabilizing Libya Gentiloni, premier since December, was also expected to stress to Trump the need for burden-sharing in Europe's refugee crisis, given Italy's proximity to Libya, where large numbers of migrants take the risky voyage across the Mediterranean to reach Europe. [Full Article...]

Hinds backs PM's snap election call

It reflects the highest level of support the Conservatives have enjoyed in nine years - up four per cent from a poll carried out last week before the surprise announcement of the election. "They know about using the data to reach parts of the electorate that need to be nudged into voting, and voting Tory". May pushed for the snap poll in hopes of smoothing the Brexit process. [Full Article...]

Queen Elizabeth II turns 91 with day at the horse races

The artillery gun salutes in London's Hyde Park and at the Tower of London will be the only formal markers for the occasion. It may seem excessive, but the British monarch celebrates his or her birthday twice a year, once on the actual day (for Elizabeth, April 21), and once in early June, when the event can be marked with the gala Trooping the Color parade in central London . [Full Article...]

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