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UK Conservatives hold 21 point lead over Labour in new poll

But she may also face election fatigue among an electorate who voted in the European Union referendum less than a year ago, and some commentators say her warnings that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn might win the vote ring hollow in light of opinion polls. [Full Article...]

Election Commission bribery case: Court asks why no action against Dhinakaran

Election Commission bribery case: Court asks why no action against Dhinakaran When Sukesh spilled the beans about the details of his meeting with Dhinakaran, the AIADMK leader was forced to acknowledge that he knew Sukesh, says Delhi police. The Delhi Police have booked Dinakaran on the charge of attempting to bribe EC officials through Chandrasekar to get a favourable verdict in "two leaves" poll symbol case. [Full Article...]

China bans dozens of Muslim baby names in Xinjiang province

China bans dozens of Muslim baby names in Xinjiang province Names such as Islam, Quran, Saddam and Mecca, as well as references to the star and crescent moon symbol, are all unacceptable to the ruling Communist party and children with those names will be denied household registration, a crucial document that grants access to social services, healthcare and education. [Full Article...]

UN hosts aid-pledging conference for beleaguered Yemen

UN hosts aid-pledging conference for beleaguered Yemen Addressing a conference in Geneva today to pledge aid for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen he said "the starvation can be prevented if they act quickly and commit to funding crucial life-saving assistance". According to the United Nations, nearly two-thirds of the population, or almost 19 million people, need emergency support. Children especially are bearing the brunt of the crisis. [Full Article...]

Thousands of French Were Unable to Vote on Sunday

The BBC said France was "entering unchartered political water" and noted that whoever won the next round, the country was "deeply divided". But the rise of the centrist Emmanuel Macron also shares some similarities with Trump's capture of the White House - at least when it comes to having the skill to fire up an army of enthusiastic volunteers, many of whom had not previously been active in poli... [Full Article...]

Polls: President Trump's Approval at New Low as Approaches 100-Day Mark

A pair of White House officials laid out similar themes at a 40-minute briefing at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which sits beside the White House, one of several such briefings scheduled this week. Presidential historian Max Skidmore of the University of Missouri-Kansas City says executive orders are a time honored way of accomplishing politically unpopular goals. [Full Article...]

Arkansas prepares for 1st double execution in USA since 2000

Arkansas prepares for 1st double execution in USA since 2000 An hour after Baker's stay was lifted, there was no word from the execution chamber on whether Williams' lethal injection had begun. The legal chaos surrounding Arkansas' first execution in almost a dozen years and its compromised effort to put eight men to death before the month's end is unlikely to cause any political fallout for the state's Republican governor, attorney general or any other o... [Full Article...]

Corbyn asks Scots to keep 'vicious' Tories out

Some were undecided such as Martin Doughty, 46, who said: "I have yet to make my decision yet, If I am going to be honest with you, I don't think I will be voting the same this time, I voted Labour last time". As well as helping the Tories toward the big majority May says she needs to ensure support for her Brexit plans, it would be a psychological blow in her battle to prevent Scottish First ... [Full Article...]

France elections: Le Pen steps aside as National Front leader

Le Pen has said in the past that she is not a candidate of her party, and made that point when she rolled out her platform in February, saying the measures she was espousing were not her party's, but her own. This increased confidence meant that political risk was being priced out of the euro ahead of the second round, with implied volatility - an option used to hedge against big future price swin... [Full Article...]

Xi urges restraint in call with Trump

Xi urges restraint in call with Trump Trump said he was sending "an armada" to Korean waters potentially to deal with threats from North Korea. " North Korea is a big world problem and it's a problem that we have to finally solve", he added. In March, the North's state media reported that the country successfully conducted a ground test of a new high-thrust rocket engine, which it said was a breakthrough for the country's space progr... [Full Article...]

US general in Afghanistan suggests Russia arming the Taliban

US general in Afghanistan suggests Russia arming the Taliban The explosive allegation was laid bare at a news conference held by Gen John Nicholson, the American commander in Afghanistan - with Defence Secretary Jim "Mad Dog" Mattis at his side. The Afghan Defense Minister resigned after the Taliban attack on government forces where over 170 soldiers were killed. In recent comments to Congress Gen Nicholson said a "few more thousand" were necessary to mak... [Full Article...]

US President Donald Trump Calls For New UN Sanctions Against North Korea

US President Donald Trump Calls For New UN Sanctions Against North Korea The White House said Mr Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping reaffirmed the "urgency of the threat posed by North Korea". Ms Haley said the detentions are North Korea's effort to "have a bargaining chip" for talks with the US. officials or former United States presidents. The return of a USA aircraft carrier strike group to the region could also reignite tensions, especially if it is... [Full Article...]

South Korea Considers Naval Military Drills With US Carl Vinson Carrier

The South's Yonhap News Agency said earlier the exercise was possibly supervised by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea celebrates the 85th anniversary of the foundation of its Korean People's Army on Tuesday, and has marked similar events in the past with nuclear tests or missile launches. [Full Article...]

French presidential candidates to stage TV debate May 3

She noted that Algerians who had served French colonialism had been treated badly by forcing them to live in "uninhabitable camps" in France. There are 11 candidates running for the French presidency and four leading contenders: Emanuelle Macron, Marine Le Pen, Francois Fillon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. [Full Article...]

French candidate leaks Obama call ahead of Sunday poll

Macron will be hoping to make it number four in May. French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve tweeted his support for Macron , calling on voters to back him in the second round "to combat the National Front's disastrous project to take France backwards and to divide the French people". [Full Article...]

Trump Takes Friendlier Stance On EU As Italy's PM Visits

The Italian Prime Minister highlighted the contribution of the US Special Forces in defeating the Islamic State group that established a caliphate in Sirte. As for the Italian G7 summit, Gentiloni made it clear he's looking forward to sharing the leaders' table with Trudeau. "So I do not see that", the president said. [Full Article...]

The referendum that could transform Turkey, what you need to know

On the ongoing state of emergency announced after a failed coup attempt past year and extended several times, Erdogan signaled it could be extended for a third time. For the faithful who thronged the vast Yenikapi square for the rally, the referendum will be a chance to send multiple signals: "Yes" to strongman leadership, "Yes" to the fight against Kurdish militants, "Yes" to confrontation with E... [Full Article...]

Trump congratulates NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson

President Trump, during a video call with NASA astronauts Monday, joked that he wouldn't want to re-use human urine as drinking water, a practice common in United States spaceflight. President Trump said, "On behalf of our nation and, frankly, on behalf of our world, I'd like to thank you". "You have no idea". "We also are cleaning up our urine and making it drinkable and it's really not as bad ... [Full Article...]

Indonesian capital electing governor as tensions rise

While campaigning last fall, Purnama reportedly told voters that they were being lied to by people who were misquoting that verse to justify their argument that Muslims should not be ruled by non-Muslims. Muslims make up almost 90% of the population of almost 260 million, who have long lived peacefully with Christian, Buddhist and Hindu minorities. Prosecutors recommended one year prison if Ahok... [Full Article...]

North Korea threatens to sink USA aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson

North Korea threatens to sink USA aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson Navy Carrier Strike Group 1, which includes the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson , from Australia to the western Pacific Ocean near the Korean peninsula. "What's only laid for aggressors is dead bodies", the newspaper said. Japan's show of naval force reflects growing concern that North Korea could strike it with nuclear or chemical warheads. [Full Article...]

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