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Watch Melania Trump Remind Donald How the National Anthem Works

Watch Melania Trump Remind Donald How the National Anthem Works The White House Historical Association said that 40,000 of the eggs were ordered this year, with 18,000 set to be given away at the event and another 22,000 to be made available for purchase. She has been working on this for a long time to make it ideal and we wanted to keep it just right, but before she speaks, I want to congratulate her on this wonderful day we're going to have. [Full Article...]

May Signals She Won't Give More Brexit Details During Election

The majority of 509 votes gives UK Prime Minister Theresa May her two-thirds majority, which is required to call an election under the Fixed Term Parliament Act. Theresa May took over from former Prime Minister David Cameron without an election following last June's (2016) Brexit referendum and the decision to leave the European Union. [Full Article...]

Indian workers to get affected as Australia to abolish 457 visa programme

The move is likely to affect dozens of Indians, who are among the majority of the temporary foreign workers who use the visa programme. Master Builders Australia chief executive officer Denita Wawn said her organisation welcomed the changes and looked forward to working with the government to ensure that the new program was sufficiently flexible to the needs of the building sector. [Full Article...]

North Korean Nuclear Showdown

But I am going to suspect that this was a new missile or certainly one that has not been well-developed". You read (Bill) Clinton's book and he said "Oh, we made such a great peace deal " and it was a joke. Pence on Monday had traveled to the tense zone dividing North and South Korea, where he warned North Korea's leaders that after years of testing the USA and South Korea with its nuclear ambiti... [Full Article...]

Trump seems to rule out deeper U.S. intervention in Syria

Trump says he'd like to think the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin didn't know, but says "certainly they could have". Lavrov however said that the two sides still "diverge" over their evaluation of the alleged chemical attack, which Washington has blamed squarely on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. [Full Article...]

Japan lodges protest with N. Korea over ballistic missile launch

Japan lodges protest with N. Korea over ballistic missile launch Ahead of Saturday's festive parade, Pyongyang urged Washington to stop its " military hysteria " and come to its " senses " - or otherwise face a merciless response in case of any provocations against North Korea. It was the first time the MOAB has ever been used in combat - but it might not be the last. Choe Ryong Hae, who some say is the second-most powerful official in North Korea, said i... [Full Article...]

Trump Moves Against Planned Parenthood by Signing GOP Measure

Trump Moves Against Planned Parenthood by Signing GOP Measure Late last month, Vice President Mike Pence broke a Senate tie to pass the bill . Trump has pledged to defund Planned Parenthood in the past, so it came as no surprise when he signed the bill into law. President Trump signed the resolution into law April 13. "We are facing the worst political attack on women's health in a generation as lawmakers have spent the past three months trading away women'... [Full Article...]

Indonesia's Widodo calls for unity in Jakarta's nail-biting vote

Indonesia's Widodo calls for unity in Jakarta's nail-biting vote The vote is seen as a test of whether the moderate Islam traditionally practiced in the world's most populous Muslim country is under threat from the influence of hardliners, who have led mass demonstrations against Purnama. Tobias Basuki from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies said while the pair are "too smart" to say things outright they have not shied away from symbols and insi... [Full Article...]

Insurers say Trump must do more to stabilize Obamacare

Going by his support of the American Health Care Act, recently withdrawn by House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, it doesn't look to me like he cares a great deal his constituents' health. A heavy-handed effort by the president to take hostage insurer subsidies critical to the proper functioning of Obamacare - with the demand that Democrats cooperate to salvage Trump's own failed health-ca... [Full Article...]

Japan to 'exercise pressure' on North Korea

The country's United Nations envoy, Kim In Ryong, said this week that the USA had pushed the Korean Peninsula to the "brink of war". U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, center, speaks to U.S. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed this past February to establish the bilateral economic dialogue. Despite his declaration that the United States has its sword ready, some analy... [Full Article...]

Trump signs 'Buy American, Hire American' executive order

Trump signs 'Buy American, Hire American' executive order The president on Tuesday signed a "Buy American, Hire American" executive order that is meant to protect American workers by enforcing immigration laws and cutting out unfair trade practices, which Hannity touted on his show. The administration said that if the waivers are not benefiting the United States they will be "renegotiated or revoked". R Chandrasekhar, President, Nasscom said H1- Vi... [Full Article...]

What's next in the fight over Arkansas executions

Justices on the Supreme Court rejected a request by the state to lift a stay that would have allowed officials to conduct the state's first execution in almost a dozen years. "A drug's expiration date should not be the contingent factor for the expedited execution of these eight men", Catholic Mobilizing Network stated. (END OPTIONAL TRIM.) In a sharply worded dissent on Monday, Associate Justic... [Full Article...]

Global sales of Ivanka Trump merchandise set record since election

Global sales of Ivanka Trump merchandise set record since election The Ivanka Trump conflict of interest when it comes to China isn't limited to just the trademarks she was granted by the Chinese government. And this isn't the first time Ivanka Trump has seen business boom since her father's ascendance to the presidency. [Full Article...]

Parliament OK's prime minister's call for early election ahead of Brexit

Britain formally triggered the two-year Brexit process on March 29. "That would be in nobody's interest", May said. Parliament is expected to be dissolved on May 3, as British law mandates the dissolution must happen 25 working days before a general election. [Full Article...]

US national security adviser discusses Afghanistan in India

US national security adviser discusses Afghanistan in India The top USA commander in Afghanistan has said he needs "several thousand" more troops to help the Afghans take on a resurgent Taliban and battle other insurgents, but no official plan has been announced. Modi recalled his positive telephonic conversations with Trump soon after he took office, which reaffirmed the importance attached by both sides to the strategic partnership and to stepping up Ind... [Full Article...]

What North Korea is trying to accomplish with its provocations

What North Korea is trying to accomplish with its provocations He said that military action was an option not only if North Korea threatened South Korea or USA forces but also if "they elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level that we believe requires action". China banned all imports of North Korean coal on February 26, cutting off the country's most important export product. North Korea saw the toppling of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Moammar G... [Full Article...]

Japan's Abe calls for 'peaceable' resolution on North Korea

The remark coincided with reports that China's attempts to get North Korea to even meet its nuclear envoy have been ignored. He said his country's "era of strategic patience" with North Korea was over. Last month, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned that pre-emptive military action was "on the table". For its part, China made a plea for a return to negotiations. [Full Article...]

In Japan talks, US VP Pence to seek market access, investment

The U.S. military's Pacific Command explained that the USS Carl Vinson strike group first had to complete a shorter-than-initially planned period of training with Australia. "We would like to seek the best shape and forum for our bilateral relationship", Pence said. Pence will meet Abe for a working lunch. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters over the weekend that J... [Full Article...]

North Korea puts its might on parade

North Korea puts its might on parade USA vice-president Mike Pence travels to South Korea today on a long-planned 10-day trip to Asia. During an interview with the Associated Press on April. "We can see from today that North Korea's missile technology has advanced far more than we had previously thought". Analysts say commercial satellite images from recent weeks indicate increased activity around North Korea's nuclear test site. [Full Article...]

Hindraf: How was Zakir Naik found fit for PR?

Hindraf: How was Zakir Naik found fit for PR? Ahmad Zahid, who is also Home Minister, said the preacher did not reside in Malaysia but stayed in several other countries. He allegedly fled to Saudi Arabia after Indian authorities started investigations on him and his non-governmental organisation, Islamic Research Foundation, for terror propaganda. [Full Article...]

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