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USA berates Syria at OPCW meeting on Syrian chemical attack

Syria has denied any use of chemical weapons and Moscow said the deaths were the result of a conventional strike hitting a rebel arms depot containing "toxic substances". And Turkey, which received numerous wounded from the attack, said it has "concrete evidence" of the use of chemical weapons. He added that "this outrage is abetted by Russia's continuing efforts to bury the truth and protect th... [Full Article...]

Shared sufficient evidence against Jadhav with India: PHC Abdul Basit

Shared sufficient evidence against Jadhav with India: PHC Abdul Basit A Field General Court Martial awarded the death sentence to Jadhav and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa confirmed it. We do not know what are the circumstances of his presence in Pakistan until we meet him. "Pakistan needs to keep this in mind", he said. He said that Jadhav had confessed his crime in the confessional statement, which is available on record. [Full Article...]

Dickey gets win as Braves top Padres

No doubt inspired by the neon, Inciarte legged out the first hit. The Atlanta Braves were unbackable heading into game 1, and finally got Teheran some run support. The night got off to a rocky start. "I battled pretty much all game", said Chacin, who allowed four runs over five-plus innings. This, after posting an average wRC+ of 62 in the first half of seasons and 117 in the second during... [Full Article...]

Markey: Democrats will Restore 60-Vote Threshold for Supreme Court

Three and a half years later, Democrats have threatened to filibuster the nomination of Gorsuch, President Trump's pick for the nation's highest court. "I've always heard that the most important thing that a president of the United States does is appoint people, hopefully great people like this appointment, to the United States Supreme Court, and I can say this is a great honor", the president s... [Full Article...]

Delta Air Lines to offer $10K for bumping

Delta Air Lines to offer $10K for bumping There are four general reasons for bumping a passenger: 1) flight is overbooked; 2) aircraft is overweight; 3) seat (s) needed for in-flight Marshall (s); and 4) seats are needed for employee (s) commuting to work for a flight departing from another city . [Full Article...]

Egypt's Easter celebrations cut after bombings

Sunday's bombings, claimed by the Islamic State group, are the latest escalation by the extremist group - which recently vowed to step up its attacks against Egypt's embattled Christian minority. In Tanta a man wearing concealed explosives passed through a security check at St. George's Church before detonating his suicide bomb near the pews at the front. [Full Article...]

Demonstrators in Chicago demand Trump release tax returns

For decades, United States presidents and presidential candidates have released their tax returns voluntarily, although there is no legal requirement to do so. Many lawmakers, including some Republicans, have also called on Trump to make them public. Therefore, Electronic Privacy Information Center chose to file a lawsuit in the D.C. [Full Article...]

ISIS Fighters, 1 Commander Killed In 'Mother Of All Bombs' US Attack

Kean believes while the main reason the MOAB was used was to avoid US infantry casualties, the payoff is that it shows Russia, Syria, North Korea and the world President Trump will not hesitate to take action when needed. Sarhadi also noted that while there are no official reports on civilian casualties yet, an official has said that they're still possible. "We are very happy, and these kinds of... [Full Article...]

North Korea rolls out intercontinental ballistic missiles, other weaponry at parade

Almost 60 missiles rolled through Kim Il-Sung Square at an event to mark the 105th anniversary of the North's founder, in a show of strength as tensions mount over the isolated nation's military ambitions. Kim, the analyst, said it's likely that North Korea is also developing solid-fuel ICBMs, and that some of the rockets inside the canisters on Saturday might have been prototypes. [Full Article...]

Russia, Turkey back Syria gas attack probe

The intelligence was part of a larger collection of information that was reviewed shortly after the attack, which killed at least 83 people in the northwest city of Idlib. Syria joined the OPCW in 2013 under severe worldwide pressure following a deadly chemical attack on a Damascus suburb. The OPCW's Fact Finding Mission in Syria investigates alleged attacks, but does not apportion blame. [Full Article...]

U.S. strikes killed 18 SDF militants in Syria: Pentagon

A "misdirected" airstrike by the United States-led coalition Tuesday killed 18 allied Syrian fighters instead of ISIS militants, the US military command overseeing the Middle East said Thursday. An SDF military source said Saturday that clashes were "at their height" and that the alliance's forces were "trying to penetrate the town from the east and west". [Full Article...]

Putin meets with Tillerson in Russian Federation as Syria rift deepens

Spokesman Mark Toner also ridiculed the Syrian president's comments to AFP , describing them as "vintage Assad". Syrian authorities "abetted by Russia's continuing efforts to bury the truth" still possess and use chemical weapons, an American diplomat told the global chemical weapons watchdog today. [Full Article...]

Watch David Letterman Induct Pearl Jam Into Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

The former late night comedian filled in for Neil Young , who was originally going to introduce the band but came down with an illness this week. Steve Perry , the long-estranged singer of Journey , hugged his former band mates and smiled, but did not sing with them, as fans had hoped. [Full Article...]

British tourist stabbed to death by Palestinian in Israel

On January 24 she wrote: "I'm ok thanks!" "Security is really tight on campus so no worries at mo [ment]!" The family of the British woman stabbed to death in a Jerusalem tram have spoken of their grief. In a statement released today by its Foreign Ministry on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Russian Federation took the unusual step of removing ambiguity about its stance on West Jerusalem . [Full Article...]

Ahmadinejad to run for president

However, he named one of his main allies and former deputy Hamid Baghaei as a candidate. It is here where the Supreme Leader could use his influence to disapprove of Ahmadinejad's candidacy. Mr Ahmadjinejad was required to step down because of term limit rules in 2013, when President Hassan Rouhani won in a landslide on a promise to reduce Iran's worldwide isolation. [Full Article...]

Protesters around country call for Trump to release tax returns

Trump has broken with past precedent and refused to make his tax returns public. The Tax Marches are expected to be the largest single-day coordinated call-to-action since the Women's March the day after Trump's inauguration in January. [Full Article...]

Spain rescues 125 migrants crossing sea at night

MSF said two of their ships, Aquarius and Prudence, had rescued about 1,000 people in nine boats. Crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Libya has been a popular route for migrants from the Middle East and northern Africa to reach Europe. "Many more people could have died in a day like this if we arrived a few hours later". SOS Mediterranee, which operates the Aquarius jointly with MSF, posted a ... [Full Article...]

Everton ban The Sun following 'appalling and indefensible allegations'

Everton ban The Sun following 'appalling and indefensible allegations' A statement from the Premier League club said the Sun was banned from "all areas of its operation" following the "appalling and indefensible" allegations made against Ross Barkley, who has a grandfather who was born in Nigeria, and people from Liverpool. [Full Article...]

South Korea warns of North Korea 'provocations', US navy group approaches

South Korea warns of North Korea 'provocations', US navy group approaches The North has conducted five nuclear tests, two of them a year ago, and is working to develop nuclear-tipped missiles that can reach the United States. Moon aims to return to the conciliatory policy toward North Korea that South Korea maintained in those years. "I will prevent a war on the Korean Peninsula with everything I have", he said Monday, the same day Washington said it was redirecting t... [Full Article...]

Kathleen Kennedy: Carrie Fisher will not be in Star Wars Episode IX

The trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi gave fans the first of glimpse of Luke Skywalker ( Mark Hamill ) training Rey (Daisey Ridley) to become a Jedi master. She's as much a part of it as anything and I think her presence now is even more powerful than it was, like Obi Wan - when the saber cuts him down he becomes more powerful. [Full Article...]

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