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Spicer Apologizes To Trump

The comment caused massive outrage immediately and after numerous attempts to give his words a different context, Spicer apologized in an interview on CNN . "I let the president down", the White House spokesperson said, adding that his comments distracted from "an unbelievable couple of weeks" for US President Donald Trump. [Full Article...]

Pakistan lauds China's commitment to CPEC: PM

Pakistan lauds China's commitment to CPEC: PM The premier noted that China's [economic] progress in the last three decades was a model for developing countries. "As the USA looks inward, China is reaching out", Bilal Khan, a senior economist at Standard Chartered Plc in Karachi told Bloomberg . [Full Article...]

UN peacekeepers' child sex ring left victims, but no arrests

These included 300 cases involving children by personnel from 23 countries. Peacekeepers from Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria and Uruguay have also faced allegations in Haiti. We believe we are advancing in the right direction, especially with the secretary-general's new approach. "Some days, I imagine strangling my daughter to death", she said in an interview under the shadow of banana... [Full Article...]

Trump removes top strategist Steve Bannon from the Security Council

Some may point to the situation as a win for Gen McMaster, but Mr Bannon had apparently attended NSC meetings infrequently, with reports suggesting he attended only one meeting in the last month. General McMaster had struggled to gain influence inside the White House, until now. A USA official confirmed to The Associated Press that Ezra Cohen-Watnick had access to those kinds of intelligence mater... [Full Article...]

Chinese foreign minister: No winners if Korea war breaks out

Yi said that if a war occurs, everyone will lose. Trump has sent an aircraft carrier-led strike group to the Korean Peninsula. China is North Korea's sole important ally, and any potential conflict on the Korean Peninsula is likely to draw in Bejing, which has repeatedly expressed concerns about a wave of refugees and the possible presence of US and South Korean troops on its border. [Full Article...]

British Foreign Secy cancels Russian Federation trip post U.S. talks

British Foreign Secy cancels Russian Federation trip post U.S. talks Other than that, he added, "there is no change to our military posture" toward Syria . U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley on Friday said the "prepared to do more" against Assad but "hope [s] it will not be necessary". Rouhani added the USA attack was in line with policy to strengthen the terrorists. Russia, one of the main backers of the Assad regime alongside Iran, condemned the ... [Full Article...]

Palestinian government slashes salaries for Gaza employees

Palestinian government slashes salaries for Gaza employees We have to prepare ourselves for a continuous and a wide-scale movement, not only in the Gaza Strip , but everywhere and also in diaspora. The Palestinian Authority denounces the execution of three people in Gaza by Hamas, saying it was done illegally as the terrorist group did not get permission from PA President Mahmoud Abbas. [Full Article...]

Gary Cohn Lists at Least $254 Million in Assets in Ethics Filing

Among the list of high-profile advisers are Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner who are holding onto their real estate portfolio and business assets - worth an estimated $ 740 million - while they both work in the White House. [Full Article...]

Syria's Assad says chemical attack '100 percent fabrication'

Spokesman Mark Toner also ridiculed the Syrian president's comments to AFP , describing them as "vintage Assad". THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Syrian authorities — "abetted by Russia's continuing efforts to bury the truth" — still possess and use chemical weapons, an American diplomat told the worldwide chemical weapons watchdog on Thursday. [Full Article...]

Russian Federation vetoes UN SC resolution on alleged chemical attack in Syria

It came as the two nations agreed to co-operate on an worldwide investigation into the Syrian chemical weapons attack last week that prompted retaliatory American missile strikes . Tillerson said Russian interference in the presidential election was a settled fact. Assad also claims that his nation "gave up" all of its stored chemical weapons as part of a 2013 agreement between the Russian gover... [Full Article...]

After abstaining on UN Syria vote, China backs political fix

After abstaining on UN Syria vote, China backs political fix Therefore, China calls upon all parties, in particular Russian Federation and the United States, to step up communication and coordination and to avoid confrontation and conflict. However, after 70 years, what we can see is that Palestinian brothers have yet to establish an independent country with full sovereignty. "This is unfair, and this awful injustice must be addressed, and it can not contin... [Full Article...]

Royal Navy chases Spanish boat out of British waters off Gibraltar

Royal Navy chases Spanish boat out of British waters off Gibraltar British rhetoric quickly heated up after the EU's Brexit negotiating guidelines released on Friday included a section saying Spain must have a say on any future trade deal involving Gibraltar. But Gibraltar's Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has vowed the territory will not be used as leverage in the upcoming Brexit talks. The EU's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier urged Britain Tuesday to "keep ca... [Full Article...]

Stockholm attack suspect admits to "terrorist crime", lawyer says

Akilov's court-appointed defense lawyer, Johan Eriksson , said the defendant "admits to having committed the terrorist crime " and did not oppose his continued detention. Friday's attack resembled previous rampages using vehicles in Nice, Berlin and London, which were all claimed by the Islamic State (IS). "I mowed down the infidels ", he said, according to Aftonbladet , which cited sources ... [Full Article...]

CNN political commentator Jeffrey Lord compares Donald Trump to MLK

CNN political commentator Jeffrey Lord compares Donald Trump to MLK King means something different to the people who are sitting here than he meant to you", Lemon said. "That's what finally worked". Dogs were being sicced on them. Lord, in response, said his father lost his job and later a business "because he stood up for black Americans when we lived in the south in 1965". During the evening segment, CNN contributor Bakari Sellers countered Lord, saying... [Full Article...]

'Anchorman' Meme Adds New Twist to James Comey Twitter Mystery

'Anchorman' Meme Adds New Twist to James Comey Twitter Mystery But two sources told Newsweek that President Obama's administration scuttled those plans. "He had a draft of it or an outline ", a source told the publication about Comey's Op-Ed. The FBI was party to a joint intelligence community assessment accusing Russian Federation of attempting to influence the election. Take what you will from the fact that the director of the Federal Bureau of Inves... [Full Article...]

Christians celebrate Good Friday in Jerusalem

First of all, we must develop faith, and Romans 10:17 tells us how. Instead, "it's wonderful to help others, serve others", he said, because though it may be tiring, "the heart fills with joy and hope". There's nothing greater than to lay down one's life for another. Don't give up . I don't know what you're facing. If the world was so flawless and there was no sin, there would have been no ne... [Full Article...]

Federal Bureau of Investigation got court order to monitor ex-Trump adviser in Russian Federation probe

Federal Bureau of Investigation got court order to monitor ex-Trump adviser in Russian Federation probe Carter Page, a foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump's presidential campaign, said that when he was in Moscow last summer, "something may have come up in a conversation " with Russians about lifting USA sanctions. "I will say that, in terms of probable cause, there's been a ton of false evidence that's been out there, primarily in the public realm". In March 2016, candidate Trump included Page's... [Full Article...]

Facebook Suspends 30000 Fake Accounts in France

Facebook Suspends 30000 Fake Accounts in France The social networking giant said that protecting authenticity is an ongoing challenge, but on a daily basis it is making changes to its systems to better detect abuse, fake news , and other online nastiness. It said its priority was to remove fake accounts with high volumes of posting activity and the biggest audiences. Facebook is one of the main ways that people share news about their fam... [Full Article...]

United to Compensate All Passengers on Flight That Sparked Furor

One officer was placed on leave on Monday. And the Department of Transportation announced it's reviewing how the airline handled the incident. As Dao was forcibly removed his head was slammed into a nearby seat rendering him semi-conscious and blood streaming from his nose and mouth. [Full Article...]

No need for Trump's approval to use massive bomb

The statement said it is the responsibility of Afghans, not the US, to remove the Islamic State group from the country. "Eight days ago, I went with my unit to help our demining team and Daesh militants attacked us", Amruddin said, using a local name for the militant group. [Full Article...]

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