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House Intelligence panel probe into Russian meddling in United States election appears frozen

Devin Nunes, R-Calif., asked reporters, "Why would I?" when they asked whether he was stepping down in response to growing calls from some lawmakers. Nunes is facing pressure from Democrats to recuse himself from the probe after he went to the White House to review intelligence critical to a bipartisan congressional investigation on Russian Federation. [Full Article...]

British PM says timetable to reach EU deal is tight

In response, the other 27 governments said Britain could be a "close partner": "We will approach these talks constructively and strive to find an agreement", they said in a statement . With Article 50 invoked, Britain will have two years to negotiate its self-extraction. The deadline can be extended, but only if all of the 27 remaining member countries agree. [Full Article...]

Macron Calls for European Defense Cooperation After UK Attack

Macron Calls for European Defense Cooperation After UK Attack Dutch voters turned away from firebrand Geert Wilders, who also campaigned on a platform of cutting immigration and quitting the EU. As the programme started, candidates noted the "undemocratic" absence of the six other candidates, who had not been invited to the debate by TF1 producers. [Full Article...]

Britain follows USA in banning electronics an flights from Muslim-majority countries

The move by the United Kingdom government follows a similar move by the USA, where its intelligence claims terrorists are looking for innovative ways to carry out attacks through the use of explosives concealed in items like laptops. "It will depend on the substance of the intelligence that the agencies have", Geoff Aksew told ABC Radio Melbourne. Today, Turkey filed a formal complaint, asking t... [Full Article...]

Stephen Colbert Ridicules Donald Trump's Push For 'Clean Coal'

Noting that the "one person Donald Trump did not blame" happened to be Donald Trump himself, Colbert played footage of the president insisting he "never said" he'd repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act in 64 days. "So clean you can just see right through the air, like you can see through [Trump's] lie". "Who does Trump blame for this failure?" Colbert then turned to a special guest to p... [Full Article...]

Environmental groups vow to fight Trump climate actions

Environmental groups vow to fight Trump climate actions A coalition of 23 states and local governments vowed to fight the order in court. Trump's main target is Obama's Clean Power Plan, which required states to slash carbon emissions from power plants and was key to the US pledge under Paris to cut emissions by between 26 and 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. [Full Article...]

Scottish Assembly Backs New Independence Vote

Re-opening the debate Ms Sturgeon said made a plea for MSPs of all parties to use respectful language - a sentiment that was echoed by others across the chamber. We've worked together, we've prospered together, we've fought wars together, and we have a bright future. "At this crucial time we should be working together, not pulling apart". [Full Article...]

University founded by Soros says targeted by new Hungary law

University founded by Soros says targeted by new Hungary law Hungary has placed 324 shipping containers at the two transit zones on its border with Serbia where it holds migrants with asylum requests while they are being processed. The camps are built into a fence that Hungary erected along its southern border. "Our positions came closer even today and by the summer, we will find a way to express a common position", Pinter said. [Full Article...]

Israeli man arrested for threats against US Jewish centres

Israeli man arrested for threats against US Jewish centres The FBI statement said that investigating hate crimes is the agency's "top priority" and that it will "continue to work to make sure all races and religions feel safe in their communities and in their places of worship". over the past two months. A court remanded their arrest until March 30. A US-Israeli citizen, the suspect is reportedly responsible for bomb and other threats across the US,... [Full Article...]

Fact check: Spicer says case closed on Russia. It's not

Now listen to this: it turns out that Yates had been asked to appear before the House Intelligence Committee to testify in the planned March 28 open hearing on the ongoing Russian Federation investigation, but that hearing was unexpectedly canceled by Committee Chairman Rep. [Full Article...]

Ferry Sewol raised from the seabed

People and relatives of victims of the Sewol ferry watch the ongoing salvage operation off the coast of South Korea's southern island of Jindo on March 28, 2017. The task is expected to prove difficult in part because the ship is now lying on its left side on top of a semi-submersible ship. which will make it harder for investigators to move through the vessel safely than if it were upright. [Full Article...]

United Kingdom triggers Article 50, officially starts Brexit

The loss of a major member is destabilising for the European Union, which is battling to contain a tide of nationalist and populist sentiment and faces unprecedented antipathy from the new resident of the White House. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has put the figure at around 50 billion euros ($63 billion). Some analysts fear markets have underestimated how much inflation w... [Full Article...]

Article 50 is triggered - the Brexit process begins

She recommended the United Kingdom pursued a "phased implementation" scheme as she believes it will maintain a free and open trading environment until a new trade deal could come into force. Reacting to Britain's triggering of Article 50 , Tusk said he has received a six-page letter to start the negotiations on Britain leaving the European Union and there is no reason to pretend this as a hap... [Full Article...]

Tropical Cyclone Debbie Slams Into Australia's Northeastern Coast

QAS Director of Operations, Dave Hartley said his crew were forced to contend with significant power outages along with road closures due to the cyclone. The idyllic Whitsunday Islands, a popular tourist destination, were hit particularly hard, with one recorded wind gust of 263 kilometers (163 miles) per hour, the meteorology bureau reported. [Full Article...]

Germany rejects Trump's claim it owes North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 'vast sums'

President Donald Trump's first meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel produced a slightly awkward moment when the president didn't shake the German leader's hand in front of photographers in the Oval Office. As for the most recent report, Trump said he shouldn't be blamed for quoting a Fox News analyst who had accused British intelligence of helping Obama spy on him. [Full Article...]

Ivanka Trump gets office in White House

Ivanka Trump gets office in White House Her attorney said she'll serve as President Donald Trump's "eyes and ears", but it's unclear exactly what that means. Having Ivanka in the White House is a big deal because there's no standard protocol for adult children of a president working in the administration-especially in an unofficial capacity like Ivanka's. [Full Article...]

N Korea Making Advances In Building Rockets, Missiles

N Korea Making Advances In Building Rockets, Missiles U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted before the talks in Beijing that North Korea has been "behaving very badly" and seemed to blame China for sitting idly by. That would put parts of the United States in range. The tension continues to build after the North Korean government launched several missile tests. [Full Article...]

Enjoy the weather while it lasts, rain headed this way

Enjoy the weather while it lasts, rain headed this way Those in the Greater Toronto Area in closer proximity to Lake Ontario, as well as most of Southwestern Ontario, should receive mostly rain. But the agency now says the precipitation in Hamilton will likely start as snow mixed with rain, shifting to rain with some freezing rain possible Thursday evening. [Full Article...]

Ivanka Trump to become official White House employee

Ivanka Trump to become official White House employee Her new title: Special assistant to the President. Trump previously announced she was getting a West Wing office and a security clearance, but would not officially join the administration. In a statement, the White House said it was "pleased that Ivanka Trump has chosen to take this step in her unprecedented role as First Daughter and in support of the President". [Full Article...]

Helicopter with five on board missing over Irish Sea

Helicopter with five on board missing over Irish Sea Two search and rescue helicopters, one from south Wales and one from north Wales, are involved in the sea search. The privately owned helicopter is believed to have left Milton Keynes earlier on Wednesday en route to Dublin. A MayDay Relay broadcast has been issued out to all boats passing through the Irish Sea and a hunt for the helicopter is continuing throughout the evening. [Full Article...]

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