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Violent clashes in Venezuela as thousands protest government

The ruling said the sanction was due to "administrative irregularities" by Capriles in his post as governor of the northern state of Miranda. The protests were triggered by the Supreme Court's decision to gut the opposition-controlled legislature of its last vestiges of power, a move that was later reversed after widespread global condemnation and even dissent within Maduro's normally discipli... [Full Article...]

Egypt on edge as Christians bury dead from church attacks

Sisi announced the state of emergency nationwide for three months in a short televised address last night, following the blasts that targeted the minority Coptic Christians on Palm Sunday, one of the holiest days of the Christian calendar. Political science professor Mustapha Kamel al-Sayyid of Cairo University voiced worry over the powers afforded to security forces under the state of emergency... [Full Article...]

Spotify executive killed in Swedish terrorist attack

Spotify executive killed in Swedish terrorist attack The Prime Minister of Sweden has spoken out against mass immigration following the terror incident in Stockholm on Friday in which a failed asylum seeker killed four people in a truck attack. Carlstedt said. "I think it is very important now not to rush into something, to see how we can safeguard this open society and still be able to protect ourselves". [Full Article...]

Moscow slams London after British FM cancels visit

At least one woman was killed and three other people injured in Saturday's strikes in Khan Sheikhoun, two activists in the town said. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is due to travel to Moscow this week and the spokeswoman for May said the two leaders had agreed during their conversation that the visit was an opportunity to make progress toward a solution. [Full Article...]

Macron's lead narrows in French presidential election, polls show

Unlike that debate, Tuesday's will feature all of the candidates and not just the top five, prompting fears it could become unwieldy. Macron would win 25 percent of the April 23 first round vote while far right leader Marine Le Pen was seen getting 24 percent, according to a Harris Interactive poll for France Televisions published on Thursday. [Full Article...]

At Least Four Shot In San Bernardino School Shooting

The wounded students, who were taken to hospital for treatment, were not believed to have been targeted by the gunman, police said . Police said Anderson was allowed into the school after checking in at the front office and telling administrators he had to drop something off for his wife - something San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said was "not uncommon". [Full Article...]

No staff shakeup ahead - White House

No staff shakeup ahead - White House A White House official called the suggestions "completely false" and claimed they were "driven by people who want to distract from the success taking place in this administration". McMaster, an active-duty three-star Army general who formerly commanded US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, was named national security adviser in February after the more hard-line Flynn was sacked. [Full Article...]

Seoul praises USA stance in Trump-Xi summit

Perhaps he told North Korea's ally it would be a good idea for their little despot to take a hike for the duration. "In terms of North Korea, we've been very clear that our objective is a denuclearised Korea peninsula". According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, the meeting in the Tuscan walled city of Lucca is being attended by the foreign ministers of France, Germany, Britain, Japan, ... [Full Article...]

Is Trump gonna ax Bannon and Priebus?

Is Trump gonna ax Bannon and Priebus? Some in the White House are pushing back on the rumors of change, including one senior official who was adamant Priebus is not going anywhere, dismissing the talk as just " palace intrigue ". As he grappled on Thursday with his first major decision involving military action, a fed-up and frustrated President Donald Trump turned to his two top aides and told them he had had enough of their incessan... [Full Article...]

2 adults dead, 2 students injured in shooting at San Bernardino school

The second injured student, a 9-year-old boy, is now in stable condition at a local hospital. Without speaking, Anderson opened fire on Smith with a large-caliber revolver. "This is just tragedy ", said William Green, whose son attends the school. Two adults were killed and two students were injured Monday at an elementary school in San Bernardino in what officials are describing as a m... [Full Article...]

A Clear Majority Of Senators Support Trump's Syria Airstrike

Mr. Trump declared that had not only crossed one "red line", but "many, many lines". "Why have you attacked the Syrian army which is at war with terrorists?" In August, 2013, President Bashar al-Assad launched a gas attack on his own population, ostensibly calling US president Barack Obama's bluff. [Full Article...]

Spain's Garcia wins The Masters, his first major golf title

A Sergio Garcia victory would be a lovely nod to that. Sergio 3.0 - the fresh-faced El NiƱo version being the original - is made of tougher stuff, shrugging off the slings and arrows of outrageous golf fortune. Garcia had to take a penalty shot there, but managed to save par. But this Garcia wouldn't let it happen. "In the past, I would've started going at my caddie", he said. [Full Article...]

Russian Federation knew Syrian chemical attack was coming

Russian Federation knew Syrian chemical attack was coming He called Moscow "incompetent" for failing to hold up its end of a deal to rid Syria of chemical weapons, and accused Russian Federation of interfering in European-but not American-elections. USA warships fired 59 cruise missiles at the Syrian air base from which the US believes the attack was launched. Mr Mattis said the "measured response" by the U.S. [Full Article...]

North Korea calls US aircraft carrier dispatch outrageous

North Korea calls US aircraft carrier dispatch outrageous While the USA wants a denuclearised Korean peninsula, it has "no objective to change the regime in North Korea", Mr Tillerson said on Sunday on This Week programme. US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster on Sunday criticised North Korea as a rogue nation engaged in provocative behaviour and said denuclearisation of the peninsula "must happen". [Full Article...]

Trump Cheers Elevation Of Gorsuch To Supreme Court

Literally within hours of the death of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13, 2016, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, drew a political line in the dirt: With nearly a year left in the Obama presidency, McConnell said no nominee would be confirmed until the next administration. [Full Article...]

Israel protests Le Pen denial on Holocaust role

Israel protests Le Pen denial on Holocaust role Le Pen issued a statement late on Sunday saying she considered the French state was in exile in London during the occupation and that her stance "in no way exonerates the effective and personal responsibility of the French people who took part in the disgusting Vel d'Hiv roundup and in all the atrocities committed during this period". [Full Article...]

Turkey calls for removal of Assad regime

Turkey calls for removal of Assad regime He urged all parties - including the worldwide coalition, Russian Federation and Iran - that have influence over the Assad regime not to undermine the Astana process. He added that the U.S. wished to cooperate more with Turkey over Syria in the future. US forces fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian military air base which American officials believe was used to carry out the deadly chemical att... [Full Article...]

Passenger says man dragged off plane was doctor

When no one volunteered four people were chosen by the computer at random and three of them left the plane. He was sitting in the row in front of where the incident occurred. While the US Department of Transportation allows for customers to be forced off flights, customers could get compensated. United officials refused to answer any questions about the incident, according to the Post. [Full Article...]

State of emergency in Egypt after IS targets Christians

Meanwhile, Pope Francis also sent his "deep condolences" to the Coptic church, the Coptic pope, and the nation. Islamic State (outlawed in Russia) has claimed responsibility for the attacks. He is scheduled to visit Egypt at the end of April. Egypt's Coptic Christian community was targeted in terrorist attacks at Palm Sunday mass in the Mar Guirguis Church in Tanta, north of Cairo, and a few hou... [Full Article...]

Decades of violence end as Eta gives up arms

Decades of violence end as Eta gives up arms French Mayor of Bayonne Jean-Rene Etchegaray, fourth left, delivers his speech ahead of the announcement by Ram Manikkalingam, third left, president of the Verification Commission for disarmament of ETA, the Basque separat. The post Basque seperatist group ETA hands over arms, ending decades of conflict appeared first on PBS NewsHour . Spain's culture minister said: "It will not reap any poli... [Full Article...]

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