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Isis tells Raqqa residents to evacuate over fears nearby dam will collapse

Isis tells Raqqa residents to evacuate over fears nearby dam will collapse Col. Joseph Scrocca, spokesman in Baghdad for the USA -led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq, said in an email exchange Friday that the US -backed Syrian forces have managed to build up their numbers by bringing in additional fighters, along with armored vehicles, using boats on Lake Assad. [Full Article...]

Jailing in Russian Federation of Navalny staff 'attempt to disrupt'

Jailing in Russian Federation of Navalny staff 'attempt to disrupt' Many were teenagers who can not remember a time before Vladimir Putin took power 17 years ago. Police have arrested more than 1,000 people for taking part in the unauthorized protest in the capital, and many of them face jail sentences or fines. [Full Article...]

ISIL Orders Evacuating Raqqa over Dam Fears

ISIL Orders Evacuating Raqqa over Dam Fears US -backed Syrian Kurdish forces captured a strategically important air base from Islamic State militants in north Syria on Sunday in the first major victory for the group since the USA airlifted the forces behind enemy lines four days ago. [Full Article...]

Star gymnasts testify at Congress about sex-abuse scandal

Star gymnasts testify at Congress about sex-abuse scandal In the past, USA Gymnastics has cited the act to explain why it didn't act on certain cases. Boyce, now 36, was just 16 when she says she was repeatedly sexually abused by Nassar, who has denied the dozens and dozens of allegations against him. [Full Article...]

Kumar Birla, Vodafone CEO call on Communications Minister

The combined Vodafone-Idea group would be India's largest telecom operator with nearly 400 million customers, or 35% market share. Kumar Mangalam Birla will be the chairman of the combined entity, with the Aditya Birla Group having the sole right to appoint the Chairman as one of its three directors. [Full Article...]

Senate votes to approve Montenegro's admission into NATO

Sen. Rand Paul , R-Ky., was one of two Senators that did not agree with Montenegro's membership in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. "This is more than the accession or non-accession of a small, 650,000-person nation", said the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Republican John McCain of Arizona. [Full Article...]

Syria claims to have shot down an Israeli jet

Syria claims to have shot down an Israeli jet Syria's state news agency Sana said on Friday that Syrian forces had shot down one of four Israeli planes which had carried out overnight raids. It marks the most serious incident between the two countries since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war six years ago, according to analysts. [Full Article...]

Trump Team to Block Palestinian Diplomats from Top UN Posts: US Envoy

Trump Team to Block Palestinian Diplomats from Top UN Posts: US Envoy The pro-Israel lobby, popularly known as AIPAC , is holding the event in Washington . Trump's special Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt attended the Arab Summit that is now being held in Jordan and is supposed to meet with Abbas tomorrow, making this their second meeting in less than two weeks. [Full Article...]

South Korean prosecutors call in SK Group officials for questioning

Separately, the South Korean government also announced that a snap election to replace Park would be held on May 9. Both Park and Choi, who is now on trial , have denied wrongdoing. She will fully cooperate with the investigation, Yonhap News reported, citing one of her lawyers. South Korea's current political crisis began in October 2016, when allegations emerged that Park had pressured th... [Full Article...]

Korea conducts another rocket engine test

Korea conducts another rocket engine test The United States should enforce fully the North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act - a mandatory sanction against North Korea - and encourage other nations to do the same. "This is not acceptable in the worldwide community anymore", Imazu said. Interestingly, North Koreans living outside of the capital are apparently growing dissatisfied with the North's growing missile program. [Full Article...]

Bulgaria's pro-EU party GERB wins election, exit poll shows

Bulgaria's pro-EU party GERB wins election, exit poll shows The leftist Socialists came in second with 27.5 percent of the vote, followed by the nationalist alliance United Patriots with 9.7 percent. Ethnic Turkish MRF party had 8.9 percent, and populist party Will had 4.1 percent. If it retains power, the GERB party is expected to maintain a tight rein on public spending - key to Bulgaria's currency peg to the euro - in contrast to the Socialists who ha... [Full Article...]

Le Pen under attack in first French presidential debate

The five leading candidates for France's presidential election are holding their first debate Monday, with centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen leading polls and jobs and security among voters' top concerns. After a thinly veiled dig from Le Pen suggesting that the former banker would be beholden to financial lobbies if elected, Macron told her: "You'd be bored without me"... [Full Article...]

"You can still stop Brexit", EU lawmakers to tell Britons

The pound held onto gains against the US dollar amid increasing signals from officials on both side of the country's negotiations with the European Union that suggest a softening of the British government's "Hard Brexit " stance as it prepares its formal exit from the bloc. [Full Article...]

US Leads Boycott Against UN Attempt to Create Binding Nuclear Ban

France , Israel, Russia, the United Kingdom and the US, which have nuclear weapons, all opposed it, while China and India abstained. The first substantive session of the conference began here yesterday. But the DPRK will continue to support the idea of the non-aligned movement for the total dismantlement of nuclear weapons and the worldwide efforts for it, he said. [Full Article...]

Turkey summons Swiss envoy over anti-Erdogan protest in Bern - Anadolu

The Turkish foreign ministry summoned Switzerland's ambassador in Ankara yesterday over a protest in Bern that it said was organised by supporters of terrorist groups and targeted President Tayyip Erdogan, ministry sources said. Erdogan on Friday has hit out at the head of Germany's intelligence service for comments suggesting that Berlin was not convinced over US -based cleric Fethullah Gul... [Full Article...]

Chips ... is a movie

More than anything, that was what I loved about this film. "That would be myopic of me not to look and enjoy another interpretation of a '70s TV show". Instead, CHiPs just a pretty bland movie that relies mostly on its crudeness to stand out. It follows the characters of Jon Baker ( Shepard ) and Francis "Ponch" Poncherello who are two California Highway Patrolmen. [Full Article...]

NK says it conducts missile launching drills on regular basis

While the State Department has expressed concern and disapproval over the Asian state's actions, the threat of these missiles being able to reach the United States is perceived by US officials as minimal. South Korea's Ministry of Defense also confirmed the failed launch. They demanded a halt to further launches and tests and urged all countries "to redouble their efforts" to fully implement s... [Full Article...]

House Intelligence Committee chairman abruptly cancels open hearing on Russian Federation

The two leaders of the House Intelligence committees continued their back-and-forth Friday as tension mounts over the panel's inquiry into whether there are ties between Russian Federation and Trump campaign officials as well as the Kremlin's potential meddling in the 2016 elections. [Full Article...]

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak walks free after six years in detention

Many of Mubarak's opponents and supporters alike believe that since his ouster the country is now worse off. El-Sissi has restored military-heavy authoritarian rule and taken severe, purportedly corrective, economic measures that have left millions of Egyptians reeling. [Full Article...]

Watchdog to examine cost, security of Trump's Florida trips

Watchdog to examine cost, security of Trump's Florida trips Trump's order fulfills promises made on the campaign to revitalize the American coal industry by beginning a review of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan , which restricts emissions from coal-fired power plants. "They're not going to discuss it with me". His order opens up federal lands to new coal leases, which the Obama administration froze. Great Plains Energy, the parent company of Kansas City ... [Full Article...]

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