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Major world powers protest United Nations talks to ban nuclear weapons

Outside the negotiating room in New York Monday, the Trump administration signalled it won't back away from nuclear weapons-production any time soon. Haley noted that the United States had reduced its nuclear arsenal by 85 percent since the 1968 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) took effect, and added "we are going to continue to do that". [Full Article...]

Thousands take part in London protest to say no to Brexit

EU officials expect Britain's permanent representative in Brussels, Tim Barrow, to personally hand the withdrawal letter to European Council President Donald Tusk on Wednesday. French President Francois Hollande said the message from Rome was, "we're stronger together", while German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that "a Europe of different speeds does not mean at all that there is no common Euro... [Full Article...]

Trump again blames House Freedom Caucus for failure of health care bill

Normally when you have hearings on a piece of legislation that impacts this much of our overall economy, you would bring in some witnesses and hear from some witnesses about what's going to happen if this legislation actually becomes law", Rep. [Full Article...]

Trump driving tax-cut 'train' but will consult Congress -White House

Trump driving tax-cut 'train' but will consult Congress -White House According to the Washington Post , the Ryan told Republican donors during a Monday conference call that a plan is being developed in time to brief them in-person at a GOP retreat in Florida scheduled for Thursday and Friday. "Opposition to government run health care has been a foundation of the Republican party for three or four generations now, so it is hard to see House Republicans wal... [Full Article...]

France's Le Pen says people no longer want the EU

Putin has held a su. French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen tried to reassure voters about her political plans, saying she doesn't want chaos and is ready to wait until late this year to begin talks to pull France out of the euro. In the meeting with members of the Duma, Ms Le Pen urged Russian Federation and France to work together to save the world from globalism and Islamic fundamental... [Full Article...]

Zeldin: Failed GOP health care bill 'eye-opener' for Trump

Should something like that actually happen, should the system fail, I don't believe the Americans who lose their health insurance would feel that they are "in very good shape". It seems as if President Trump is disappointed due to the recent events that involve the Freedom Caucus and the defeat of the Republican health care bill. [Full Article...]

Trump tosses Obama's 'clean' energy plan, embraces coal

This year's program happened to coincide with Trump's move to roll back more than a half-dozen Obama-era environmental measures, including the Clean Power Plan, created to restrict greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants. "The President's action will provide relief to coal communities that have been under a bureaucratic assault from Washington over the last eight years. [Full Article...]

Centrist European leaders celebrate Dutch election result

Centrist European leaders celebrate Dutch election result Both Rutte and Wilders cast their ballots in The Hague. Schippers will now assess what coalitions may be possible in the splintered Dutch political landscape, paving the way for substantive talks between parties. "(Wilders party) won 4 seats and that means that populism and even racism have grown in the parliament", Said Bouharrou, vice chairman of the Council of Moroccan Mosques in the Netherla... [Full Article...]

Northern Ireland: UK government may have to consider direct rule

Northern Ireland's latest unity government collapsed in January amid deepening disputes between the British Protestants of the Democratic Unionist Party and the Irish Catholics of Sinn Fein. A snap election was held earlier this month after Sinn Finn's Martin McGuinness resigned as deputy first minister in protest at the DUP's handling of a botched fuel subsidy programme. [Full Article...]

North Korea's rocket engine progress 'significant', says Seoul

Kim Jong-Un attended the March 18 test at the Sohae launch site, according KCNA , which said the test was meant to confirm the "new type" of engine's thrust power and gauge the reliability of its control system and structural safety. This comes as Malaysia's investigation into the case badly affected relations with North Korea . It has conducted five nuclear tests since 2006 - three under Ki... [Full Article...]

Trump tastes failure as US House healthcare bill collapses

Trump tastes failure as US House healthcare bill collapses It was a stunning defeat for the new president after he had demanded House Republicans delay no longer and vote on the legislation on Friday, pass or fail. Vice President Mike Pence met with members of the House Freedom Caucus at the Capitol Hill Club, a source familiar with the meeting says. Asked whether the votes were there to pass the bill, he said, "Yeah". [Full Article...]

Damascus court house, restaurant bombed in Syria, killing dozens

On Saturday, scores of people, many thought to be Iraqi Shiite pilgrims, were killed in a double bombing claimed by an al-Qaida-linked rebel alliance known as Tahrir al-Sham. In the second attack, a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a restaurant. "The regime of (Bashar al-) Assad achieved two central goals: tarnishing the revolution with the stain of terrorism... [Full Article...]

Activists say IS evacuating Raqqa over dam fears

Activists say IS evacuating Raqqa over dam fears Tabqa Dam is 40 kilometers (25 miles) upstream of Raqqa on the Euphrates River. He says SDF fighters are 20 kilometers from the edge of Raqqa to the north, and 29 kilometers to the northeast. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said SDF fighters are marching toward the buildings of the Tishrin Dam carefully because of mines and explosives planted by IS. [Full Article...]

Swiss investigate protest sign calling for Erdogan's killing

But Senol Akkaya said people in Germany "almost feel guilty" if they support "yes". Two days earlier, the Swiss authorities had announced they were investigating allegations of spying against Turkish citizens living in Switzerland who were critical of the Turkish government. [Full Article...]

Sen. Schumer Declares Democrats Will Filibuster Gorsuch Nomination

Sen. Schumer Declares Democrats Will Filibuster Gorsuch Nomination Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer says he's a "no" on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Expect the Democrats to filibuster every SCOTUS nominee that President Trump produces. The committee will vote, probably next week, on the nomination. "If this nominee can not earn 60 votes-a bar met by each of President Obama's nominees, and George Bush's last two nominees-the answer isn't to change t... [Full Article...]

USA Hockey, women's players reach agreement to avoid boycott

Ahead of Monday's vote, over a dozen US senators - including Elizabeth Warren - signed a letter to USA Hockey's Executive Director Dave Ogrean, urging the organization to provide "equitable support" to the women's team. Foudy writes. Allan Walsh, a well-connected hockey agent, disclosed Sunday on Twitter that American NHL players are thinking about refusing to play in their own world champions... [Full Article...]

China urges U.S. to be 'coolheaded' in approach to North Korea

China urges U.S. to be 'coolheaded' in approach to North Korea Japan, another regional USA ally, has also expressed concern over militant rhetoric from North Korea, and conducted its first-ever civilian air raid drills last week after Pyongyang launched a barrage of missiles into the sea near Japanese territory. [Full Article...]

McConnell confident Dems won't keep Gorsuch off high court

McConnell confident Dems won't keep Gorsuch off high court Susan Collins says she will vote to confirm President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. Chief Justice John Roberts isn't the reliable conservative vote many thought he would be. But the toughest test could come in the next two weeks. Her argument did not carry the day. The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee don't even have to provide a reason at this point and they obviously ... [Full Article...]

Tillerson ends China trip with warm words from President Xi

Ahead of Tillerson's visit to China, Trump also put out a tweet to criticise Beijing's role in dealing with North Korea. North Korea said Monday it is not frightened by US threats of possible pre-emptive military action to halt its nuclear and missile buildup. [Full Article...]

Turkish ruling party moves to end European campaigning

Turkish ruling party moves to end European campaigning In recent weeks, Germany and the Netherlands have blocked several Turkish ministers from visiting ahead of planned rallies of expat Turks. Erdogan also said Turkey could no longer be pressured by considerations such as a $6 billion migrant deal, under which it agreed to stop illegal migrants from crossing into Greece in exchange for financial aid and accelerated European Union membership talks."... [Full Article...]

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