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4th body found after Oakland fire

KTVU spoke to a man who lives on the second floor of the building. "As I walked out, you heard nothing". Oakland Fire Battalion Chief Erik Logan says rescuers spotted what looked like a body on the third floor, but crews had to retreat before they could confirm. [Full Article...]

Korea: bones found near ferry wreckage were from animals

SEOUL , South Korea (AP) - South Korea on Tuesday held a memorial ceremony for the nine passengers still missing from the 2014 ferry disaster that killed 304 passengers near the ship's wreckage that was raised last week. "The ship has come up, but not the nine people inside it", Lee Geum-hee, the mother of a missing schoolgirl, told a television crew. "Please don't forget there are people inside t... [Full Article...]

Lewis Hamilton 'grateful' to have chance to fight Sebastian Vettel

But the Ferrari only emerged seconds ahead of the Mercedes thanks to a ideal pit stop from Vettel's crew. Lewis Hamilton has bemoaned the new Formula One rules which prevented him from challenging eventual race victor Sebastian Vettel at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. [Full Article...]

Sunken South Korean ferry slowly emerges three years after disaster

Several relatives watched the much-anticipated operation unfolding from a boat near the site. "And it will require four additional days to move it onto a dry dock", the spokesman said. The South Korean National Assembly cited Park's negligence in handling the Sewol disaster, along with her alleged connection to a multimillion-dollar bribery scandal, when it voted to impeach the president in Dece... [Full Article...]

Trump Blames Democrats For Healthcare Fail

On Twitter on Sunday, Trump says: " Democrats are smiling in D.C. that the Freedom Caucus , with the help of Club For Growth and Heritage, have saved Planned Parenthood & Ocare!" GOP leaders reorganized with the Freedom Caucus during that time to negotiate changes to the AHCA that would make the draft legislation more attractive. [Full Article...]

United Airlines accused of 'sexualising young girls' in leggings row

United Airlines accused of 'sexualising young girls' in leggings row Two girls in the popular spandex trousers weren't permitted on the aircraft at all, according to Shannon Watts , the founder of a gun control group called Moms Demand Action. Hey @united I fly a LOT. The airline told Revelist in an email that there is "no item-specific clothing policy for employees and those traveling on pass privileges". [Full Article...]

Palestinians mourn Irish politician Martin McGuinness

Palestinians mourn Irish politician Martin McGuinness As a former IRA commander, ministers had little doubt to which category Martin McGuinness belonged. "May he rest in peace". Ireland's prime minister, Enda Kenny, says he "was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Martin McGuinness today". [Full Article...]

Carter Page, Roger Stone Also Offer To Testify Before House Intel Committee

Schiff pointedly called the postponement was a cancellation. Nunes told the press in his announcement Friday that it is up to Manafort to decide whether or not his testimony will be in an open hearing. "We don't welcome cutting off the public access to information", he said. "There are just questions that we have. that they just couldn't answer in a public setting", he said. [Full Article...]

Scottish independence referendum would not be legal says United Kingdom minister David Mundell

Scottish independence referendum would not be legal says United Kingdom minister David Mundell The Prime Minister is expected to respond fully to Ms Sturgeon's plans once Holyrood has made its decision. When ITV's Robert Peston tried to get her to clarify whether she was just ruling out a referendum until Brexit has actually taken place, he was just met with the answer that " now is not the time ". [Full Article...]

Blaming conservatives, Trump signals new openness to Dems

The Freedom Caucus is against the government regulating healthcare at all, and when Ryan unveiled the new plan in March, which did away with most but not all of Obamacare, numerous group's members felt it didn't go far enough . "I see no reason we can't do it again", Brooks told reporters after the meeting. The administration can also deal a significant blow to the ACA this spring if it e... [Full Article...]

Confirm Gorsuch Singing Ensemble at Supreme Court

McConnell did concede that there had been a situation over the nomination process of Associate Justice Abe Fortas in 1968 by President Lyndon Johnson, who'd been blocked in a bipartisan filibuster from becoming the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. [Full Article...]

Billionaire David Rockefeller dies at age 101

He was best known as the money man who controlled Chase Manhattan Bank for more than a decade, expanding its operations globally. In Ron Chernow's 1998 biography of David Rockefeller, called "Titan", Chernow wrote, "The range of David Rockefeller's business and philanthropic and political connections is perhaps unequaled". [Full Article...]

Louisville falls to MI, 73-69

Louisville falls to MI, 73-69 This second round March Madness match up will definitely be intense! MI regrouped and proceeded to win four games in four days and take the league tourney as the No. It was an awesome scene for a team that has experienced so much success after its scary plane accident before take-off to Washington D.C. for the Big Tent tourney. [Full Article...]

Led strike should not have collapsed Mosul building - USA commander

Led strike should not have collapsed Mosul building - USA commander Iraqi Parliament speaker Salim al-Jabouri told al-Arabiya television that more civilian casualties could result in a halt to operations until a way to protect residents is found. Federal police and Iraqi army sources also say initial plans are for the military to seal off the Old City and to evacuate civilians to allow us -trained CTS special forces to take a larger role in carrying out ... [Full Article...]

Hong Kong to arrest democracy protest leaders

Lam played down any suggestion of a link between her election win and the police charges. "Without the opportunity to have fair elections or freedom of speech , is the so-called "one country, two system" the way of the future?" Asked how she would address concerns Beijing is tightening its grip , she said there was "no difference" between the Hong Kong government and Chinese authorities' vie... [Full Article...]

Divers hope to free body of crewman from Irish Coast Guard helicopter

Divers hope to free body of crewman from Irish Coast Guard helicopter The body of Captain Dara Fitzpatrick , a 45-year-old mother-of-one, was the first to have been recovered from the ocean. "It's obviously a very upsetting time for them but I mean it's the recovery of a loved one (which) is good news from that point of view but it's a tragic loss", he said. [Full Article...]

Belgian king, queen, leaders mark attacks anniversary

The king and queen will then inaugurate a new steel memorial at the heart of the European Union institutions based in Brussels . More than 320 people were wounded in both attacks. Soldiers continue to guard key buildings and transport links, and conduct random patrols in public areas. A man lights a candle in tribute to victims at a makeshift memorial in front of the stock exchange at the Pla... [Full Article...]

French police release father of Paris airport attacker

French police release father of Paris airport attacker Ben Belgacem then drove to Orly airport, stopping off first in a bar where he had been drinking hours earlier and firing more shots and then stealing another vehicle. Police said they were questioning a brother and cousin of Belgacem and an autopsy on the dead man would be carried out. At his home, they found several grams of cocaine, a machete and some foreign currency, Molins said. [Full Article...]

Trump sticks to unproved wiretap accusation against Obama

It was a story in Breitbart - the far-right website once run by his senior adviser Steve Bannon - that appeared to spark Trump's March 4 tweets accusing Obama of wiretapping the NY skyscraper where he lived and ran his presidential campaign. [Full Article...]

What You Need to Know About the Dutch General Election Results

What You Need to Know About the Dutch General Election Results According to a report in the Globe and Mail, voter turnout was estimated to have reached 80 percent in an election that analysts were viewing as a critical indicator of populist thinking in Europe as a whole. The Dutch vote, which has been overshadowed by a diplomatic dispute between the Netherlands and Turkey, has essentially come down to a tight race between Prime Minister Mark Rutte's centr... [Full Article...]

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