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Boris Johnson tells North Korea it must stick to United Nations resolutions

Kim Jong Un has engaged in a war of words with President Trump amid recent missile tests. The parade came amid growing worldwide concern that North Korea could be preparing for a sixth nuclear test or a major missile launch, possibly its first flight test of an ICBM capable of reaching America. [Full Article...]

United CEO: 'This Will Never Happen Again on a United Airlines Flight'

United CEO: 'This Will Never Happen Again on a United Airlines Flight' The footage, recorded by passenger Joya Griffin Cummings, who was sat directly behind Dao on the plane, shows Dao remonstrating with the police officers there to remove him from the plane before he was eventually dragged from his seat in an aggressive fashion. [Full Article...]

India stands totally exposed on issue of terror financing in Pakistan: FO

The Indian government made a decision to put all bilateral talks with Pakistan on hold over the death sentence to Kulbhushan Jadhav, the Indian media reported Saturday. The defense ministry said that Pakistan has taken a decision that defies all worldwide norms, which is why it would be futile to hold talks with the country. [Full Article...]

Thousands in NYC call for president to release tax returns

April 15 is the national deadline for people to file their tax returns, although this year since the date falls on a Saturday, the deadline has been moved to Monday. Senator Ron Wyden and representatives Maxine Waters and Jamie Raskin - all Democrats - are scheduled to speak in Washington. "We litigated this throughout the election, people didn't care. [Full Article...]

Thousands Turn Out For Downtown LA Anti-Trump March Saturday

For decades, U.S. presidents and presidential candidates have released their tax returns voluntarily, although there is no legal requirement to do so. "Paying your taxes is an American thing to do", said Claudia Stroie, 49, a mechanical engineer from CT who attended the rally in NY. "This is about anti-Trump and his inability to divulge what his taxes are". [Full Article...]

Republicans' narrow win for Kansas seat emboldens Democrats

Republicans' narrow win for Kansas seat emboldens Democrats Republican Ron Estes won 53 to 45 per cent against Democrat challenger James Thompson . Though their candidate came up short on Tuesday night, local Democrats took some solace in the much narrower margin of victory for the Republicans in this special election. [Full Article...]

April the Giraffe is (finally) giving birth

April the Giraffe is (finally) giving birth April's pregnancy was catapulted into global headlines in late February after YouTube briefly yanked the zoo's live stream following complaints by animal activists that it violated the site's policies concerning " nudity and sexual content ". [Full Article...]

USA keeps Taiwan on currency monitoring list

USA keeps Taiwan on currency monitoring list Washington D.C. [United States], Apr. 15 (ANI): The Trump administration has not labeled any country, including China, as a currency manipulator in a report examining exchange rate fluctuations. Taiwan only corresponds to the final condition, officials said, while in the previous report it was also accused of excessive currency market intervention. [Full Article...]

Trump's Gunboat Diplomacy In Asia May Prove Quite Different From Syria

Trump's Gunboat Diplomacy In Asia May Prove Quite Different From Syria When a "gushing" Bartiromo asked Trump what it was like to order the strike, the United States president said, "You have no idea how many people want to hear the answer to this". "You pick and choose your battles, " she told reporters on March 30 , "and our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out". "Obviously, you weren't telling the truth". [Full Article...]

8 arrested with links to St. Petersburg metro terror attack

8 arrested with links to St. Petersburg metro terror attack At the same time, efforts are needed to strengthen cooperation with foreign partners, raise the promptness of information exchange and take necessary measures for detaining criminals, the head of the National Anti-Terror Committee said. He urged restoration of order to Russia's migration-related affairs. "As the investigation of the terrorist act in the St. Petersburg subway indicated, the work ... [Full Article...]

South Korea: North Korea missile test ends in failure

The failed launch from the east coast came a day after North Korea held a military parade in its capital, marking the birth anniversary of the state founder, in which what appeared to be new long-range ballistic missiles were on display. Sinpo, where the launch took place, is the site of a North Korean submarine base and where the North has tested the submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) it... [Full Article...]

Russia, US 'agree' no repeat Syria strike

It's also suspected that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ordered the attack. It was the first direct U.S. military action against al-Assad's forces since the start of Syria's civil war six years ago and led to a quick downward spiral in ties between Washington and Moscow. [Full Article...]

British woman fatally stabbed by Palestinian in Jerusalem, police say

Israel's ambassador to Britain, Mark Regev, named the victim as Hannah Bladon on his Twitter account, adding that she was "murdered in a senseless act of terror". In a statement, Shin Bet said "This is one of many instances where a Palestinian suffering personal strife chooses to carry out an attack in order to find release for his problem". [Full Article...]

Thousands protest Trump's tax release refusal

Organizers said the protests - dubbed the Tax March - were scheduled in almost 150 cities. In a Quinnipiac University poll released on April 4, more than two-thirds of the respondents said Trump should publicly release his tax returns. Trump has stubbornly refused to make his tax returns public, a reluctance he first expressed during his presidential campaign, claiming they were under audit. [Full Article...]

North Korea 'ready for nuclear attack' amid show of force

On April 9, it became known that the Pacific Command of the US Armed Forces sent an attack group of the Navy led by the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier to the Korean Peninsula. Kang Gil-won, a 26-year-old graduate living in Seoul, said his biggest concern was not North Korea, but finding work in a tough job market. Hundreds of military trucks carrying cheering and singing people headed for a parade... [Full Article...]

10 things to watch as NBA playoffs get underway

Here's a preview of all eight opening-round matchups for your viewing pleasure. Keep your eye on the point guard battle between Stephen Curry (Warriors) and Damian Lillard (Trail Blazers) which will ensure some three-point fireworks from both ends. [Full Article...]

North Korea flaunts missiles, military might

Kim Jong Un, wearing a suit and tie, was greeted with thunderous applause, but did not speak during the parade. SEOUL - North Korea's latest military hardware, including what analysts said appeared to be three types of intercontinental ballistic missiles, rolled through Pyongyang on Saturday, as the country tried to demonstrate that its military reach is expanding at a time of heightened tension... [Full Article...]

No Bixby Voice at Galaxy S8 launch

The ideal time for new Galaxy S8 owners to try out Bixby Voice and get accustomed to using it regularly would be right at launch, but now the early GS8 buyers won't have that feature to try out. While most of Bixby's functions resemble those of the Google Assistant, the former had a few aces up its sleeve that give it a unique identity to some extent. [Full Article...]

Erdogan makes final push before vote on presidential powers

In the wake of a coup attempt last July, Erdogan secured his authority over the military when he declared - and Parliament endorsed - a state of emergency. Almost every Western partner has expressed deep reservations about the proposed constitutional changes, but most have stayed silent so as not to provide a foil for Erdogan's "yes" campaign. [Full Article...]

Lions Club annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday

Hunts will be held every 30 minutes and reservations must be made ahead of time. An Easter egg hunt will be held on Sunday, April 16, at Life Point Church , 565 N. When: Saturday, April 15 from 9 1 p.m. "We ask parents to contain their children so that they do not run out into the egg area until their respective age group is told to go", organizers say. [Full Article...]

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