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Trump lashes out: abused by 'greatest witch hunt'

The Mueller appointment will, at least temporarily, relieve some of the pressure on congressional Republicans who've publicly complained that the constant drama and serial controversies at the White House were hindering their ability to work on their policy agenda. [Full Article...]

Michael Flynn blocked USA military plan that Turkey opposed, say reports

And then why would he keep Flynn in that job even after it was made clear to Trump that Flynn was lying about his contacts with the Russians and was vulnerable to being blackmailed by that country? However, Flynn wasn't fired until 18 days later. [Full Article...]

Trump impeachment gaining steam in online betting sites

With Rep. Al Green's call for impeachment, some observers are probably wondering if any US president has ever been impeached before. "These acts, when combined, amount to intimidation and obstruction", Green wrote. Related: Who are key players in the Russia/Trump saga? The White House has denied the allegations of obstruction of justice . "I do (have confidence in Trump)", he told reporters ... [Full Article...]

Unite leader backtracks on claim that 200 seats would be Labour 'success'

Ms Dugdale, the party's leader in Scotland, said she defined success as "winning the election". Meanwhile, Ms Dugdale rejected union boss Len McCluskey's statement that he can not see Labour winning the General Election. The Daily Mail have sifted through JME's tweets, and found a few questionable moments amongst more than 159,000 posts. Labour in opposition held 229 seats in the last parli... [Full Article...]

Trump aides knew Flynn was under investigation before he joined White House

Two sources familiar with the conversation reportedly said he made the revelation to Trump lawyer Donald McGahn , who is now the White House counsel. Flynn did not immediately register as a foreign agent after taking the job, which is required by law for Americans who represent the interest of another government. [Full Article...]

Manning released from USA military prison

Manning, 29, captioned her first post on Instagram after creating a profile, which she used to document her return to normalcy. Manning served seven years of a 35 year sentence for leaking national security secrets. (Takoma Park? Bethesda?) Can't wait to go home =D - Chelsea Manning (@ xychelsea ) January 24, 2017 Chelsea Manning , who walked free from prison and headed to Maryland to ease ... [Full Article...]

Europeans snub trade text at China's Silk Road summit

Europeans snub trade text at China's Silk Road summit External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Gopal Baglay in a media statement on Saturday said: "Regarding the so-called "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor", which is being projected as the flagship project of the". US companies are ready to get involved in China's Silk Road project, an American official said on Sunday, as Washington strikes an increasingly cooperative tone with its biggest trade rival. [Full Article...]

White House refuses to rule out Trump Oval Office recordings

Comey was widely liked and respected within the Federal Bureau of Investigation , contradicting a claim from the White House that he had lost the faith of the rank-and-file over his handling of the Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonMaher blames Bill Clinton for Comey's dismissal Trump's war with Comey intensifies Trump: Comey "should have never exonerated" Clinton MORE email probe. [Full Article...]

Vladimir Putin blames the U.S. for global ransomware meltdown

Vladimir Putin blames the U.S. for global ransomware meltdown As the dust settles on the initial round of global ransomware attacks, Russian president Vladimir Putin has said the incident has "nothing to do" with Russia , instead choosing to echo the view of Microsoft in placing partial blame for the incident with USA intelligence. [Full Article...]

DOJ names former FBI head Robert Mueller to lead Trump-Russia probe

DOJ names former FBI head Robert Mueller to lead Trump-Russia probe But Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., is expressing concern over the wide purview special prosecutors have. Trump tweeted , misspelling the word " counsel ". "I've been pressing the DOJ to take this step for almost 3 months because Americans deserve nothing less than the truth", he added in a statement. [Full Article...]

China protests 'unhelpful' United States sanctions on Iran

It says Tehran's support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria's civil war, Houthi rebels in Yemen's civil war and the Hezbollah Shi'ite political party and militia in Lebanon, have helped destabilise the Middle East. Currently, Washington is trying to prevent a rise in anti-Americanism in Iran. Iranians are going to the polls on Friday in a crucial election which may determine the coun... [Full Article...]

Ex-FBI director to lead Russia probe

Ex-FBI director to lead Russia probe Rosenstein's memo, which said Comey improperly spoke publicly about an investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, was initially cited as the reason President Donald Trump fired Comey last week. He will resign from his law firm, WilmerHale. The President's comments come after he angrily denounced the appointment of former FBI boss Robert Mueller to head the Russian Federation investigation in... [Full Article...]

Trump Wants Michael Flynn Back in White House

Trump Wants Michael Flynn Back in White House Flynn told President Trump's transition team weeks before the inauguration that he was under federal investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign, according to two people familiar with the case. "(And it's conceivable those facts could lead to a serious consideration about impeachment .) Or if they'll give Trump the benefit of the doubt". "There is no co... [Full Article...]

McCain Questions Rationality of Calls to Impeach US President

Amash paused and responded, "yes". According to reports when he was asked if the details in the memo would merit impeachment if they're true, Amash replied, "Yes". If at least two-thirds of senators find the president guilty, he is removed from office. With a percentage that high, it's unlikely the almost 200 Republican House members in safe Republican districts would move to launch what amoun... [Full Article...]

Senator says Flynn hasn't responded to subpoena

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr and Vice Chairman Mark Warner are determining how to proceed after Flynn has not agreed to comply with their May 10 subpoena for documents about his interactions with Russian officials. Legal experts say that it's unlikely Flynn would agree to turn over the personal documents because he would be waiving his constitutional protection against self-... [Full Article...]

Iran imposes sanctions on nine US firms, individuals

Trump administration officials say the White House is carrying out a comprehensive review of USA policy on Iran , which is focused on what officials consider Tehran's expanding influence in the region. The move to extend sanctions relief in the meantime is another indication Trump may be laying the groundwork to let the deal stand. "As we continue to closely scrutinise Iran's commitment to th... [Full Article...]

Trump, dogged by questions at home, makes first trip abroad

Trump, dogged by questions at home, makes first trip abroad Apart from Saudi officials, Trump will also meet leaders of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and have lunch with leaders of more than 50 Muslim countries in Riyadh. Trump is scheduled to travel to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican before attending attending the G7 and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Taormina, Italy, and Brussels, respectively. [Full Article...]

ICJ's verdict on Kulbhushan Jadhav justified MoS Law

ICJ's verdict on Kulbhushan Jadhav justified MoS Law Talking to media in Islamabad , he said the world court has, by way of provision measures, has asked to maintain status quo in the case of Indian spy, who is involved in fanning terrorism in Pakistan. ICJ on Thursday began the proceedings in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case after India's appeal seeking stay over the death sentence awarded by a Pakistani court to alleged spy Kulbhushan Jadhav. [Full Article...]

Times Square car incident: 1 dead, 13 injured

According to The Post, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio met with victims' families at Bellevue Hospital on Thursday afternoon. Police said the driver of a Honda drove at a high rate of speed the wrong way up the sidewalk along Seventh Avenue , plowing into pedestrians before crashing and coming to a stop. [Full Article...]

Saudi Arabia gears up for summit-packed weekend

Saudi Arabia gears up for summit-packed weekend It will also feature an Arabian lute player. Toby Keith performs at a pre-Inaugural "Make America Great Again!" President Donald Trump isn't the only American traveling to Saudi Arabia this weekend. Also reported by local news organizations to be attending are President Fuad Masum of Iraq, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi of Egypt, President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan, and Prime Minister Nawaz... [Full Article...]

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