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Afghanistan observes day of mourning

Another similar vehicle "went to mosque side - they had M16 weapon (s) and started firing at anyone who came in front of them". The soldiers, a lot of them unarmed, were shot while eating lunch or emerging from a Friday Prayer service at the headquarters of the Afghan Army's 209th Corps in Balkh by assailants in military uniforms who entered after another attacker had detonated explosives at a c... [Full Article...]

Enraged Afghans call for heads to roll after Taliban base attack

On Friday, in a stunning blow to the Western-backed war effort, the base on a sun-baked plain near the city of Mazar-e Sharif became the target of the deadliest single attack by Taliban insurgents since their regime in Kabul was overthrown in 2001. [Full Article...]

Turkey opposition to appeal referendum result at top court

The main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) had claimed major ballot rigging swung the result. The changes would particularly allow Erdogan to appoint and fire ministers, name half the members of Turkey's highest judicial body, hold the leadership of a political party while in office, and lead the country for the next 12 years, if he wins future elections. [Full Article...]

Bill O'Reilly to Return With Podcast on Monday

The former star of Fox News for more than two decades will resume his " No Spin News " podcast on Monday evening, he announced Saturday on his personal website . O'Reilly has made headlines in the aftermath of his firing as host of "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News . Though it is now unknown what long-term plans O'Reilly has for his future on screen, one thing is for certain, Bill O'Reilly has... [Full Article...]

Voters Cast Their 1st-Round Presidential Ballots in France

Update 8pm: Far-right leader Marine Le Pen and centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron are leading in the first round of the French presidential election, polling agency projections show. Yes, Le Pen is conservative on some issues - immigration, integration, social issues, and the European Union - but she's also a fervent supporter of the large French welfare state, is an economic isolationist, an... [Full Article...]

Macron, Le Pen Expected To Advance To French Presidential Runoff

Macron, Le Pen Expected To Advance To French Presidential Runoff Political analysts say Macron's apparent win today showed that many French people still believe in a more liberal, open, global society even as populists have won big victories in the a year ago with the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trump's election in the United States. [Full Article...]

Trump to set executive orders on environment, energy this week

Trump to set executive orders on environment, energy this week President Donald Trump on Friday promised a "big announcement" next week on his plans for major tax reform, but soon after, top administration officials were tempering expectations, indicating that the White House would be releasing broad goals of a tax plan, not the details in full legislative text. [Full Article...]

North Korea threatens for total war!

North Korea threatens for total war! South Korea's military also detected the failed launch. This year Kim Jong Un indicated that his nation is in the final testing phase of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that could potentially hit the US mainland. Decked in black, Kim Jong Un, silently watched the ceremonies to commemorate his grandfather in the nation's capital city, Pyongyang. "Whatever comes from the USA politicia... [Full Article...]

Macron, Le Pen Projected to Win, in Good News for Europe's Mainstream

Macron, Le Pen Projected to Win, in Good News for Europe's Mainstream Surveys show that Macron is likely to beat Le Pen in the final round. He said: "Europe needs an open minded and reform oriented France". It is the first time in modern French history that no major-party candidate will be represented in the final round. [Full Article...]

Canada's dairy measures a 'disgrace'

President Donald Trump ratcheted up his criticism of Canada on Thursday, slamming the country for protectionist measures it has taken with its dairy industry that Trump says have negatively affected U.S. The file has always been a contentious one, with Canada largely fending off NAFTA challenges launched by the United States alleging Parliament Hill's policies essentially act as a subsidy for dome... [Full Article...]

China defends its trucks being at N. Korea parade

Ayrault, who was in China last week and whose country has no diplomatic representation in North Korea, said it appeared that Beijing was increasingly anxious by the behavior of its neighbor. Shen reminded his audience that when China and South Korea normalized relations in 1992, the China-North Korea treaty alliance between the two countries became nothing but "scrap paper". [Full Article...]

Macron tops French election, to fight Le Pen in second round

Another demonstrator told AFP: "We have come here to protest against the pantomime of this election". Voters will choose on May 7 between Macron, a former investment banker and ex-economy minister who only launched his En Marche! party past year, and Le Pen, who has tried to scrub her National Front party of its history of racism and anti-Semitism. [Full Article...]

Mike Pence: U.S. would defeat North Korea attacks against Japan

South Korea and Japan, both of which house large USA military bases, could be the target of North Korean missiles in the event of war. Pence referred to his visit to South Korea earlier in the week. "When America is strong, the world is safe", he added. The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson leads the guided-missile destroyer USS Michael Murphy and the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain... [Full Article...]

Half Of Brits Back PM Theresa May Ahead Of Snap Vote

No doubt she will be pressed during the campaign to tell her supporters more clearly what they are voting for; but for the same reasons she chose to call an election, May will likely demur. The Prime Minister said she was taking nothing for granted ahead of the June 8 vote as she spoke to workers at a toothpaste factory in her Maidenhead constituency in Berkshire. [Full Article...]

Macron, Le Pen advance to French presidential runoff

Early indications from Reuters data showed the euro currency jumping to a four-week high around $1.09 in response to the early projections, from $1.0726. The election also provides a choice between radically different recipes for reviving an economy that lags its neighbours, and where nearly a quarter of under-25s have no job. [Full Article...]

General election: Tory victory 'will not strengthen May's Brexit hand'

General election: Tory victory 'will not strengthen May's Brexit hand' Britain can not enter into new trade deals until it has officially left the European Union in May 2019, but officials are keen to negotiate the terms of new agreements in advance. But Tajani said:"If tomorrow, the new United Kingdom government decides to change its position, it is possible to do". Under Britain's Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, elections are held every five years, but the prime mini... [Full Article...]

Palestinian hunger strikers' leader in solitary confinement

Prisoners' demands include improved visitation rights from family members and easier access to telephones. Marking Palestinian Prisoners' Day , the organisation said that Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails "suffer violations classified as war crimes that need an International Criminal Court ruling". [Full Article...]

Ready to hit back with nuclear attacks, North Korea warns US

Ready to hit back with nuclear attacks, North Korea warns US North Korea saw the toppling of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Moammar Gadhafi in Libya - neither of whom had nuclear weapons - as proof of the weapons' power. A spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry's Institute for Disarmament and Peace issued a statement condemning the United States for the attack on Syria, while also calling for "peace by strength". [Full Article...]

Korea detains U.S. citizen: Media reports

Korea detains U.S. citizen: Media reports It would be "an actual example to show our military's force" according to the newspaper, but such a strike would also likely lead to war on the peninsula. Prof. J of Peking University, who demanded anonymity, said, "China would rather replace Kim Jong-un regime in the worst case than abandoning North Korea". [Full Article...]

Germany: Borussia Dortmund bombing suspect arrested

However, Frauke Köhler, spokeswoman for the Federal Prosecutor's Office in Karlsruhe, said investigators had no evidence pointing to accomplices. He was staying at the team's L'Arrivée hotel in Dortmund on the day of the attack and had moved to a room on the top floor, overlooking the street where it took place, prosecutors said. [Full Article...]

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