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U.S. participation in Belt and Road Initiative welcomed

U.S. participation in Belt and Road Initiative welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin will also attend, reflecting his country's importance in China's OBOR strategy; in Hunchun, some enterprises are already seeing benefits from mutual trade. CHINESE loans to countries and regions along the Belt and Road will not add to the local debt burden, while risks arising from such loans are under control, bank officials said yesterday. [Full Article...]

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Meets in DC With Tillerson

At another point, he mocked the idea, saying it must be "humiliating for the American people to realize the Russian Federation is controlling the situation in the United States". Ties soured further in April after the USA blamed a Russian ally, Syrian President Bashar Assad, for a deadly chemical weapons attack on civilians and Trump ordered that some 60 cruise missiles be fired at a Syrian air ba... [Full Article...]

China's Xi pledges to support Paris climate agreement

The President's influential daughter, Ivanka Trump , who is the Assistant to the President, Defence Secretary James Mattis and former Exxon boss Rex Tillerson , now Secretary of State, are all believed to be in favour of the USA remaining a signatory . [Full Article...]

Washington 'will make right decision for US' on climate change policy

The administration has announced reviews of Obama's decisions to limit offshore drilling and is reconsidering national monument designations made over the last two decades. Tillerson at the close of the meeting turned the gavel to Timo Soini, minister of foreign affairs for Finland, which will take over chairmanship until 2019. [Full Article...]

Russian Federation wants quick United Nations vote for Syria 'de-escalation zones'

Russian Federation wants quick United Nations vote for Syria 'de-escalation zones' It calls on Syrian forces and rebels to reduce their fighting in the special zones. "So we have to look at the details, see if we can work them out, see if we think they're going to be effective", he said. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the US owes it to the people of Syria to take a close look at the Russian proposal to create several "safe zones" in Syria. [Full Article...]

Russia wants quick UN vote for Syria 'de-escalation zones'

Russia wants quick UN vote for Syria 'de-escalation zones' Lavrentyev suggested that all military aircraft, including Russian and Turkish, also were prohibited. "There will be no global forces under the command of the United Nations in the de-escalation zones, " Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem told a news conference in Damascus on Monday. [Full Article...]

Acting FBI Director Contradicts The Media

They also faulted Comey for publicly discussing the Clinton investigation with the news media last summer and again in October, shortly before Election Day, without getting the concurrence of his then-boss, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. [Full Article...]

45 civilians killed by coalition strikes in March, Pentagon says

It has also upped its total civilian death toll to 352, though observers say actual figures are much higher. The Pentagon has acknowledged more than 100 USA special operations forces are operating with Iraqi units, with hundreds more playing a support role in staging bases farther from the front lines. [Full Article...]

Navy SEAL killed in Somalia identified

Navy SEAL killed in Somalia identified Milliken was stationed in Coronado from 2002 to 2004 during his basic and advanced special warfare training before being assigned to an East Coast-based special warfare unit, according to Naval Special Warfare Command. The U.S. has been supporting Somalia's military with about 50 U.S. advisers in a mission that began several years ago. The University of CT says a Navy SEAL who was killed in a mi... [Full Article...]

What US-Russia crisis? Trump seeks closer ties in White House meeting

How do you do. Trump also raised the possibility of broader cooperation on resolving conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere, according to the White House. Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had wanted a heads-up from Comey about what he would say at a May 3 hearing about his handling of an investigation into former Democratic presidential candida... [Full Article...]

British, UN leaders to address Somalia humanitarian crisis

British, UN leaders to address Somalia humanitarian crisis Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, who was elected in February and also holds USA citizenship, has repeatedly vowed to defeat al-Shabab within two years. Aid agencies have expressed concern that the military moves could endanger the hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the drought. The U.S. military has acknowledged the problem. [Full Article...]

Labour Party manifesto 2017: Jeremy Corbyn's car RUNS OVER cameraman's foot

While there have been fewer public displays recently of those divisions, the leak of his draft manifesto was a reminder that a lack of unity and discipline still exists within the party, just weeks before the election. He also said the Conservatives" record on the NHS "shames" Britain, adding that Mrs May risked "leaving the country more socially divided than ever unless there is a change in polic... [Full Article...]

Steve Hansen embracing Springboks Rugby World Cup match that could 'inspire' tournament

Yet it must be remembered trying to get a form guide on who will succeed at the World Cup two years down the track is mostly guesswork. "The way we behave and the way we act around the place will be important because Japanese can be very helpful or very unhelpful". [Full Article...]

Israel Reprimands Swedish Ambassador Over UNESCO Vote Denying Ties to Jerusalem

Israel Reprimands Swedish Ambassador Over UNESCO Vote Denying Ties to Jerusalem It particularly criticized Israel's annexation of east Jerusalem after occupying it in 1967, a move never recognized by the worldwide community. Another two million dollars were cut after a similar choice a month ago by the UN Human Rights Council. [Full Article...]

United States troops go in to keep Turks, Kurds apart

Other Kurdish parties accuse the YPG's political arm, the PYD, of squelching dissent and embracing authoritarianism. He said the Turkish air strikes - which were combined with strikes against the PKK in Iraq - brought "another unanticipated challenge" to coalition efforts against the jihadists. [Full Article...]

James Comey's replacement: Names Trump might consider for a new FBI chief

James Comey's replacement: Names Trump might consider for a new FBI chief Well, as you heard from Lisa, the big news in terms of the investigation was that, in the days before his firing, Jim Comey was talking to the Justice Department about expanding the investigation by getting some more prosecutors involved, more resources. [Full Article...]

Trump "essentially declared war" on the Federal Bureau of Investigation with James Comey's firing

The interview was Trump's first since he unexpectedly fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, a move whose timing has led lawmakers to question whether Trump is trying to impede the FBI's ongoing investigation into his campaign's possible ties to Russian Federation. [Full Article...]

China's trade with Belt & Road countries hit 20 tln yuan

The Belt and Road Initiative was introduced in 2013 aiming to build a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa along the ancient trade routes. "Investment and financing shouldn't be understood as one-way support". China's pitching a massive trade project, but the propaganda for it is a bit odd. [Full Article...]

Angry woman follows congressman down highway

Angry woman follows congressman down highway A woman found herself behind bars after she followed a congressman from an agricultural meeting, according to Weakley County Sheriff's Department. The incident happened on May 8 when Congressman David Kustoff was at a meeting on the campus of UT Martin. [Full Article...]

China's Xi applauds SKorea's Moon on election win

After the impeachment of former South Korean President Park Geun-hye at the end of a year ago, Moon signaled that the "comfort women" deal must be renegotiated. The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) put out a four-sentence report late Thursday on the victory of Mr Moon, who calls for dialogue, along with sanctions and pressure, to curb the North's nuclear ambitions. [Full Article...]

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