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50% of voters back Conservatives in new opinion poll

She said: "At this election, people are going to have a very clear choice". She said: "I'm very proud of the record that we have but we have to make sure that we're spending that money as efficiently as possible". The Prime Minister has made ending the jurisdiction of the court in the United Kingdom one of her Brexit goals. Earlier, May said holding an election in June, rather than as schedule... [Full Article...]

Vigil for Fresno man killed in shooting rampage

Muhammad was arrested shortly after the rampage. A psychiatrist who examined Muhammad believed he had psychosis, Muhammad's attorney said in the court filing. The attack occurred over less than two minutes with Muhammad firing a total of 16 shots. A woman who identified herself as Taylor's grandmother said Tuesday that the family last saw him on Easter Sunday. [Full Article...]

Pence talks on trade in Japan overshadowed by threat of war

North Korea put on a musical show to mark the birthday of founding father Kim Il Sung, which ended with a mock-up video of missiles engulfing the United States in flames, prompting cheers from the audience and smiles from current leader Kim Jong Un . [Full Article...]

Turkish President insists constitutional reforms don't make him 'dictator'

Turkish President insists constitutional reforms don't make him 'dictator' The Turkish community in Switzerland bucked the trend by voting against a reform to the Turkish constitution in Sunday's referendum , according to news agencies. Global monitors from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) warned the move undermined safeguards against fraud. An Austrian member of the Council of Europe's observer mission has cast doubt on the validity ... [Full Article...]

UK party wants ban on burqa in public, Sharia outlawed

UK party wants ban on burqa in public, Sharia outlawed In 2013, Nuttall said UKIP wouldn't try to ban the burqa. Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Nutall said that the full-face veil was a barrier to integration and a security risk. He added that calls to ban Sharia law in the United Kingdom were created to stop a "parallel legal system" in the country. Even among supporters of the left-wing Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, support for a... [Full Article...]

Russian Federation vetoes United Nations resolution on Syria chemical attack probe

Russian Federation vetoes United Nations resolution on Syria chemical attack probe Mr Johnson said: "The global community sought to make clear that any use of chemical weapons by anyone anywhere is unacceptable and that those responsible will face consequences". -Russian dispute concerned culpability for the chemical weapons, broader disagreements over everything from Ukraine to Russia's support for once-fringe candidates in European elections were among other sore points. [Full Article...]

United Kingdom early elections 'dangerous': Tony Blair

Although Parliament will not be officially dissolved until early May, campaigning is already under way - with Lib Dem leader Tim Farron addressing a rally of activists in south-west London earlier on Wednesday. Three polls released over the weekend show May's Conservatives around 20 points ahead. She made a speech to supporters at Netherton Conservative Club after earlier door knocking voters ... [Full Article...]

UK PM May's Conservatives on course for sweeping British election victory

The ComRes poll for the Sunday Mirror puts support for the Tories at 50% - double that of Labour, on 25%. Approval for May as a leader is leagues ahead, compared to Corbyn. "At the last election, when Labour promised action the Tories opposed it, putting themselves on the side of protecting the big energy companies' profits rather than the interest of working people". [Full Article...]

North Korea flaunts long-range missiles at founder's birthday parade

North Korea flaunts long-range missiles at founder's birthday parade The missile is the first sea-based deterrent of North Korea that can threaten a USA pre-emptive strike with a counter strike. North Korean state television showed Kim, wearing a black suit and white shirt, stepped out of a black limousine and saluted his honor guard before walking down a red carpet. [Full Article...]

Nationalist leader Petry won't head German election campaign

Nationalist leader Petry won't head German election campaign Two police officers were injured and a police auto was set ablaze. Protesters have injured one police officer while trying to block the hotel in Cologne where the nationalist Alternative for Germany party is holding a two-day convention. [Full Article...]

Iran Not Respecting the Spirit of the Nuclear Deal

On Wednesday, however, he detailed Iran's "alarming and ongoing provocations that export terror and violence, destabilizing more than one country at a time ", and said that if Iran goes unchecked, it "has the potential to travel the same path as North Korea". [Full Article...]

May on course for sweeping UK election win

Antonio Tajani told Theresa May that British people living in European Union countries need certainty as well. "If tomorrow, the new United Kingdom government decides to change its position, it is possible to do", Tajani told The Guardian on Thursday, adding that "The final decision is for the 27 [EU] member states, but everybody will be in favour if the United Kingdom [decides to reverse arti... [Full Article...]

Over 100 killed and wounded in Taliban attack on Afghanistan army base

Afghan soldiers stand guard at the gate of a military compound after an attack by gunmen in Mazar-e- Sharif province north of kabul, Afghanistan, Friday, April 21, 2017. In March, an attack on a military hospital in the capital Kabul killed 50 people. "The first vehicle had a light machine gun mounted on it and started firing at dozens of soldiers and officers coming out of the mosque", Saboor r... [Full Article...]

'At least 68 children' among 126 killed in Syria bus bomb attack

'At least 68 children' among 126 killed in Syria bus bomb attack Just over a week ago, a chemical attack in Idlib, Syria, killed around 85 people including 20 children. Ahrar al-Sham, the rebel group that negotiated the deal, denounced the "cowardly" attack, saying a number of opposition fighters as well as government supporters were killed in the attack. [Full Article...]

Lebanese PM Asks UN to Help Seek Permanent Truce with Israel

Lebanese PM Asks UN to Help Seek Permanent Truce with Israel Beirut - In a response to the field tour by "Hezbollah" for journalists along the Lebanese-Israeli border where party commanders revealed their faces for the first time, Prime Minister Saad Hariri arrived at the city of Naqoura on Friday, accompanied by Defense Minister Yacoub Sarraf and Lebanese Army Commander General Joseph Aoun. [Full Article...]

Pence Reaffirms US-Japan Alliance Amid North Korea Provocations

He leveled sharp criticism at the United States and South Korea for conducting the war games of unprecedented scope and scale and said they could entail dire consequences for peace in the region. Kim stressed that U.S. -South Korean installation, which is just outside the 2.5-mile wide (4 kilometers) DMZ. Photos provided by the North Korean government showed the submarine-launched missiles loa... [Full Article...]

Changes to Australian citizenship to focus on what's important to you

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has tightened the country's citizenship rules in a further crackdown on immigration. That number was just over 900 in 2009. No matter if you are an immigrant but if you want an Australian citizenship, you need to treat the country like it's yours. The standard of the English language test has also been raised under the new reform that is seen as the T... [Full Article...]

Trump administration denies ExxonMobile permission to drill in Russia

Exxon has not been granted a waiver to bypass USA sanctions and partner with a Russian oil company to drill in the Baltic Sea. Mnuchin said Friday in a brief statement that the administration "will not be issuing waivers to USA companies, including Exxon, authorizing drilling prohibited by current Russian sanctions". [Full Article...]

The Internet Remembers Prince On The One Year Anniversary Of His Death

The Internet Remembers Prince On The One Year Anniversary Of His Death When he passed away, I got so many calls and texts. The award-winning artist met his untimely death due to an accidental opioid overdose. A new EP was even set to drop this Friday to mark one year since his passing, but the family members handling his estate blocked the producer from ever letting it go public in a court ruling on Wednesday. [Full Article...]

US backtracks on 'armada' sailing towards North Korea

US backtracks on 'armada' sailing towards North Korea He underlined the situation in the Korean peninsula is highly sensitive, and therefore all involved countries should avoid aggravating the situation. "There is precedent going back to the 1990s and early 2000s where there are provocations timed to South Korean political events", he said . [Full Article...]

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