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Seoul: Moon, Xi agree on denuclearization goal

Seoul: Moon, Xi agree on denuclearization goal If Moon Jae-in can transcend current domestic political mess, and approach this task from a higher vantage point, it would not only allow him to overcome South Korea's current strategic predicament, but it would surely see him shine in the annals of Korean history". [Full Article...]

Comey associates predict public testimony, describe discomfort with Trump dinner

But it may not even get that far, says Lichtman, who believes impeachment proceedings against Trump are inevitable. Trump confidants say Bannon has been marginalized on major decisions, including Comey's firing, after clashing with Kushner. [Full Article...]

China's Xi says Belt and Road summit reaches consensus, achieves positive outcomes

China has signed cooperation deals with 68 countries and global organisations during the two-day Belt and Road Forum. The two-day meeting included Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and presidents or prime ministers from Italy, Hungary and Greece, as well as most of China's Asian neighbors, but no major Western leaders. [Full Article...]

Activist resigns after congressman writes letter to employer

Activist resigns after congressman writes letter to employer A Republican congressman in March targeted an activist by writing a letter to the woman's employer accusing her of working against "economic growth" and "stronger national security", WNYC reported . The group holds weekly protests outside of his office in New Jersey and scheduled trips to his DC office. "I thought my Congressman put them in a situation, and put me in a really bad situation as t... [Full Article...]

Hong Kong rejects asylum for refugees who sheltered Snowden

Hong Kong rejects asylum for refugees who sheltered Snowden Four years ago, they took Snowden into their cramped Hong Kong apartments when he was trying to evade authorities after carrying out one of the biggest intelligence thefts in USA history, releasing thousands of classified documents, including information on USA surveillance programs around the world. [Full Article...]

China wins praise for Silk Road but concerns persist

Commenting on Xi's speech at the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing on Sunday, the foreign minister said that Nepal wishes to receive more investments from China to develop inter-connectivity and infrastructure projects within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. [Full Article...]

Election in Germany's most populous state could boost Merkel

Exit polls indicate that Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives have beaten their center-left rivals in an election in Germany's most populous state. He said: "This is a hard day for the Social Democrats, a hard day for me personally as well". North Rhine-Westphalia is his home state and traditionally an SPD stronghold. [Full Article...]

Trump Lawyers Say Tax Documents Show No Income, Debt Links to Russian Federation

Their review also notably takes into account only Trump's returns from the past 10 years, leaving open questions about whether there were financial dealings with Russian Federation in earlier years. The letter was cited by Trump in an interview with Lester Holt on NBC , to prove that he has no income from Russian sources or that he is in debt to them. [Full Article...]

Ex-President Rallies Support for Re-Election of President Rouhani

Ex-President Rallies Support for Re-Election of President Rouhani In a statement published by state media on Monday, Mr Qalibaf wrote that he was withdrawing his candidacy in an attempt to put an end to President Rouhani's "inefficient and impotent" administration. Iran is prone to daily quakes as it sits on many major fault lines. Raisi has been campaigning on that, proposing cash payments for the poor that proved popular in the past under Ahmadinejad. [Full Article...]

China Pledges Additional 100 Billion Yuan for Silk Road

As China endeavors to push the One Belt One Road initiative off the drawing board and into reality President Xi made it clear all nations -in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas are welcome. The initiative spans some 65 countries representing 60 per cent of the world population and about a third of global gross domestic product. Moving forward in the effort to create a global economic linch... [Full Article...]

South Korea says North's claim of missile progress needs analysis

South Korea says North's claim of missile progress needs analysis Nevertheless, Moon on May 14 condemned the missile launch as a "reckless provocation". Speaking on the sidelines of the Belt and Road Forum Sunday, Guan Jianxing, 22, a native of Dandong on the border with North Korea, said she was "very anxious about the situation". [Full Article...]

Chinese president Xi calls for boosting CPEC construction

India's decision to stay away has raised eyebrows here, as other countries such as Japan and Vietnam, which have serious maritime disputes with China, have sent high-level official delegations, to the BRF. "Let me make it very clear that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is an economic undertaking open to all countries". Of the six corridors of Belt and Road, to New Delhi's interest is the ... [Full Article...]

New South Korea president vows to address North Korea, broader tensions 'urgently'

New South Korea president vows to address North Korea, broader tensions 'urgently' Beijing , meanwhile, likely hopes to win big concessions from Moon, and Tokyo worries he'll upset a delicate arrangement meant to settle the two countries' hard past. Asked in an interview with NBC News conducted on Thursday whether Moon's approach would mean a change in US strategy, Trump replied: "He's more open to discussion". [Full Article...]

At least one Australian firm hit by global cyber attack

Experts say it will be hard for them to replicate the conditions that allowed the so-called WannaCry ransomware to proliferate across the globe. @ malwaretechblog's accidental kill switch and the arrival of the weekend gave individuals and organizations some room to breathe. [Full Article...]

Can South Korea's Moon make 'sunshine' again with defiant North?

Can South Korea's Moon make 'sunshine' again with defiant North? The detainee, Ko Hyon Chol, apologized for a crime he called "unforgivable", although South Korea's National Intelligence Service said it had no relation to the case. "A ugly terrorists' group, which the Central Intelligence Agency and the IS infiltrated into the DPRK on the basis of covert and meticulous preparations to commit state-sponsored terrorism against the supreme leadership of the DPRK... [Full Article...]

Lawrence Tribe Calls For Impeachment Of Trump

Lawrence Tribe Calls For Impeachment Of Trump Donald Trump's odds of being impeached in his first term as USA president have been slashed in the past few days. (The Kremlin has denied the allegations). On Friday, journalist James Fallows wrote in the Atlantic that Trump's scandal " looks worse than Watergate ". While he was president, Nixon had famously fired the special public prosecutor who was investigating the Watergate break-in and Nixo... [Full Article...]

Jordan, Israel in rare row over Jerusalem stabbing, killing

Jordan, Israel in rare row over Jerusalem stabbing, killing Abbas arrived with a delegation for his third state visit to India, where he will hold key talks on bilateral, regional and worldwide issues, including the peace process in the restive Middle East, according to India s foreign ministry. "The transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem does not only not harm the peace process, but the opposite". Israel's Channel 2 said that the establishment of a... [Full Article...]

Russia, US restore Syria 'deconfliction' channel

The United States, which was not part of the negotiations in Kazakhstan that reached the proposal, said there is reason to "be cautious" about the chances for success, but urged the Syrian opposition to engage with it seriously. The airspace over the safe zones may also be closed for the planes of the US-led coalition, with Russia's Foreign Ministry saying the issue is being negotiated between the... [Full Article...]

Rex Tillerson responds to John McCain's criticism

Rex Tillerson responds to John McCain's criticism Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in an interview with NBC's Chuck Todd on Sunday pushed back against criticism Sen. I think the point that I was making, Chuck, in that message to State Department employees is an important one to understand. [Full Article...]

UK Conservatives have 18 point lead over Labour: Comres poll

She has also vowed to increase the National Living Wage , which is now £7.50 an hour, to match average earnings until 2022. Listing 11 commitments, May said she would increase the "national living wage" in line with median earnings, give new protections to "gig" economy workers and offer a new statutory right for workers to receive information about major decisions in companies, in keeping wi... [Full Article...]

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