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Dylann Roof pleads guilty to state murder charges

Federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty for Dylann Roof, who is accused of killing nine people at a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, in July 2015. "I only found out they would be presenting a mental health defense a few days prior to writing this letter", Roof wrote in November. I am not sorry. [Full Article...]

Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam found dead in Hudson River, NYPD says

Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam found dead in Hudson River, NYPD says They also say her MetroCard was recovered and was last used on 42nd Street on Monday. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death, and the case is under investigation, according the New York Police Department. She was found dead in the Hudson River in NY, not far from her Harlem home, on Wednesday afternoon. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo released a statement calling her a "pioneer" a... [Full Article...]

Venezuela Supreme Court Backtracks on Parliament Takeover

Venezuela Supreme Court Backtracks on Parliament Takeover CARACAS , Venezuela Venezuela's president and Supreme Court backed down Saturday from a surprise move to strip congress of its legislative powers that had sparked widespread charges that the South American country was no longer a democracy. [Full Article...]

United States berates Syria at OPCW meeting on Syria chemical attack

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, suggesting that Western nations, Russian Federation and some regional powers could dispatch additional experts to join the investigation. confirmed its commitment to the idea that there is no other option of resolving the Syrian conflict other than the political dialog, adding that this offers hope for the future of the peace process. [Full Article...]

Republicans hit new snags in push to revive healthcare bill

Republicans hit new snags in push to revive healthcare bill Late on Monday, the White House suggesteda new health care plan that allows states to opt out of more Obamacare provisions. However, in a move to attract hard-line conservatives, states could apply for a waiver if they showed it would improve coverage and reduce costs. [Full Article...]

Conflicting Reports Emerge on Death of ISIS Second-in-Command in Airstrike

Jumaili was an intelligence officer in the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq, before his presidency was brought to an end by the US-led invasion in 2003. The bombardment, which also killed four other ISIS militants, destroyed a multimedia operation team, said another Defense Department official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump's security adviser assures South Korea of plans to deploy Thaad

Donald Trump's security adviser assures South Korea of plans to deploy Thaad The United States will continue to build its military defences against North Korea, Donald Trump told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday, pledging all options are on the table. "Initial assessments indicate the type of missile was a KN-15 medium range ballistic missile", it said. Following North Korea's test of four missiles last month, Trump affirmed Washington's "ironclad commit... [Full Article...]

Some of the highlights from Thursday's suite of Liberal pot-legalization bills

Some of the highlights from Thursday's suite of Liberal pot-legalization bills Yasir Naqvi, Ontario's Attorney General, said he expects the federal legislation to be fairly detailed, and provincial governments will need time to assess their responsibilities - especially when it comes to distribution and enforcement. Colorado lawmakers on Thursday backed off plans to become the first US state to regulate marijuana clubs, saying approval of Amsterdam-style pot clubs could invi... [Full Article...]

Trump says N Korea a problem that 'will be taken care of'

Dandong residents said they were well aware of the mounting tension on the Korean peninsula, fueled by Pyongyang's repeated ballistic missile and nuclear tests, South Korea's installation of the THAAD anti-missile system in response, and a US aircraft carrier group heading to the region in a show of force . [Full Article...]

Trump son-in-law Kushner visits Iraq, meets PM

Kushner sought ideas on how to improve Muslim relations with the president-elect, and he even asked for the names of Muslims who could potentially serve in the administration. military officials acknowledged that the United States was likely behind an airstrike that killed scores of Iraqi civilians in Mosul on March 17. It comes against the backdrop of an ongoing investigation into civilian deaths... [Full Article...]

Haley: First Assad Leaves, Then We Talk

Haley: First Assad Leaves, Then We Talk Haley on Friday told a special session of the UN Security Council that the U.S. was "prepared to do more" in Syria and that it was Washington's "vital national interest" to stop the use and spread of chemical weapons. White House press secretary Sean Spicer declined to answer on Friday whether Trump's decision to order the missile strike on Thursday indicated that he thought Assad should r... [Full Article...]

President Trump demands feuding aides 'work this out'

Cohn. Former Breitbart executive Kurt Bardella recently appeared MSNBC's AM Joy with host Joy Reid to discuss the current climate in Washington D.C. Speculation of a major White House shakeup is growing, as reports of tensions between President Donald Trump's top advisers continue to emerge. [Full Article...]

Dragged United passenger likely to sue

Dao didn't remember exactly what occurred because of the concussion he suffered, Demetrio said. When Dao refused to leave, one of the officers could be seen grabbing the screaming man from his window seat and dragging him down the aisle by his arms. [Full Article...]

Ssscary! Cleaning staff finds python in hotel room drawer

Ssscary! Cleaning staff finds python in hotel room drawer Animal control then quickly transported the snake to Central Mass. Aquatics, a tropical fish store. A 5-foot golden child reticulated python had been abandoned in the drawer, according to UPI . It's likely no one will be charged. Dzivasen said his shop is always willing to take unwanted snakes, and hopes a similar incident doesn't happen again. [Full Article...]

ISIS fighters killed by 'MOAB'

At least 36 Islamic State (IS) militants were killed when the U.S. military dropped a massive GBU-43 bomb, also known as the " mother of all bombs ", in eastern Afghanistan, Kabul's Ministry of Defence announced on Friday. In 2016, it dropped 1,337 bombs on the country. The U.S. has used the bomb's predecessor, a smaller but still massive weapon known as the "Daisy Cutter", in Afghanistan before... [Full Article...]

Putin explains to Rex Tillerson why Russia-U.S. ties are faltering

Liu also called upon relevant parties to stay on the course for the political settlement to the Syrian issues, uphold the Syrian-owned and Syrian-led principle and support the United Nations as the main mediator. Since then, a series of issues ranging from US investigations into alleged Russian meddling in the campaign to the Syria bombing have altered the political landscape. [Full Article...]

North Korea defiant over nuclear test plan despite United States pressure

Han Song Ryol, center, North Korea's vice minister of foreign affairs speaks during an interview with The Associated Press on Friday, April 14, 2017 , in Pyongyang, North Korea. At the end of a White House event on Thursday afternoon, Trump said, "North Korea is a problem, the problem will be taken care of". Trump had also urged China to do more to curtail North Korea's nuclear program when h... [Full Article...]

Prominent Congress member defects to BJP

Prominent Congress member defects to BJP With the BJP declaring candidates for the municipal elections till 3.30 p.m on Monday, the party's picks were seen scrambling to file their nomination papers before the 6 p.m. We need to respect senior leaders. Besides, the party has also given an opportunity to some faces from the state unit organisations. Yusuf said: "There can be differences within the family but its head finds a soultion". [Full Article...]

Never in Canada, shocked minister says of United passenger scandal

Never in Canada, shocked minister says of United passenger scandal But he would not reveal Tuesday what those security measures are, citing security reasons. "It is based on our evaluation of risk, and for obvious reasons I can't tell you which flights and from which places". "We need to put the safety and rights of passengers ahead of the interests of airlines and we think Canadians have waited long enough". Garneau last spoke about his goal of introducing l... [Full Article...]

Over 1000 same sex couples tied the knot in 2016

Over 1000 same sex couples tied the knot in 2016 For figures across Ireland, the average age of the groom in opposite sex marriages in 2016 was 35.7 years old, the average age of the bride was 33.8 years. The Louth figure places it as the county with the 10th highest numbers of same sex marriages in Ireland. And couples are still keen to carry on religious traditions on their big day. [Full Article...]

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