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North Korea fires missile into Sea of Japan

North Korea fires missile into Sea of Japan The US President told the FT that "if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will", revealing an unwillingness to compromise on this issue. The missile flew about 60 kilometers before it splashed in North Korean waters in the East Sea. [Full Article...]

U.S. warns it may act in Syria if United Nations won't

Herzl in Jerusalem. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who two months ago shifted his country's policy by saying Assad could be allowed to run for re-election, said on Wednesday that he must go. The Syrian government denied responsibility for the attack and blamed rebel forces. Trump on Wednesday did acknowledge he has "responsibility" now that he is in the Oval Office, and said the at... [Full Article...]

Rubio: Trump admin's actions encouraged horrific gas attack in Syria

Rubio: Trump admin's actions encouraged horrific gas attack in Syria The horror of those campaigns, however, was key in driving most states to ban such weapons. In total, 192 nations are now signatories to the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention with more than 90 percent of the world's pre-existing chemical weapons stocks believed to have been destroyed by the end of past year. [Full Article...]

North Korea test-fires missile into sea ahead of Trump-Xi summit

A North Korean ballistic missiles soars to the sky in this file photo. The upcoming meeting between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday (April 6) has not substantially shook up Asian markets, which have remained relatively flat at midday trading hours. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Calls Syria Chemical Attack An 'Affront To Humanity'

Donald Trump Calls Syria Chemical Attack An 'Affront To Humanity' But he refused to say what the US might do in response. In a rare reversal of roles, Trump was more reserved than many of his top advisers - including his United Nations envoy, who revived the hard-hitting rhetoric of Trump's political campaign and strongly hinted some USA action was coming. [Full Article...]

Yogi Govt waives off Rs 36359 crore loan of farmers

Yogi Govt waives off Rs 36359 crore loan of farmers The BJP had promised loan waiver to marginal farmers in its manifesto for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Rs 30,729 crore worth of farmer loan has been waived, the government announced at a press conference after the cabinet meeting. [Full Article...]

Gas attack in Syria draws int'l outrage

Isn't it outrageous that Donald Trump's White House is blaming the previous administration of Barack Obama? Trump issued no ultimatums in comments that were being scoured by world leaders for signs of how the new president would react to a global crisis. [Full Article...]

North Korea fires a possible ballistic missile

The South Korean military said the missile was sacked from land near the east coast city of Sinpo and flew about 60 kilometers (40 miles). A US statement said initial assessments indicate the type of missile was a KN-15 medium-range ballistic missile. [Full Article...]

North Korea tops Trump's agenda with China's Xi

The Treasury is required to demand special talks with any country meeting all three thresholds aimed at correcting an undervalued currency, with penalties such as exclusion from US government procurement contracts available after a year. Some experts believed the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany in July would have provided the earliest opportunity. This should provide a more informal environment in ... [Full Article...]

Metro driver hailed as hero after St Petersburg blast

Metro driver hailed as hero after St Petersburg blast Petersburg. Russian investigators said body parts of the suspect were found in the third auto of the train. "Two people are being sought on suspicion of planning the blasts, one of whom is thought to have placed the explosive device in the metro wagon and the second person for leaving a bomb at the metro station "Ploshchad Revolutsii", the source told Interfax following Monday's bombing. [Full Article...]

Syria chemical attack: How the USA is responding after global outrage

Syria chemical attack: How the USA is responding after global outrage The NATO presidents and prime ministers performed their ritual expressions of revulsion and outrage and shock. The strongest indication that the US might act came at the United Nations, where U.N. On the face of it, that's a perfectly reasonable assessment. Obama had declared that a "red line" for his administration would be a chemical attack by the Syrian dictator, then Assad launched a 2013 at... [Full Article...]

Chelsea closing in on the Premier League, says match-winner Hazard

It wasn't a nice experience but to fight back this season and be top of the league, as well as in the semi-final of the FA Cup, is really good. Chelsea and Manchester City met at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday evening in a battle of title challengers, with the former aiming to keep their rivals at bay. [Full Article...]

Homeland Security chief backtracks on splitting families

Trump focused on the constant flow of migrants from the start of his campaign, when he denounced border crossers as criminals and rapists, and repeatedly promised to build a wall and step up deportations. That's a signal that fewer people are trying to sneak into the U.S. The Trump administration is no longer considering separating women and children at the southern US border as a means of deter... [Full Article...]

Tension escalates as China lodges protest over Dalai Lama's visit to NE

Tension escalates as China lodges protest over Dalai Lama's visit to NE China claims parts of Arunachal Pradesh as southern Tibet and had previously warned that if India allowed the visit of the Dalai Lama, whom it calls an "anti-China separatist", it would cause "serious damage" to ties. "The answer is known to all". Earlier in the day, the Dalai Lama delivered a public talk in the high school auditorium, where he said intelligence was a necessary component for com... [Full Article...]

Barca criticise 'unfair' Messi ban

Barca criticise 'unfair' Messi ban Messi was forced to sit out Argentina's South American qualifying game against Bolivia on Tuesday, where his team crashed to a 2-0 defeat, dealing a fresh blow to their World Cup qualification campaign. Argentina's defeat to Bolivia left them with a fight on their hands to qualify for the World Cup in Russian Federation. The games Messi will miss are against Peru, Bolivia , Venezuela , and Uru... [Full Article...]

Islamic State deputy Ayad al-Jumaili killed in airstrike, Iraq says

Islamic State deputy Ayad al-Jumaili killed in airstrike, Iraq says It was only two-weeks ago that ISIS gunmen arrived to the city with tanks and jeeps, ready to prevent Iraqi forces from launching an offensive on the territory. The military has also been accused of killing about 30 Syrians in an air strike on a school near Raqqa; officials say that early indications show it hit Islamic State fighters. [Full Article...]

EPA Denies Petition to Ban Widely Used Pesticide

On Wednesday, Scott Pruitt OK'd the continued use of chlorpyrifos - a pesticide linked to serious health and brain issues , especially in children. It also tightened buffer zone requirements around fields where the chemical was applied, and banned its use near schools and other facilities when winds exceed 10 miles per hour. [Full Article...]

US Navy via CNN

US Navy via CNN Last Friday, roughly 40 percent of flights in T-45 training commands - located in Meridian, Mississippi; Pensacola, Florida; and Kingsville, Texas - were canceled after instructor pilots cited operational risk management concerns, Groeneveld said in the statement. [Full Article...]

Trump removes Bannon from National Security Council

Trump removes Bannon from National Security Council Bannon's addition to the NSC sparked criticism that it was inappropriate for the political adviser to play a role in national security matters. The White House did not announce Wednesday's presidential executive order detailing the shake-up - it only came to light in a regulatory filing. [Full Article...]

North Korea fires ballistic missile into Sea of Japan

This is the second launch of a KN-15 (called the Pukguksong-2 by North Korea), and it raises concerns that the North Korean regime may be working on a solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The missile launch may be a precursor, with more to come as the summit starts later this week, Cossa said, according to the Associated Press. "I did not say that they would not be talking abo... [Full Article...]

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