Dez Bryant to work out with receiver-thin New Orleans Saints

Dez Bryant

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Running back Alvin Kamara (51 catches) and tight end Benjamin Watson (26 catches) rank second and third on the Saints.

The New Orleans Saints are coming off a huge win over the previously unbeaten Rams, in which they scored over 40 points for the fourth time this season.

Bryant was part of a workout on Tuesday in New Orleans as the Saints were looking for veteran receivers.

But as the Saints set their sites on a Super Bowl run, an upgrade at receiver is a glaring need.

It's unclear if the Saints plan on signing one of the receivers or if they are just updating their "ready list" at the position in case a need arises down the road - which is a common practice for National Football League teams.

Last season, Bryant had 838 receiving yards and six touchdowns. Also, Dez Bryant would be joining the team with a hunger to prove that he still has what it takes to be an elite receiver.

The Saints have one of the top pass catchers in the game in Michael Thomas, but have struggled to find a reliable second receiver after placing Ted Ginn on injured reserve.

Moreover, you can bet that Payton already had a route tree designed for Bryant before this signing happened, and Brees had his own ideas to contribute.

So, while Dez Bryant isn't what he used to be, he may be just enough for the Saints-as long as they understand what they're getting, and what they're not.

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