Chrome 71 will warn users when pages secretly charge money for subscription

Chrome will soon warn you about tricky mobile subscription signups

Chrome 71 will warn users about websites with shady phone subscription forms

Before the recent update, Google introduced a Chrome 68 in July that prevents websites from opening new tabs and windows.

Before Google throws the warning page, the tech giant will notify webmasters in the Search Console when it finds a potential scam.

Google is making this change so users can make more informed decisions when signing up to mobile-based subscription services.

Chrome will detect if the subscription information on a webpage is insufficient, and like its other warnings, give the user the opportunity to go back, or proceed if they like.

Google is trying to solve that by warning users of such pages in Chrome's next release - Chrome 71.

Billing information should be visible and obvious to users: The charges shouldn't be hidden or displayed in an inexplicably small font.

Such forms have been around for decades, and they've been used to let users pay for things by entering their phone number into a form, which in turns charges the user by adding a fee to his monthly (fixed or mobile) telephone bill.

Starting in December 2018, Chrome 71 will automatically remove ads from sites flagged up as serial abusers, who fail to mollify user-initiated complaints to Google during a 30-day grace period. Two, "Can customers easily see the costs they're going to incur before accepting the terms?"

Google expanded efforts to better protect users this week.

Site owners will then be asked to make changes to the pages and submit an appeal.

Sites owners have nothing to worry about if their billing pages take users through a clearly visible and understandable billing process.

Sites that did not meet Chrome's new requirements will end up in the search engine showing the warning page and portraying the side as potentially malicious one before a user enters the site.

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